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  2. Good to hear! Enjoy your game, I'll close this thread now.
  3. We are currently awaiting the test version, but I have no ETA yet. The update will include new ships. Edit: release date is set for next Wednesday!
  4. This issue has been fixed, thread closed.
  5. There is a similar minefield north, but i dont know if there is a 2nd free way between the one we discovered and the north passage. I also think the south and north passages remain the fastest ways to the end zone since we start raids with bb or cv to endure that kind of minefields, but also it’s also the trickiest. Either your bb/cv is mastered and you can survive, either yours is veteren and you may follow another ship or will be in flames (but you can hope to reach the end). This free way may be convenient for a non veteran bb/cv or a cl/ca/ss when there is no more than a few enemies not in the zone. It will be complicated for a ca/cl without aaw/air/bb support and it’s reckless if it’s not at least partially mastered. A ss cannot hold enough his breath from the start until the end. I have not explored the middle of the map to see the minefields so i still dont know a direct and clear passage without firstly taking the south or north passage, but there is progress
  6. Is there a clear path to the occupy zone? I had the impression they were just two parallel minefields, and the best way to occupy is to push through the mines just south or north of the guns where the minefield is thinner.
  7. edit to the "easy map" 2 : the exit passage through the end minefield, just above the 3 canons middle zone. you have to go by a south-south west / north east axis
  8. Edit to the "easy" map : the mini minefield at the south of the map, before the end minefield
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  10. thanks Diddy for the usual inexhaustible commitment, this clarification is very important Greeting all
  11. Thank you to the mods for verifying this: FCS values for accuracy are not being used. This means if you install FCS it will not help your accuracy at all. Radar, sonar, and sight ranges still apply. Apparently it will be reinstalled when they "change the data". I guess this means next patch?
  12. hi there If I might humbly add something on the icy map, there are mine fields behind the 3 canons, but yes, there is a passage to the 3rd islands wall (i wonder if there is north passage between 1st and 2nd islands walls?). If you come from the south after the 1st wall, you ve got to take north to the 3 canons and sail along the small rocks south east of the canons. When you bypass the last rock, you go straight right. You can go back south to the entry point of the channel, but there is a mine field at the entry of the channel through that 3rd islands wall, i dont know its complete extent because i still never have been beyond^^ I also wonder if there is a south passage after the 2nd wall, but i remember there is still a massive mine field and generally some bbs to warmly welcome you On the jungle map, there is also a north passage. if you start at the south sector, you have to go north west, until the horizontal barrier. there are like 2 wrecks between 2 squares of mines. You'll have to go near these wrecks by a south east / north west axis. Then you go into the north sector. There is another massive mine field north east before some angry canons. There is at least a left passage through it and i'm sure there is another way more to the right, but more exposed. thats why you cant go in there without a bb/cv efficient support ^^'. Anyway this should be the way to go to the exit zone. The south one takes too much time to go up. Either way, a successful Raid of the lost explorers requires 1 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a solid but not foolhardy cl. This is the best combinaison because there are 'only' 10 enemies to destroy in a relative comfortable timing. If you're 4 or 5, against 15 or 20 enemies, it's necessary to have more cvs, 3 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a floating-rock cl.
  13. In ice map. In middle 3 heavy gun must destroy. Because safe passage is near that spot. If map of expert raid and normal raid is same
  14. and another for "classic easy" map, bye bye👋👋
  15. Greetings at All, we continue the "mapping work"🙂, this time are minefields well known by Raid's players, but this can be useful for novice players, thanx again Helmut, Martyn and all others (poor) players involved despite of themselves 😖, sorry🙂
  16. Ahh. Thank you sir ibby, my NF has fixed!
  17. I use 3 main gun, 3 planes and 2 flightdeck on my 1944, thus operating it as an auxilary cv with the firepower to fend off smaller ships. Works like a charm, but as said it's no match for an experienced cv. It should't be, either. Its role is different from a cv and different from a normal ca as well. There should be compromises, and I think the current 1944 is a great balance between ca and cv. For a quick comparison: if the 1944 should be able to beat both a normal ca41 and a cv at their own game, isn't that the same as saying the Kaiser needs 2500 damage and the Victoria needs 3000 range?
  18. As Baldrick stated, every ship has a distinct role in the game that should be observed. You shouldn't expect to beat a battleship in a CL (although it can be done, if you're lucky). Likewise, you shouldn't expect to beat a skilled dd player in a ss or even cv. As far as the QV is concerned, it's massively powerful and requires strong team work to take down, but so do all 100+ ships. If three big bb's gang up on my Vic there's a good chance that I'll be fishfood before I sink even one of them. The only downside to all this is that it needs every ship in a game to be piloted by a skilled captain. Bots are usually easily slaughtered, accounting for the many 8 vs 1 games. As far as the higher level cl's and ca's are concerned: I'd say they would be a good addition, but they should not make the lower level battleships obsolete. A poor lvl 50/60 player has enough of a challenge fending off the regular 41's. Here were some thoughts, enjoy
  19. Are you certain that you run the latest version of the app? This bug has been fixed some time ago. I checked on my account and the tab works just fine.
  20. Support team has been notified and should be working on it. If you are locked out of your account it's better to send an email to, the mail is checked more often than the forums, I think. Also, to prevent the email from getting lost in the archives, it can be a good idea to inform a moderator so they can check whether support has received and read the email! I hope your account gets restored soon. Cheers mates!
  21. Try contacting and message them in facebook. If you can't, don't want to wait for their answer (amy take some time) AND you have your account saved in google or facebook (if you haven't do it now - at the nation selection screen push either the google or facebook button at upper left corner) uninstall and reinstall the game - most likely some file is corrupted and triggers the crash.
  22. Why is that if I open my USN it always crashes when I open my Aircraft Carrier tab? I would really like to continue my USN. Thanks a lot! 😊
  23. ship upgrades

