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  2. I have passed your post to the devs, Lion II will be buffed. Thanks! Edit: the buff will be an aaw increase.
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  4. Greetings to all, I'm not sure that we can talk about a bug but the situation of the new BB130 Lion II (RN) is really unusual and it is real trouble for all RN players, i think, I state that I have done a careful examination, I in addition to Lion II I already have the BB130 Musashi (IJN) and Spiral BB130 (SN), both operating with the maximum upgrades, both are certainly better than the previous BB120 "B" of the respective Nations, Musashi has 2180x9 with the primary cannons to which must be added an amazing 9000 damage secondary long range for each side , it is fast and manoeuvrable; the Spiral has 1880x12 (higher than the "old" P24), 2 powerful secondary turrets in the stern and an average AAW, more speed and more armor like all these "A", now the Lion II has none of this, has only a mediocre AAW and 2680x9 of maximum damage (remember at all that old BB QV have 2800x9), exceeded in this also by new Vanguard "B" (2102x12 with a lower reload also), the only small advantage compared to Vanguard are 3000 hull more, little, considering that one is a level 1 !!! and the other is a level 130 !!!, all the BB130 "A" have however "little" hull compared to the "A" of the Research, but this is another problem, my humble opinion is that the Lion needs be empowered with some particular ability (torpedoes or a strong secondary) or the individual damage must be increased to at least 2900/3000 to justify a commitment to use and upgrade this ship, Greeting and Happy Holiday in advance
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  6. Best qualities for sub: - small size, tight turns (best for duelling other subs) - Many torp tubes (firepower. you want more bow than stern - stern is mostly useful when fighting other subs) - fast (catch up with targets) - a lot of oxygen (stay hidden longer) - strong hull (ability to take damage) German subs have most oxygen.Type XXI is the smallest with 10 tubes (6/4 bow stern basic, 6/6 tier B - don't know higher tiers) and good hull. Italian subs are all small, fast with plenty of tubes and good hulls. All of them. From the French, Aurore is good (Minerve, Requin & Sirene have fewer tubes, Sirene has weak hull, Surcouf is huge - I don't know anything about Redoutable). USN: Balao (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish), IJN: I-400 gets bombers from B tier and higher (but is huge) - also IJN has fastest ships, RN A type (premium, good hull, plenty tubes, small), SN K class (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish) Of course the higher tier the better - if you get any S or A tier sub just build it. Overall best sub of the game should be type XXI (KM) or one of the Italians (most likely Liuzzi - I can only compare B tiers that I have reseached, I presume A & S develop well)
  7. What is the best SS
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  9. I get JP CL OYODO tyre C in lottery, but didn't buind it - don't want to waste 400 gold.
  10. Enter doesn't work for me anymore either, and the send button no longer shows anymore when I play on my chromebook. Chat only works if i play on my cell phone now after latest game update. --Update: chat now works, but only if i'm in tablet mode. Better than nothing! =)
  11. Por que esos CL se consiguen en investigación, saludos.
  12. Hi guys, I was thinking, if you could include a command system like battlefield 3, where you can send orders to the players of each team, and when the player or players comply with each order, increase their reward, those orders could be like : attack, defend, take the de zone of occupation, escort cv, back or advance, so you can better organize the battles, for now that would be, greetings.
  13. i did not see any HMS Sirius on shipyard. But adventurous and lion II are available.
  14. Table updated with C tier Zara and C tier Mogador. Anyone that finds the table useful and wants to help, please message Flint or me (or both) any ship's data that is not included. Thanks
  15. İngilizce'den Türkçe'ye Google çeviri (üzgünüm sadece Yunanca ve İngilizce konuşuyoruz): Her milletten en iyi destroyer seviye 50, maliyet 1000000 çelik En iyi CL, ne istediğinize bağlıdır, bazı iyi silahlar, bazı torplar, bazı AAW var. IJN (Japon Donanması) Kitakami, 10 torpido rampası ile öne çıkıyor Her milletin en ağır kruvazörü seviye 41, 1000000 çeliğe mal oluyor (hepsini inşa ettiğimden emin değilim) En İyi Savaş gemisi seviye 130, maliyet 3000000 çelik En iyi SS seviyesi 92/93, maliyeti 1500000, RN (İngiliz) hariç en iyi lvl 79, maliyeti 1200 altın En iyi CV seviyesi 120, 3000000 maliyeti Araştırmaya göre, daha iyi gemilerin mevcut olduğunu, ki bunlar zayıftan güçlüe "sıra" ile sıralanır: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Yapabileceğiniz en iyi DD, CL, CA, katmanı D, araştırma C alabilirsiniz Yapabileceğiniz en iyi SS, C, S Yapabileceğin en iyi özgeçmiş, BB, A, S'yi bulabilirsin. Original in English: Best Destroyer of each Nation is level 50, cost 1000000 steel Best CL, depends on what you want, some have good guns, some torps, some AAW. IJN (Japanese navy) Kitakami stands out with 10 torpedo launchers Best Heavy cruiser of each nation is level 41, cost around 1000000 steel (not sure I built them all) Best Battleship is level 130, cost 3000000 steel Best SS level 92/93, cost 1500000, except RN (British) that best is lvl 79 that costs 1200 gold Best CV level 120, cost 3000000 Note that by research better ships are available, that are ranked by "tier" from weak to strong: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Best DD, CL, CA you can build is tier D, by research can get C Best SS you can build is C, by research you can get S Best CV, BB you can build is A, by research you can get S
