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    Tired of, and bothered to see ships charge blindly in combat I start this thread for discussion: Note1: classes are not definite, Light and fast CAs with short main gun range may fit better in the CL & DD category. CL & DD is a very mixed basket with different individual roles - a different thread is required for their roles in battle to be further analysed. Mogami (1944) may play the CV role, CA role or a mix of both depending on setup, battle phase and conditions. Note2: Phases are not clearly distinguished and lacking fleet communication captains should observe field and act accordingly. 1st phase: Opening Goal of 1st phase is to setup battle line CVs: Launch fighters to establish air superiority. Stay behind main fleet CAs & BBs: Group together forming a battle line, launch scouts to reveal enemy CLs & DDs: Form a loose group in front, but close to main battle group of CAs and BBs. Don't cut across bows, use superior speed to pass clearly ahead or turn around the stern. SSs: charge ahead independently towards enemy's big units. dive if needed to cross path with others. 2nd phase: First contacts Goal of second phase is to manoeuvre into an advantageous position CVs: Keep skies clear of enemy planes, If no enemy fighters in the air try to get some damage on enemy capital ships and break their line. Change positions often, keep close but behind main fleet. CAs & BBs : fire at enemy ships as they come in range. If strong ships in range gang them, if only smaller pick them of individually. Manual aim is a must in extreme ranges. Surfaced subs are a priority. CLs & DDs : avoid stronger ships, keep distance, increase speed, manoeuvre, whatever it takes to make them miss. Move to block path to enemy subs. If manual AA is available keep close to friendly main battle group and shoot down enemy planes. Gang up to kill charging enemy DDs and CLs SSs: Try to bypass enemy small ships, concentrate on the big ones. Chance kills of DDs and CLs are welcome but risky. Engage enemy subs if you feel confident, diverting them from your battle line is equally important. 3rd phase: Battle is joined Goal of third phase is to gain advantage by breaking up and overwhelming the enemy fleet. CVs: Keep skies clear of enemy planes, If no enemy fighters in the air try to get some damage on enemy capital ships and break their line (killing enemy scouts is a priority). keep an eye on enemy subs. CAs & BBs : Work as concise group, once enemy capital ships are in range pick them off one by one. Switch your target to most heavily damaged enemy in range (no absolute rule use discretion). Target is to reduce enemy numbers as fast as possible (damaged ships have exactly the same firepower as when full health). When targeted move to extreme range - make enemy miss their shots while your allies fight closer. If not targeted move closer to increase hit rate and relieve damaged allies. Keeping the enemy switching targets keeps more friendly ships alive - change positions inside your group, but don't break away. CAs out of range to enemy capital ships pick off smaller ships in range, support your CLs and DDs. CLs & DDs : 1st priority: actively chase enemy SSs, provide AA cover to BBs, if enemy CV in battle try to move round enemy battle line and chase it 2nd priority: Stay alive, harass enemy battle line, force them to manoeuvre by firing torpedoes, anything it takes to give your big gun pals the upper hand. SSs: chase the big targets, keep an eye on oxygen levels. 4th phase: Closing Goal of forth phase is to finish the battle after a side has a definite advantage. CVs: Scout out surviving enemies, kill them. Move closer to reduce planes turnaround time. Other ships: move in and sweep up scattered surviving enemies. Keep within gun range of enemy submerged subs, they'll have to surface for oxygen. Ships with sonar shall keep them always visible. TL;DR: Every ship has it's role in the fleet, act on it, work as a team, don't charge in blindly
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    I’m not going to give support to any side but being here to say: We play NF, chat and post in forum is for making friendship and for improving the game. Maturity and mutual respect are highly important to win respect form other players. Cheers and see you all in game:)
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    If the devs give up this useless complexity, revert to leveling the crew members with oil (or nothing, getting the required crew experience is already hard enough - just display a msg like "congrats your radio officer is now veteran and can send 100 words/min over morse code") and concentrate on fixing the actual gameplay everyone will be happier.
