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    We are currently awaiting the test version, but I have no ETA yet. The update will include new ships. Edit: release date is set for next Wednesday!
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    Greetings to all, as promised to Diddy I try to post help to go into the minefields south of the Bermuda map, for this job where to thank Helmut's effort mainly (great as usual) and his very fast CL, thanks to Baldrick for the central passage in the "easy" maps , unfortunatly no image for this but is one little passage over 3th guns , working again on this (I hope that the DEVs will not get angry if we discover their work, to this you need an active comunity ), sorry for my English and for the quality of the image
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    Greetings at All, we continue the "mapping work"๐Ÿ™‚, this time are minefields well known by Raid's players, but this can be useful for novice players, thanx again Helmut, Martyn and all others (poor) players involved despite of themselves ๐Ÿ˜–, sorry๐Ÿ™‚
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    Hello Mates, another help for Raid,(thanx Helmut again ), it is for "Semi-Easy" map, lol, greetings at all
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    I made an error in the Vanguard stats ( hard to write in the phone sometimes, apologies.. ) just edited it, the Vanguard has 2692 range, the worst range of all the BB's at level 100. But still, the superior armor, reduced size ( Small compared with huge titans like the Yamato, Iowa, or H39 ) and the 3rd highest broadside damage in the game ( even superior to some level 120 BB's.. ) makes the Vanguard a scary ship. But again, this ship has cons like any other, like the short range and low speed.
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    When new captains start their journey, what is their ultimate goal? It is of course 120 level battleship. All of us who are not yet at that level just dream about the ability to destroy a ship with just one shot. But that is the problem. Eventually there will be many more bb120 so it is impossible to survive as lower level ship (excluding high level CVs and SSs). This will drive new players away from the game as it is just too hard and as old players get bored there will be no one to play any more. Also, only a battleship should not be the ultimate goal, what if it is a heavy cruiser? The highest level CA that is possible to get is 41 level which means it just can not be that particular one. Solution is: make more 50-120 level DDs, CLs and CAs and 100-120 level CVs and SSs. These should be of course much tougher and an 100 level CL should have same chance of surviving as an 100 level BB if played right. At this moment there are more battleships than any other when there should be same amount of ships in every class. I hope this will change in the future.
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    Vanguard: 12x1980 = 23760 broadside damage at 2692 range, 1790 reload, 34700 hull 0 stars ( 41640 vetted ) I would like to correct this information, as those stats are from the Mikawa ( BB level 110 ) Yamato 9x1848 = 16632 broadside damage at 2823 range, 1764 reload. ( Unfortunately the in-game Yamato doesn't do justice to her famous main battery.. ) About the subject, as you can observe with the stats shared, the Iowa has: - The highest hull - The 3rd highest firepower - The 2nd fastest speed ( Only the Yamato surpass it with 27-40, 3rd engine upgrade ) Every ship has it's pros and cons, the Iowa is a well balanced BB ( Like the whole USN line, very well balanced ), even if her firepower is inferior to others level 100 BB's, the speed, maneuverability and hull is superior to others. Try to play differently, the BB players from KM has to deal with their horrible big, slow and low damage ships, taking advantage only of their range.. ( I hate you Kaiser players, I hate you all ) PD: Queen Victoria has huge damage ( 25200 broadside to be exact ) but it's impossible to sink a 43k hull Iowa with 60% damage reduction in a single volley
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    The matchmaking goes like this... If one team has a BB then the other team has a BB. It doesn't matter if one is level 120 and the other level 50, all the game sees is that both sides have a battleship and therefore it is an equal match. Yes better and captains have gotten bored and yes veteran captains have left. Yes newer players are finding the grind impossible and leaving. Asking for new ships is not the solution (the ones we have are hinky enough ๐Ÿ˜‚). I said it a hundred times, I'll say it again, and I guess I'll just keep on saying it..... Proper and decent matchmaking is the only thing that can keep veteran captains interested and newer Captain's willing to continue. It can be done in such a way that you wouldn't even need online expert anymore. I never liked the idea of half my fleet playing online great battle the other half playing online expert. It doesn't make for a cohesive unit.
