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  2. Hi captains, this post it's only for fun and my question is...What you do when play Navyfields? Eat, play with friends, with you fleet, alone or only talk about the world and the game in global chat? Answer below and only with good "humor"
  3. We will have the server maintenance for 4.5.9 version patch. Patch will be scheduled 17th, January pm 4:00 (Korea Time base) - Patch List - - Add A grade CL, CA with repair function in ship research center - Improve Harbor Assault - Add return bonus - Gun water poles display depending on gun size - Gun inch affects armor - Debris can be transfer by gold - DD, CL, CA increase Steel reward in online battle - Gun and torpedo button show remained shell number in battle Thank you.
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  5. While the tiny radar is gone, the radar does not have the functionality it used to have. Specifically, Islands and boundaries are no longer visible in radar, so navigating when ship is off screen is harder (as it is needed to focus on ship to see obstacles) and using islands to hide from enemy radar is no longer feasible. I would like to see the original radar back (at the new position)
  6. Either remove the speed plenty from the armor or reduce the torpedo damage you have basically destroyed the game with your latest upgrades to the game
  7. Hello, I try to answer with my modest English🙂, almost all the ships (Italian 🇮🇹 and French🇫🇷) that you can take in the Research are better than the "national ones", and in the search you find also your "normal" nationals but with the highest grade, if you can for the research follow this method, for DDs, CLs and CAs it seems that the best grade is "C", for the capital Ships (CVs, BBs, SSs) the best investment is from "B" +, I remind you that to get the "A" and the "S" you have to invest Gold (maybe it's better to try various investments with 50 to 150 gold + some resources). Having so many BP will allow you to complete the "Collections" and have many Gold in reward (second "yellow" icon with the drawing of the compass in Research Menu), improve the Research Center does NOT increase the possibilities of good BP but only increase the simple storage of them, about debris you find them in supply box (you cant choice, just you get random reward from box) or in daily Quests, but gather debris is enough easy now if you play often ( i think that "research parts of ships" are same thing that debris 🤔), i hope this can you help, greetings
  8. I don't understand the whole Research Center/ blueprints, lottery, debris system. Is ther a faq about this? Why should I build out the Research center? Is there some benefit to holding a large number of blueprints? I don't see why I would keep blueprints or build ships that are less capable to one's I already have in service. Is there some benefit to having a large number of ships that I dont use? I have spent oil, steel, debris and gold to "spin the wheel" and get a tier E blueprint. It feels like a sucker bet. What are the uses of debris ... is it just for "taking a chance" on blueprints? Why would I choose debris in a supply box? What are "research parts of ships"? How do I get them, how do I use them? The whole thing baffles me. Thanks for any help.
  9. that, or change the armour to "low", "medium", "heavy" so that belt, deck and bulge protection increase progressively by level
  10. Gimana cara ganti akun
  11. Hello my friend Dav 👋👋🙂, btw, HNY🎉🎉🎉, now with new armour system all armour protection are same in all Nations, no anymore is slightly advantage for RN, i think, greetings👋
  12. It depends on the combination of speed, armour, range and shell damage. In BB-BB duals, if your ship is slow and has short guns, you will find difficult to get close to opponent and shoot. You will end up to die by being knitted. (Yes, I’m talking about USSR ship against KM ships) Some ships like UK, while they have shortest gun range, they have good speed and heavy armour to get close to their effective firing range.
  13. Hello Everyone, we are all slowly getting used to the new armor system, in my personal opinion it is still too penalizing for all classes of surface ships but you could try to quickly fix the thing if the 3 armor slots were "free", ie no longer related to sequencing, it is clear to all players (I think) that the third level of the armor has a decisive importance for the survival of the ship, we do not understand why we must necessarily have the "belt" before , then the "deck" and finally the "Bulge"; if the program allows it would be desirable to have the 3 protection slots without sequential constraints or alternatively put the "bulge" as the first improvement. Personally I would prefer the free slots, so each player can really adapt the ship to its type of game (for example, those who love long-distance shots do not necessarily need the belt, they just need the deck, but who likes the close fight would prefer the belt but thinks that the deck is expendable), Greetings ALL and Happy New Year🎉🎉🎉🙂
  14. SS speed nerf cause there is no way a ss can out run ca
  15. The first 2 upgrades add belt and deck armor which is same for all ships the last upgrade gives you less torp dmg to ur hull but each upgrade slows it ship down more and more
  16. Okay. Thank you guys. Would you say missing range is sagnificant?
  17. italy and France also have strong ships, available to all nations
  18. Either US and IJN is good choice. Both of them have strong CV. US BB’s hull HP is higher while IJN has fast BB.
  19. RN has most damage but limited range (except prince of wales that has big range but small damage), KM the opposite. IJN has better overspeed. USN and SN are more balanced.
  20. Hey guys, I started the game recently again and i can't decide which Nation i am playing. I like CV's and mostly BB. But i don't know which Nation has which pro's and con's. I would like to Play a BB Nation with decent Range and hard damage Output. Could anyone recommend me a Nation? I like US, RN and KM so far. Thank you
  21. Sended data of ships: Furius (С); Zara (C); Charlemagne (B); Vitorio Venetto (B); Di Giussano (C); Q Class (D); Alsace (B); Super Yamato (B); Shokaku (B); Mogador (C); Jan Bar (B); Mogami (1944) (C); Shimakase (C); Duge Truen (C); Suffen (C); Strasbourg (A);
  22. Hey, can anyone tell, what exactly armor update is doing right now? Cos active / not active is not very useful to understand. How it's saving ship hp - add % to damage resistance (if yes, then how much), or take away some constant amount from each shot?
  23. Third armor on battleships makes them to vulnerable to aircraft and subs now torpedo's do way too much damage even though it's realistic it's not a fair game
  24. SS are already overly powered to being with
  25. I don't remember when last time i've got 1 gold. At least in this I got luck. Wish it would be lottery ...
  26. It's good idea to increase oxygen reserve and reduce of speed for SS's. It's much more realistic. But definitely reduction of speed with armour must be decreased!
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