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    masochistic: to enjoy something that seems painful or tedious. The following are a few things that I think need a serious looking into. 1) vetting My Level 50 battleship has taken forever mostly because I have to make myself do it and can only manage to do that for short periods of time. It's so mind-numbingly boring. How many times must you get sunk and earn 2 crew points a game. How many games do you have to play at this rate. This includes watching till the end of the game and hoping your team wins. I see absolutely no reason why there has to be 2 thousand points between 2 Star and 3 star. And then a 5 hour waiting period for each third star sailor. Why can't Sailors be available immediately upon the completion of the required points. 2) as I mentioned watching till the end of the game in the hopes of gaining the full 15 crew points I'll slide this in now. Endgame scenarios that need a serious look at..... SS vsCV: the submarine can't leave the capture Zone and the carrier will not enter it. All that happens is a bunch of failed attempts by the carrier to sink the submarine and the game usually ends up going to the final timer and a winner being declared. This can take four or five minutes. Imagine playing your 0 * battleship, of course getting sunk right away and then having to watch all that for two points. Texas vs just about anything Anyone in my fleet will tell you how I feel about Texas and any Texas class ships From Any Nation. They got to go they are completely useless and are only consistently used by skateboarders I'm sure. It's too fast and small for anyone to anyone to hit and again the game usually ends up going the full length of the timer with the winner being declared. If I find myself one on one with a Texas and 4 minutes on the timer I just blow myself up I refuse to waste the time for possibly another two points. 3) bonus crates/certificates Why there are still certificates in Navy field I'll never know. An ill-conceived plan that I thought the community made clear they did not want. When I get a " bonus crate" with three of those crew certificate thingies that you're supposed to use to upgrade your Sailors with (costing ridiculous amounts of gold) I sometimes wish I had just gotten the two points. They say you can play Navy field for free and acquire All Ships up to and including level 120 BB. I believe this to be true and look forward to celebrating my Russian 120 BB with my grandchildren (I'm 23, single, no kids). Sadly I know captains who don't share my enthusiasm and have given up on ever "rubbing shoulders" with other 120 BB captains. The Grind and the high cost in a game that gives little Rewards has made the Holy Grail unattainable. I really want to hear if you guys agree or disagree with me. I'm sorry I only present to you these problems but I know I can count on you all for Solutions. On the bright side we got fireworks!
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    OMG.... If you are close to finishing a nation then start another one. This gives you the opportunity to try new setups with new ships and begin the mundane task of leveling up your ships all over again. You're all talking about crew points and gold like they grow on trees. If you want to play to pay certainly go right ahead. There are people in this game who can't and everything mentioned above only hurts them. If you are close to finishing your nation and are having a hard time "keeping going" then just start another one as I said. Try playing it for free. I gsurentee the game will Keep On going, and going, and going, and going..........
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    Hello, Captains. We will inform you of precautions In recent online battles, there have been many cases of intentional retreats to prevent ships from sinking. Especially when he is disadvantaged, he retreats himself and deprives the enemy of opportunity. This behavior has many negative effects on the normal play of many goodwill users. Since the start of the game service, we have been judging these behaviors as unfair play and are also charging penalties. We will continue to do so in the future. If a retreat continues at these critical moments, we should remove the retreat function or remove the reward it when retreating. We ask that you make wise choices so that fair and fun combat can be carried out please.
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    Unbelivable but true, it's been a whole year since we've created this Fleet! Thanks to all captains who had ever been part of us, and of course thanks to all captains playing agains or with us... It's a good reason to have a celebration party and we plan to have a real-life party at Hamburg Port Anniversary on saturday 12th may. You are all welcome to have a drink with us, enjoy some music or even have a visit on some open ship. Pls contact me for details. Thanks for a good time, Neuner Unglaublich aber wahr, es ist nun genau ein Jahr her, dass wir diese Flotte gegeündet haben! Herzlichen Dank allen Kapitänen, die Teil dieser Flotte sind oder waren und auch all jenen, die uns als Freunde oder Gegner auf den NF Weltmeeren begleiten. Wir nutzen diesen Anlass für ein RL-Treffen und werden uns unter anderem am 12. Mai auf dem Hamburger Hafengeburtstag herumtreiben. Wenn jemand Lust hat mit uns einen Besuch auf den Schiffen zu starten, oder ein gemeinsames Getränk bei guter Musik zu genießen, mag er oder sie mich gerne kontaktieren! Vielen Dank für die schöne gemeinsame Zeit, euer Neuner
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    Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
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    Hello all. After much consideration and talking we have decided to roll back the crew training system to oil. We thank you for your consideration. -ethor98
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    I think all players should be allow to see who is online but only leaders (and officers if possible) do the job to go to WoF
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    I don't think I'm the only one getting tired of seeing 4 or 5 submarines in each game. Or 1 zero star LVL 50 BB against two LVL 120 BB. I am playing way too many games these days that end up 1v7, 1v8,1v9. A tier system (which was talked about at one time) would solve many problems. First of all none of what I mentioned above would ever happen and that in itself would be a dramatic Improvement to the game. As well lower level captains will have evenly match battles to play in. This will make their games competitive and therefore more fun. It will definitely take the sting out of grinding when you're not playing for 1 Crew point-per-game. I I think this should be the "Next Step". No more RAID Mode, no more fireworks, let's focus on what the game is supposed to be about. A fair competitive battle that is fun to play.
