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  2. Yesterday I entered battle with the DD1 (unintentionally) and I believe I played it ok. Sunk 2-3 dummy DD/CLs obstructed a sub and harassed a BB to my death - in order to give an allied BB dueling it an advantage. I was fully aware that getting close to the BB I will be wasted but without AA guns my utility was very limited when only opposing BBs and CAs remained in the field. My point is that I enjoyed a battle with a ship only useful to get a player to lvl 3 where he can get a half-decent DD - i did 30-40k damage and felt like I had some impact on the outcome of the battle. And that in a battle where I barely met the opposing SS before it sunk and there was no opposing CV. Edit: No point in the above - lost my train of thought. I wanted to say that the tier system should take into account (somehow) player skill as well as ship and crew.
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  4. I love them too for the same reasons. But it's not only the bots that are suicidal - and the bots will get smarter sooner or later.
  5. Well I love those suicidal bots. At least my noob ship can kill some of them and get 6-8 crew xp...😋
  6. I don’t mind Provence is OP than other ships as it’s devs business. But what I mind is: it is too cheap compared to Gun 3 of the same ship. If the devs make Provence with Gun2 a monster, with Gun3 Provence should be a beast too. As such here is my suggestion: 1) Make the current Gun 2 (2 barrels) to be Gun 3, so one more slot is required. And make Gun 3 (4 barrels) to be Gun 2. 2) Shorten the reload of current Gun 3 (4 barrels) if damage is not buffed. Or 3) Increase the damage of current Gun 3. Bring us a shotgun ship that can torp. And hope there will be more types how Provence can be played. Make Provence more PLAYABLE and in Provence we own, cheers!
  7. Okay after the unusably weak Gun2 maybe it’s time to talk a bit about Gun2 upgrade..... All of us know that Gun 2 is evil and bugged, as it has simply the same the long range and short reload time of Montana, plus a even higher damage (2107, same as Mikawa). So how strong is Provence? In Expert match the maximum ship level is 79, so only BB 70 can be used. Provence has the same range and reload as Bismark Gun3 (which has been a very good gun choice in this level), and 1.3 times more damage than it. And it uses one SLOT less and has 5000 more hull (same as Sevastopol).
  8. First of all, I love Provence and I enjoy playing with it. I am not going to discuss the OP problem here. The only problem I face is that the game provides so little flexibility in tuning the ship. As we know, Provence is the first BB in NFM with Torpedo launcher. It will be a real fun to tune a BB with aggressive playstyle (like Nelson) and can torp at the same time. Gun 3 with FOUR barrels of Provence is really an interesting choice. (Think about a shotgun ship that can torp!) . However, the 8-slot-system disallow players to do so. It is impossible to give up speed and armour and let the ship attack at the frontline. And what’s more, the gun 3 of Provence is really weak. It has only 14080 damage for one salvo, and with her tiny shell damage (880 only) it shoots very weakly on ships with armour. It has range shorter than Nelson but longer reload than Izmail. No matter single damage or DPS gun 3 is really weak. And it take THREE holy slots in upgrade (making me untorpable!)! I can’t believe a gun upgrade with 1.4m steel cost can sxk in this way, especially when comparing to the cheaper choice: the OP gun 2... Many players (basically all except me) thus choose gun 2 with one less slot usage for more flexibility. Making a boring situation monotoned by all long-range Provence.....
  9. It may be a little less suicidal if they are playing against ships closer to their own tier instead of rushing head first into fully vetted 120 BB. 40 to 50% of the ships in one battle should never belong to just one ship class. This should never ever happen. At least with a tier system a captains skills become relevant again.
  10. The tier system I'm talking about would help with all this. If you are in a competitive battle with a Chance of earning more than one crew point the game becomes more fun and the grind less of an ordeal. It would sure beat going out in your new ship getting killed in the first 2 minutes and then having to watch the other 8 minutes in the hopes of getting 15 crew points instead of 1.
  11. I don't think they should Nerf the Providence class I think that truly was a bonus worth the starter pack. But it's not the case with the Andrea Doria starter pack. I'm sure there is a difference between every nation and their level 50 battleship. I just don't get the point why give the Andrea Doria which is so weak and then you make up for it by giving the super strong Providence such a low high deal.
  12. Well said once again diddy. Part of the problem though is that DDs and CLs are generally suicidal - while if they played their role the 4-5 subs as you say would be severely restricted.
  13. Only DD/CL/CA can play in Expert Online. Andrea Doria (and the god-condemning-unnecessarily-evil Provence) can be used in Online Beginner only (the Raid mode for beginners).