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    edit to the "easy map" 2 : the exit passage through the end minefield, just above the 3 canons middle zone. you have to go by a south-south west / north east axis
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    Thank you to the mods for verifying this: FCS values for accuracy are not being used. This means if you install FCS it will not help your accuracy at all. Radar, sonar, and sight ranges still apply. Apparently it will be reinstalled when they "change the data". I guess this means next patch?
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    hi there If I might humbly add something on the icy map, there are mine fields behind the 3 canons, but yes, there is a passage to the 3rd islands wall (i wonder if there is north passage between 1st and 2nd islands walls?). If you come from the south after the 1st wall, you ve got to take north to the 3 canons and sail along the small rocks south east of the canons. When you bypass the last rock, you go straight right. You can go back south to the entry point of the channel, but there is a mine field at the entry of the channel through that 3rd islands wall, i dont know its complete extent because i still never have been beyond^^ I also wonder if there is a south passage after the 2nd wall, but i remember there is still a massive mine field and generally some bbs to warmly welcome you On the jungle map, there is also a north passage. if you start at the south sector, you have to go north west, until the horizontal barrier. there are like 2 wrecks between 2 squares of mines. You'll have to go near these wrecks by a south east / north west axis. Then you go into the north sector. There is another massive mine field north east before some angry canons. There is at least a left passage through it and i'm sure there is another way more to the right, but more exposed. thats why you cant go in there without a bb/cv efficient support ^^'. Anyway this should be the way to go to the exit zone. The south one takes too much time to go up. Either way, a successful Raid of the lost explorers requires 1 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a solid but not foolhardy cl. This is the best combinaison because there are 'only' 10 enemies to destroy in a relative comfortable timing. If you're 4 or 5, against 15 or 20 enemies, it's necessary to have more cvs, 3 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a floating-rock cl.
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    and another for "classic easy" map, bye bye๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿ‘‹
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    In 1940 when Germany invaded France in Fall Gelb, uncompleted French Richelieu-class battleship Jean Bart fell under the control of Vichy government. After the allied landings in French North Africa, the ship switched sides. The French hoped that the ship would be finished in the United States just like her sister ship Richelieu. There were plans that it would be completed as a hybrid battlrship-aircraft carrier. Jean Bart had only two main guns total and both of them were in the front so neither of them would had to be taken away. On the place of the area back of the turrets there was supposed to build a flight deck which operates six planes (does not have to be six in the game). As you may already now, this plan was never done. But now when there are a lot of rumours about coming French and Italian ships, couldn't it be done here? Think about it, this is a battleship version of Mogami 1944, a ship we all love. Wouldn't this ship be just amazing?! I think this could be maybe level 90 premium ship as it is very unique one. Then level 100 would be Richelieu, 110 Alsace and 120 Charlemagne (the famous triangle). Hope this will get implemented! I wrote this on my phone and don't know how to get that white background away.
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    While the ship upgrade system with the 8 slots is nice, as it is implemented there are actually only 2 builds for each ship, one for GB/WOF and one for HA. FCS: As is only reason to upgrade is to get HA bonuses - no functionality in online battles. Suggestion: increase sight/radar/sonar bonuses and maybe add a 5% chance for critical hit (+50% damage or so) bonus at each upgrade. Main Guns: for most CAs and BBs the lvl 3 guns are the only way to go. If the difference between levels was smaller there could be a reason to build a battleship with eg. gun lvl 1 or 2 in order to get some other upgrades. Sec Guns: as is only reason to upgrade is to get AAW enabled status. Suggestion get all levels CL/CA sec guns AAW enabled (DD/CL prime guns where applicable) and give them different bonuses each level (eg. lvl 1 small range/slow reload/high damage, lvl 2 med range/med reload/ low damage, lvl 3 med range/ slow reload/ high damage) so any setting will be an option with higher levels a little more appealing Armour: instead of belt/deck/bulge in separate upgrades have all of them in each, increasing by a percentage (eg. lvl1: 1000/600/250, lvl2: 1250/800/500, lvl3 1500/1000/1000) Torpedoes: not bad as is. Hedgehogs need a small boost to become relevant again - probably a bundle of 5 as stated is a good idea Speed: not bad as is Flightdeck: Irrelevant in any ship other than CVs and mogami44. Could be dropped from other ships Aircraft: is there any bonus for the fighter upgrade? if there is please make it apparent. if not a small one would be nice.