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    Okay so you found the Forum. Now you must send your explanation of what happened along with the screenshot to Vinsson here in his pm. Ibby will have already done so as is required by moderators. Vinsson can then review the case and decide what if any action is to be taken. I must say you have sorely hurt your cause buy cluttering up west Chat for half an hour and inconveniencing other players. I will also add that calling out a mod does not and will not ever fly with me. I know you haven't been with navy Field Long but these are friends that we have sailed with and have taken the role of moderator on a volunteer basis. They are trying to do something to make the community better. Are you?
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    Getting chat banned for calling another player a moron is ridiculous. Makes me think that some of the mods are"intellectually challenged". I would rather consider this a case of merely holding the reins too tight. Terra-form-uranus is not an offensive name. Terra-form-ur-anus is an offensive name. It depends on every player's perception of how you read it and I choose to believe it to be a clever play on words. (Non-offensive). Everyone has bad days and poor decisions will be made. This is a game of battle not a game of bridge and I don't consider "moron" to be inappropriate in a verbal Joust. Everyone talks smack it's just part of the game. Although moderators are not infallible they are however accountable. They must make a report of every chat ban they perform. If you have an issue with any of the moderators decisions you can simply forward your complaint to Vinsson here in the Forum or send an email directly to naiadgames@gmail.com
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    NF5 chat banned one of the Indonesian players last night for using a bad word. Fortunately it was brought to his attention by another Indonesian player the real meaning of the word he used. Google translate made an error. NF5 quickly righted the wrong and the ban was lifted. You can't trust Google all the time.
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    Also, BB90 becomes so unattractive now as it cannot be used in expert match and also get owned by other bb110/120 in master match. It would be nice to return them as BB75 (like before) so that they can be used in expert match (paying gold to counter Provence, good idea?). Or BB90 needs buff to match BB100 level (and slightly stronger should be). To conclude, the ladder of ships after LV50 should be reviewed. Perhaps I need to open a new thread to talk about it.
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    We were 2BB's 120, 1 SS, 1CV😋 Chinok = Kaiser. Bombona = Queen Victoria. GuilleNumberOne = Lexington. Itsumi Erika = Balao.
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    Agreed that officers have little practical use since being removed from wof authority. I don’t know if it’s a glitch or what, but currently after I participate in a wof battle, I land on the wof setup screen; observer only. Meaning I see who’s online from my fleet, but can’t change ships, start/retreat wof, etc. It occurred to me after reading these posts that this is basically what’s suggested above: officers can see who’s online, but only after being involved in wof. Personally, I’d prefer officers always seeing who is online, and the observer screen visible to other members after fighting for their fleet in wof. This may sound overly harsh or paranoid, but giving every fleet member the online players info worries me. It could allow opposing fleets to know exactly what they’ll face in wof simply by getting 1 brand new ensign into the other fleet. Perhaps such spying exists solely in my imagination & has never actually occurred in the game. I’d be surprised if more than a few players had even considered the notion; it’d require substantial effort to gain—at best—a minimal advantage. My concern is that granting universal visibility would make this *much* easier; potentially encouraging a whole new source of undesirable drama & mistrust. Just something to consider. On a more positive note, one useful remaining aspect of the Officer title is to identify experienced players to newer members. Hence, when Joe Noob asks about something in fleet chat, he can feel confident that Jane Officer’s advice is sound. There’s also something to be said for prestige... of course it’s just a game, but I felt proud on the day I got promoted, and still do! It’s nice to be recognized by one’s peers, even if it’s not exactly something I’d put on my résumé. 🤓 So I’m okay with it being mostly symbolic; at least until an update decides every officer gets a nuke to use on the damn super ships... In closing, sorry for all the words. I promise to one day make a post less than 30 pages long– but apparently not today. 😝
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    Ahoi, I'd like to place some suggestions and ask for opinions according to the payment for the fleet rating every 2 weeks. As it is now, the top 10 Fleets get some gold due to the rank they finished the period. That fold is equally decided by their top 20 captains (individual points). I don't think that's the best way to share the win because personal ranking isn't linked to activity in Fleet-War. The most easy way to deal with it would be to share it with all fleet members. But I like it better if there is some way to reward the active ones. Maybe the chief/leader could choose who shall get his share of the gold? Or: Give us some kind of Fleet-bank/ Fleet Arsenal where some gifts like rep-kits, smoke grenades, crewpoints, capt-EXP or gold packages would be stored as a reward instead of gold for top20. All captains should be able to "claim" any of those rewards, but it has to be granted (confirmed) by chief or leader. Love to hear your thoughts, Neuner