  16. Has anyone gotten these yet US CL OMAHAUK CL SIRIUSJP CL OYODOKM CL LEIPZIGSN CL BOGATYR the devs should have released in the shipyard instead of putting them in the lottery system
  17. Lütfen yardımcı olur musunuz sınıfının en iyi gemileri hangi ulusta ve maliyetleri ne kadar
  18. Hello! After changing the phone to Huawei P20 I have a big graphic problem. In battles ships and their elements are shaking. To make it more interesting, the superstructures, turrets, hulls and name of the player shake separately! The same situatnion is with land borders. These elements are shaking only in motion It means if ship stands still it doesn't shake. If I dont move view, land also doesn't shake. Another problem is water. It also seems to shake or flash. It very tires eyes. On other phones, these problems didn't occur. The picture was stable as a rock. Maybe it's a scaling problem? Display is: 1080 x 2244 px (5.80") 429 ppi 16:9 aspect ratio. Only one of other games have problem with this aspect ratio (longer edges are not visible), but image doesn't shake in any of them. Adjusting the resolution in the phone's menu doesn't help.
  19. We released 4.4.9 version today for Apple and Google. Patch contents --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Improved Online battle Interface - Change radar position 2. Skill displayed for ship setup in Harbor Assault 3. Added the reset function for equipment - Once the equipment is upgraded, it can be used again for free. 4. Add C grade Light Cruisers at Research Center - US CL OMAHA - UK CL SIRIUS - JP CL OYODO - KM CL LEIPZIG - SN CL BOGATYR 5. Thanksgiving event ends. 6. Daily Quest will be changed until 69 captain level. (Quest for Expert online will be added) 7. US BB New Mexico, JP BB Fuso, SN BB Izmail - 1st upgrade gun damage will be increased by 12%. 8. All Dive bomber damage will be increased by 30% 9. DP of upgraded Dive bomber for A, S grade CV will be increased by 10% 10. KM 130 Lv BB Tirpitz will have torpedo launcher instead of sub gun. 11. UK 130 Lv BB Lion2, 3rd upgrade gun will be reduced reload time (2038 -> 2023) 12. Harbor Assault matching formula changed - Attack available from -10 captain level. (Ex. If a captain level is 100, the captain can attack 90~140 captain level in HA) Thanks! Thanks!
  20. Also you can message them at the facebook page of the game (if you use facebook)
  21. Can’t find how to send complaint. I researched/bought Trento, you took my steel but didnt give me the ship. Give me my steel back or give me the damn ship.
  22. Also Carrie's torpedo bombers been dropping torps right next like on top of my battleships and getting away with it make it that they get shot down if they get that close pls.
  23. I like leaving a bunch of mines over a sub in deep dive. Good Idea, new suggestion made in Ethor's "What do you want for 2019?" thread.
  24. Make hedgehogs able to damage a sub in deep dive
  25. The Radar should be made useful, subs slightly slower where they dont have an insane overheat speed which would easly show exactly were they are from the noise. AAW should be on battleships considering the fact that they had to be able to try to defend themselves. Fighter combat should be better so we dont have fighters circling forever until they have to return. Battleships shall not be able to turn like a pt boat to dodge torps or bombers. Bombers need to be made better so they are not completely useless. A Half speed so that carriers can move slowly and use the map. Depth charges to be added to take out deep dived subs. Subs take dmg other than get hit by a Battleship and only get a scratch. Improved sub warfare so its actually a fair fight besides whoever has the fastest sub. Better dive system. Certain ships nerfed (CA,s) so they cant destroy a Vettted Iowa would be nice. Better offense vs defense. Raids made into actual raids. Better carrier control because we all know how annoying it is when we run into a wall when we are busy controlling our aircraft (Which in my preference I used radar to avoid most of the time). WOF Match making better wear times are assigned or an easier way on making plans for it. Plus more ranks in fleet So we can have more people to manage leaders than the chief.
  26. Polina that is the point and why depth charges should be added. I like the idea of the radar Bald has said but if the radar could at least have lines and work somewhat like the old one then it would be better.
  27. We will change value, 3 BB and more reward. Thanks
  28. Submarines are the only ship in the game that can avoid most damage also hedgehogs were developed to attack deep diving subs so please fix
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