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    First of all Greetings Dav (we miss you in game), Baldrick and 007 (License to "sink" ); all good arguments and interesting setting (Baldrick), for my part I would add only this to the Mogami44, or an Airplane officer is added or the squadrons are reduced to only 3 planes, now the times for the launch of the combat aircraft are biblical (as a 0-star CV I think), in fact the Mogami is almost unusable, only as air cover because the fighters launch time is accetable
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    I've got my mogami44 with 3 main gun, 2 armour, 2 flying deck and 1 speed. It has 6x1020=6120 broadside damage with 1420 reload and 2306 range and 2 squads of planes. For comparison the Hipper has 8x1179 = 9432 broadside damage with 1592 reload and 2355 range and County 8x1301 = 10408 broadside with 1580 reload and 2347 range. In my opinion Mogami44 is much more useful in a fleet action (because of the planes) and can hold itself in 1v1 vs the other CA41s, provided it can get a torpedo hit or two to make up for the reduced damage dealt by her guns. With vet crew the speed is 26kn standard and 43kn overspeed, so I consider 1 engine upgrade adequate to both escape subs and control distance to other CAs (but not enough to chase down a CV with guns). It is my understanding that my build on the mogami44 might be unique in the game with most other players preferring the mini CV build with full deck and plane upgrades (thus cutting back on armour and guns as you say).
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    Yes, it is very sad that bb100s are better than bb90s. Actually in my opinion the places of them should be switched and bb110s and bb120s taken away. Those are just unhistorical (not saying I would not like to play with QV ๐Ÿ˜‰). Then of course current bb90s should be made better. Maybe as good as bb110s now.
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    I have to agree with diddy: It will drive lower level players away faster as the top tier ship will be much further away. Now you can get top CL in a few days or a week and top CA soon after. If you get top tier to lvl 100 as you suggest... it took me more than a year to reach lvl 100 (can be much sooner with premium account and by playing more hours) There is place in Great battle for a CL or DD - escort. A BB with a good escort can and will win vs 2 stronger BBs, the reason is that gun range is much bigger than sight radius, thus if the scout planes are shot down the stronger BBs will have to fire blindly (I suggest CL/DD and not CA as it will also have to do anti-sub duty). In addition a BB firing at a (fast and manoeuvring) DD/CL at extreme range is wasting time that would be better spent killing a BB/CV (as it is very hard to hit at range). Proof of that is that you'll often see a CL in War of Fleets - where the prerequisite is veteran (often master) crew BB120, SS79/92, CV 79/92 You forgot offence/defence further diluting and splitting (the seemingly reducing number of) players. Only solution to this is to make players realise the value of their DD/CL and play them as they should - not as suicidal bots. and getting close to a BB to fire upon it with your DD/CL is suicidal (exception for the high range and tiny/fast Premium CL 18s and possibly DD50s). A CA is harder to find a place in a fleet. Best use is AAW escort for stronger units (and adding firepower), hunter/destroyer of CVs and weaker units - but lacking sonar and ASW is not as useful (in the extremely slim chance that a developer happens to read this: please DO NOT add ASW capabilities to CAs, it will make DDs/CLs obsolete).