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    Seen that in NF1 long time ago, so maybe you are right 🤘 My own list isn't guesses but wishes I think (and it wouldn't end with 5...) 1. A useful list of Favourite Fleets 2. Officers able to start WoF 3. PM system 4. Being able to change Fleet-info and how-to-join-settings 5. Ship arrangement according to classes and ship-level (may be as it is for WoF-Setup) 6. Refuel-all-button 7. Auto-collect of the reward in daily quests 8. Small info-notice when crew is ready to train 9. Ranking for HA with some sort of reward 10. Worldmap with harbours to be captured and defended by fleets that grant some bonus
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    Well I love those suicidal bots. At least my noob ship can kill some of them and get 6-8 crew xp...😋
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    The tier system I'm talking about would help with all this. If you are in a competitive battle with a Chance of earning more than one crew point the game becomes more fun and the grind less of an ordeal. It would sure beat going out in your new ship getting killed in the first 2 minutes and then having to watch the other 8 minutes in the hopes of getting 15 crew points instead of 1.
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    Now supply box is out and players complain for the insignificant rewards: The occurrence rate is low and the prizes are minor. If the devs can increase the probability of getting boxes as well as higher rate to have gold/crew points, gold spender will be happy about it.
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    Okay, the Providence starter pack was an awesome battleship. Well worth the package deal. So what happened to their first package deal the Andrea Doria....? This is basically the equivalent to the Colorado a level 50 battleship...! What a joke definitely not worth it....!!! I really think they should modify this and make it worth the $20 that people have spent on the package deal... maybe they could modify it to have its 6 in guns?? The Providence also started out with a master crew. This was not true with the Andrea Doria we had to grind it out which was a very difficult ship to do..!!! I'm sure the developers could check out the specs on the Andrea Doria and do some type of special modification for her to make her worth the $20. I personally like this battleship she's fast has accurate guns. I was hoping that she would have the 6 in secondary guns watch the real Andrea Doria had. But no such luck. Maybe they could make it a battleship with AAW ..??? Also since there is no head way of adding French and the Italian fleets to the game. But yet they are in the new RAID Mode! And not to mention their battleships have AAW on them. Or maybe add 5 th turret like the World War 1 setup. It would definitely make it worth the purchase. Please don't feel that you made up with it with the Providence class. This is a great ship and it needs to have a little bit better ability. Not worthy of a level 50 battleship.
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    I was just chat banned for calling a player with an inappropriate name a moron because he always has something negative about me literally says things purpously to get under my skin..... He insulted me I responded and got a chat ban...... Sir Libby thanks ..... Didn't say a word to him about nothing....... His name is transformuranus ...... That name is ok to said mod because he never told him to change it..... I have officer in my fleet with the name hitul8er he told him to change his name and it doesn't break rules........ It's ok from now on I will screen shot mod injustice..... Chat ban me for responding and don't ban him....... Great work....Forgot to mention their both in the same fleet......
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    It was brought to my attention today by 3 different captains when they went to use the ignore button it did not work. I know this was reported to you sometime earlier and it seems there is a need for it (the button). Could you please fix this soon.
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    I think it would be a great idea to be able to purchase with either gold or experience points / crew points. Two extra modification spots for your ship. This would help keep the game going for those who are close to finishing a nation.
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    Maybe I have another suggestion that may please you but would be a bit different. I'd say it would be more realistic if you would have to build your upgrades only once. And when you decide to change the setup for another upgrade you may change it with some short waiting period. So you would have some kind of mission modularity. Maybe without the waiting period for prem-accounts?! If it was that way, we all could check more often the different setups of every ship and the boni every single upgrade would bring...