    I see your suggestion and partly* agree to that, but lets fix what we have before making the system more complex. *as long as it does not interfere with each nation's "identity" - i.e. KM always having an advantage at range, RN at power, IJN at speed...
  24. ship upgrades

    I'm setting up a GoFundMe
  25. ship upgrades

    As I mentioned before there can be sub-type in each slot. Gun/ Sec. Gun: Type A can be shell damage enhanced but range compromised and Type B is vice versa. Engine: Type A is normal max. speed enhanced (but compromise OH performance) while Tyoe B is OH speed and duration enhanced but compromised in normal speed. Armour: Type A is armour (damage reduction) enhanced while Type B is max. hull enhanced. Enhancement can be in addition to nations’ granted advantages so for example, IJN can make super fast ship in extreme OH performance.
  26. ship upgrades

    Someone should fly you to Souel so you can show them how things are done there.😎👍
  27. ship upgrades

    While the ship upgrade system with the 8 slots is nice, as it is implemented there are actually only 2 builds for each ship, one for GB/WOF and one for HA. FCS: As is only reason to upgrade is to get HA bonuses - no functionality in online battles. Suggestion: increase sight/radar/sonar bonuses and maybe add a 5% chance for critical hit (+50% damage or so) bonus at each upgrade. Main Guns: for most CAs and BBs the lvl 3 guns are the only way to go. If the difference between levels was smaller there could be a reason to build a battleship with eg. gun lvl 1 or 2 in order to get some other upgrades. Sec Guns: as is only reason to upgrade is to get AAW enabled status. Suggestion get all levels CL/CA sec guns AAW enabled (DD/CL prime guns where applicable) and give them different bonuses each level (eg. lvl 1 small range/slow reload/high damage, lvl 2 med range/med reload/ low damage, lvl 3 med range/ slow reload/ high damage) so any setting will be an option with higher levels a little more appealing Armour: instead of belt/deck/bulge in separate upgrades have all of them in each, increasing by a percentage (eg. lvl1: 1000/600/250, lvl2: 1250/800/500, lvl3 1500/1000/1000) Torpedoes: not bad as is. Hedgehogs need a small boost to become relevant again - probably a bundle of 5 as stated is a good idea Speed: not bad as is Flightdeck: Irrelevant in any ship other than CVs and mogami44. Could be dropped from other ships Aircraft: is there any bonus for the fighter upgrade? if there is please make it apparent. if not a small one would be nice.
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