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    This issue has been fixed, thread closed.
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    There is a similar minefield north, but i dont know if there is a 2nd free way between the one we discovered and the north passage. I also think the south and north passages remain the fastest ways to the end zone since we start raids with bb or cv to endure that kind of minefields, but also itโ€™s also the trickiest. Either your bb/cv is mastered and you can survive, either yours is veteren and you may follow another ship or will be in flames (but you can hope to reach the end). This free way may be convenient for a non veteran bb/cv or a cl/ca/ss when there is no more than a few enemies not in the zone. It will be complicated for a ca/cl without aaw/air/bb support and itโ€™s reckless if itโ€™s not at least partially mastered. A ss cannot hold enough his breath from the start until the end. I have not explored the middle of the map to see the minefields so i still dont know a direct and clear passage without firstly taking the south or north passage, but there is progress
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    Edit to the "easy" map : the mini minefield at the south of the map, before the end minefield
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    In ice map. In middle 3 heavy gun must destroy. Because safe passage is near that spot. If map of expert raid and normal raid is same
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    I use 3 main gun, 3 planes and 2 flightdeck on my 1944, thus operating it as an auxilary cv with the firepower to fend off smaller ships. Works like a charm, but as said it's no match for an experienced cv. It should't be, either. Its role is different from a cv and different from a normal ca as well. There should be compromises, and I think the current 1944 is a great balance between ca and cv. For a quick comparison: if the 1944 should be able to beat both a normal ca41 and a cv at their own game, isn't that the same as saying the Kaiser needs 2500 damage and the Victoria needs 3000 range?
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    Are you certain that you run the latest version of the app? This bug has been fixed some time ago. I checked on my account and the tab works just fine.
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    Try contacting naiadgames@gmail.com and message them in facebook. If you can't, don't want to wait for their answer (amy take some time) AND you have your account saved in google or facebook (if you haven't do it now - at the nation selection screen push either the google or facebook button at upper left corner) uninstall and reinstall the game - most likely some file is corrupted and triggers the crash.
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    As I mentioned before there can be sub-type in each slot. Gun/ Sec. Gun: Type A can be shell damage enhanced but range compromised and Type B is vice versa. Engine: Type A is normal max. speed enhanced (but compromise OH performance) while Tyoe B is OH speed and duration enhanced but compromised in normal speed. Armour: Type A is armour (damage reduction) enhanced while Type B is max. hull enhanced. Enhancement can be in addition to nationsโ€™ granted advantages so for example, IJN can make super fast ship in extreme OH performance.
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    Someone should fly you to Souel so you can show them how things are done there.๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
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    Welcome back eeextreme2. Best wishes to you and your new Fleet. ๐Ÿ˜Ž
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    How can Destroyers and Cruisers be balanced to BBs and CVs (and the OP SSs)? Each ship has a different function in the fleet - DDs and CLs are AAW and ASW ships, but vulnerable to gunfire, CAs are fast, small and nimble gunships with good (the best in the game) AAW capabilities. Already some CAs have a lot of power compared to BBs, as with the much higher reload rate they dispense as much damage as a BB in close ranges. I personally like the rock, paper, scissors feeling in the game, every ship is useful and must work together for victory.
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    Customer support these days does not seem to be their big thing. From navyfield mobile, to line to Discord there is nothing but complaints about customer service. (Deep breath) I don't quit when I believe someone has been wronged whether or not they are in my fleet. Send me specific details about what happened including your captain's name "rig" and I will begin my own campaign to get you what should be rightfully yours. Send me the information and in the meantime do us I suggested earlier. Send an email EVERY day. Use the Facebook link EVERY day. Once I receive your information I will do the same and use my " connections" to try and hasten a response. Do not give up if you do it's just money in their pockets Most people aren't aware of that they are bound by their terms of agreement with Google to respond to a complaint within 72 hours. I look forward to hearing from you. ๐Ÿ˜‰
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    the times might be long, but will still manage to get some torp bombers in the air - even if not in the same rate as an experienced crew CV. It is the only CA that can successfully protect a fleet from a battleship and harass submarines. My build is partly based on that, a CA assisted by planes but not fully dependent on them. (the biggest sacrifice of my build is not having upgraded torp planes - but i still hold armour more important).