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    Dear NF captains, Lately I've been encountering a LOT of captains with inappropiate names. Please note that I will come down on those captains. Offending captains will be warned, if they don't chance the offending name they will be submitted for suspension. Don't be one of those captains! What exactly is an inappropiate name, you may ask? To prevent any discussion, here's some clear rules on naming: - Any reference to terrorists, war crimimals (including Nazi's) or criminal organisations is not allowed. - Any reference to people or organisations who have committed crimes against humanity is not allowed. - Offensive language in names is not allowed. - Spam in names is not allowed. - Insulting of other players in names is not allowed. - Racism, homophobia, negative stereotyping and suchlike are not allowed. - Explicit (sexual) language is not allowed. This list may be edited by moderators, so when in doubt please refer to the latest edition. The very best option you have: if you are in doubt whether or not a name is allowed, don't use the name. Thank you all very much for your cooperation. If you see players breaking above rules, please report them in game or PM a screenshot of the player's profile to a moderator.
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    A good idea for a new patch is the possibility of selecting what other players write in the chat,making possible the use of Google new function instant traslate,that translate a text by simply copying it,making possible a better communication in global chat and in international fleets
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    Rexifelis also remembered a great point,a private chat would be a great addition to the game,making possible various possibilities,like recruiting a member to a fleet.
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    or the not so new players. The way I play I get about 100 crew xp per day, it takes me a month and a half to vet a BB/SS... agreed. As it is I have no incentive to get a premium ship, I save all gold for the BB120 (that I'll probably never get as I'll need another six months to get to the level) BB80 is useless as well as expert is below lvl80
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    I agree with everything you said. Especially the part about how long it takes to level up. I am currently vetting My Level 50 Battleship gangut and I can tell you without the crew and Captain boost bonus given to us I would only be halfway to where I am now. I've been out this ship for a week and it's still not done. I can imagine how the newer players feel.
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    Hi there, there's an "Ignore" option for the chat implemented, but it doesn't work, even if you "ignore" a player you will keep watching his messages on the chat.
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    Ahoi und moin moin, mit den letzten beiden Patches wurde vieles in der deutschen Übersetzung angepasst und komplett überarbeitet. Ich meine nun ergibt es alles etwas mehr Sinn und hoffe sehr, dass euch die Änderungen gefallen! Wenn ihr Anregungen habt, was besser passen würde oder sonstige verrückte Ideen einbringen möchtet, antwortet doch bitte in diesem Thema! ...solltet ihr Fehler oder Tippfehler finden, schreibt mich gerne direkt an, dann kann ich das schnellstmöglich beheben. In diesem Sinne, euer Neuner
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    Dear every ones, I’m posting this new message to ask NF to improve online battle introducing a new and biggest battle field. My request coming from the necessity to incense the fun of the battles using a carrier. At the moment it si very hard to play and remain alive using a C.V. due to the fact that field are to small and no tactics are possible, especially if in the battle more CHAN one carrier is present. Submarine, battleships and ofher vessels are able to use their tactics, but if you are using a carrier you have time only for one of two Waves, Than you can simply be sunked. Hope other players will boost this request. have a nice day
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    I would still like to see away we can take repairs and smokes off of one ship and put them on another. These all cost gold and gold equals real money. It really bothers me when I see a ship rusting away with smoke and repairs on it that I could use on another ship.
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    The server is down
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    Dear evergreen one, I’d like to suggest to add in the regional section a new topic called ITALIANS. At the moment we have so many Italian members playing NF and a dedicatwd section would be very usefull. Thks for attention
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    Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.7.7- 1.) Add Raid mode 2.) Add function for auto and manual AAW by long touch like normal gun 3.) Add new effect for damaged ship 4.) Add function for changing Captain image (in Captain profile with 100 gold) 5.) Upgrade Auto AAW AI 6.) Add Rank in battle result And as always we thank you for your continued support! -ethor98
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    Yes thanks to all captains’ effort. But if still more sweets for gold ships would be even happier:)
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    It seems the devs listen sometimes. The rollback (3.7.0) to leveling with oil proves that.
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    That would surely give those captains a far too big advantage in my opinion. And ships modifications are limited in reality as well: you can't install all equipment and still be as fast for example, and dimensions are a limitation to upgrades.
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    Lol ok now can you please answer the question with crew pts replaced with crew XP in my original question ?
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    Here it is again .... I don't have Riley's cussing insult screen but I do have the typo Capt Mac was banned for this guy has no business being a mod period..... F it I'll donate 50 bucks if you guys unmod him because he is running the game for people......