  14. I don't think I'm the only one getting tired of seeing 4 or 5 submarines in each game. Or 1 zero star LVL 50 BB against two LVL 120 BB. I am playing way too many games these days that end up 1v7, 1v8,1v9. A tier system (which was talked about at one time) would solve many problems. First of all none of what I mentioned above would ever happen and that in itself would be a dramatic Improvement to the game. As well lower level captains will have evenly match battles to play in. This will make their games competitive and therefore more fun. It will definitely take the sting out of grinding when you're not playing for 1 Crew point-per-game. I I think this should be the "Next Step". No more RAID Mode, no more fireworks, let's focus on what the game is supposed to be about. A fair competitive battle that is fun to play.
  15. Haven't bought any of the starter packs but I'll buy into your story. After playing against fully vetted Andrea dorias I think her guns are amazing but still only takes three or four shots to kill. Needs another armor upgrade I think? I Just remembered that this is a level 1 battleship. You can take it into expert online so maybe they don't want it too strong.
  16. Or an easier option: to nerf the evil Provence. Btw I think the game shall differentiate more the differences between each BB50 in all nations.
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  18. Okay, the Providence starter pack was an awesome battleship. Well worth the package deal. So what happened to their first package deal the Andrea Doria....? This is basically the equivalent to the Colorado a level 50 battleship...! What a joke definitely not worth it....!!! I really think they should modify this and make it worth the $20 that people have spent on the package deal... maybe they could modify it to have its 6 in guns?? The Providence also started out with a master crew. This was not true with the Andrea Doria we had to grind it out which was a very difficult ship to do..!!! I'm sure the developers could check out the specs on the Andrea Doria and do some type of special modification for her to make her worth the $20. I personally like this battleship she's fast has accurate guns. I was hoping that she would have the 6 in secondary guns watch the real Andrea Doria had. But no such luck. Maybe they could make it a battleship with AAW ..??? Also since there is no head way of adding French and the Italian fleets to the game. But yet they are in the new RAID Mode! And not to mention their battleships have AAW on them. Or maybe add 5 th turret like the World War 1 setup. It would definitely make it worth the purchase. Please don't feel that you made up with it with the Providence class. This is a great ship and it needs to have a little bit better ability. Not worthy of a level 50 battleship.
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  20. I’m not going to give support to any side but being here to say: We play NF, chat and post in forum is for making friendship and for improving the game. Maturity and mutual respect are highly important to win respect form other players. Cheers and see you all in game:)
  21. Okay so you found the Forum. Now you must send your explanation of what happened along with the screenshot to Vinsson here in his pm. Ibby will have already done so as is required by moderators. Vinsson can then review the case and decide what if any action is to be taken. I must say you have sorely hurt your cause buy cluttering up west Chat for half an hour and inconveniencing other players. I will also add that calling out a mod does not and will not ever fly with me. I know you haven't been with navy Field Long but these are friends that we have sailed with and have taken the role of moderator on a volunteer basis. They are trying to do something to make the community better. Are you?
  22. I was trying to spell Horse wow. You get banned for a typo . Shouldn't your spell check work? This Mod is overstepping his bounds. I didn't intimate or threaten anyone.
  23. It was brought to my attention today by 3 different captains when they went to use the ignore button it did not work. I know this was reported to you sometime earlier and it seems there is a need for it (the button). Could you please fix this soon.
  24. Here it is again .... I don't have Riley's cussing insult screen but I do have the typo Capt Mac was banned for this guy has no business being a mod period..... F it I'll donate 50 bucks if you guys unmod him because he is running the game for people......
  25. I believe naugahyde...(wow that's an actual word the voice thingy spelt it on its own) has explained his position clearly. I'm not going to address the favoritism issue (if there was one)as that leaves a bad taste in my mouth. However I do believe moderators not being in fleets would bring a quick resolution to the issue. I don't think a private chat is going to do anything to help the situation in fact it's just going to be one more button to push and get in the way. Probably be as helpful as fireworks.
  26. OMG.... If you are close to finishing a nation then start another one. This gives you the opportunity to try new setups with new ships and begin the mundane task of leveling up your ships all over again. You're all talking about crew points and gold like they grow on trees. If you want to play to pay certainly go right ahead. There are people in this game who can't and everything mentioned above only hurts them. If you are close to finishing your nation and are having a hard time "keeping going" then just start another one as I said. Try playing it for free. I gsurentee the game will Keep On going, and going, and going, and going..........
  27. The thing I like about this idea is it will make ships unique from any other ....... You want to pay you can have a fully upgraded with every modual....... With that said you should also have a way that's extremely hard to receive mods without money also..... Or will make game unbalanced.
  28. Maybe I have another suggestion that may please you but would be a bit different. I'd say it would be more realistic if you would have to build your upgrades only once. And when you decide to change the setup for another upgrade you may change it with some short waiting period. So you would have some kind of mission modularity. Maybe without the waiting period for prem-accounts?! If it was that way, we all could check more often the different setups of every ship and the boni every single upgrade would bring...
  29. You can downgrade engine, use the free slot in other way and use master crew to compensate the loss of speed.
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