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    Thanks m8, I'm still waiting though. I'm beginning to think all is lost as I'm still locked out
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    Mogami 1944 is relatively weaker than other CA under the eight-slot system in NFM. To balance the needs on engine, armour and guns, it is almost impossible to invest more slots on aircrafts. If devs wanted to make hybrid carriers, they have to grant a good gun1 which is not advices to further upgrade. So more points can fall on crafts.
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    Well you posted in the right place. Hopefully the devs will read this and reply to you soon. This is happening too many other people and I know there is an easy solution to it. Perhaps another captain has the answer for you as the best I can do is provide you with the following links. Send an email to naiadgames@gmail.com and be very specific in your explanation of what happened and make sure to include your captain name. I would suggest sending an email every day until you get a response. As of late it has taken some weeks to get help from this email address.... But help does come eventually. The second option is "Navy field mobile Facebook". Go here and on their front page they have a link with a blue Thunderbolt beside it (messenger). Again be very specific about what happened and make sure to include your captain name. Two out of three times I used this link I have gotten a reply within one day. Your best option is probably send an email and use the link. Good luck and let us know what happens! ๐Ÿ˜Ž๐Ÿ‘
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    I realised with my iowa that battleship comparison is horrible. I'm scared to face other battleships of my level because the iowas dmg dosent cut it. I hate that when I face another bb100 that I barely scratch them and I get demolished. I realise that each nation has an advj. Germans have range British have power. I dont see any advj for the Soviet US and the Japanese battleships. I was playing my iowa and its repair is vetted and a QV hits me for a total of 40000 dmg.
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    These were only drawing board ships, some more developed (Lion, Montana) and sensible enough to be constructed, some requiring more time to mature (Soviets could not make Soyouz's armour as planned, IJN needed to develop 20" guns). H44 for me is entering the realm of pure fantasy.
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    Hi 007. Historically the strongest ship should be bb90 (Montana, Lion, H44, Soyuz and Super Yamato). However sadly the devs just made them a lighter version (with less hull but faster turning) of BB100. WWII was not last long and all bb110/120 are ther hisotitical reference to pre-wwii battleships.
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    It's weird to think that before summer 2017 these ships were the best in the game. These ships were the ultimate goal and it seemed impossible to get to 92 level where these were available at that time. I wonder if anyone made it to these ships and dominated battles before bb110s-120s came. Also the best ships were real ships (or real ship plans in the case of Stalingrad โ˜บ๏ธ) and not fictional like the current premium BBs ( except Project 24 which is planned Soviet cold war era battleship: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_ships_of_Russia_by_project_number).
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    These proposed CVs could be achievable somewhere between levels 100-120. The price would be maybe 3 000 000 steel or 3000-5000 gold (if premium). Here are some information for those who don't know about these ships: Shinano: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_aircraft_carrier_Shinano USS Midway: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway-class_aircraft_carrier HMS Malta: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malta-class_aircraft_carrier De Grasse: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_II Tsar is just fictional ship made up by the original NF1. Currently there are much more BBs than other ships so this upgrade would balance the situation. People could also decide whether to get 110-120 level BB or one of these new CVs.
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    I know this has already been reported but I'll report it again anyways. When I try to leave the wof screen I cannot. I have to change Nation to get out of it. This only happens after participating in wof. It doesn't happen if I'm just checking out the page. Thanks!
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    Stalingrad: 12x1572 = 18864 broadside damage at 2888 range, 1858 reload, 41400 hull (vetted) In my mind Iowa is far stronger than Stalingrad with her fast speed, good range and strong shell damage.