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    And so came a new patch, with hundreds of new ships, with obscure stats and upgrades, many of which we have no idea what are and how powerful they are. And so I started a Crusade to catalog all possible data on the new ships stats "it is not our job to do that, it's the developers' job" - Togo Taisho "it is impossible to catalog so many ships" - Sasa Pinjic Yeah, it is not our job, and it is impossible to do it... alone But I started anyway, and I can't do this alone, and so I need the help from the community. I have built this table in a google drive (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HvJWon_HC7Ex2PW2eAkawIfYsTRfcoRj8K6U9Rl79jY/edit?usp=sharing), it should have free access to view (but not edit). I will request the help with information in the following pattern, and the data will be available to everyone. Even though it is unstable and prone to many changes, I am still willing to do this. It is also important that with all this information we should be able to identify abnormal and erratic behaviors of ship upgrades, which we could inform the devs to fix them. I hope to count on the help from the community, even though many are completely unhappy about the patch and believing that this should be undone. EDIT 1: some people have been having trouble to identify the "upgrade zero", also called by others as "stock", which are the parts of the ships before the first upgrade. To identify that, use the ship's info tab like in the screenshot below. The number showed is the final value after all bonus (parts upgrades and crew bonus). And the green/red number in parentheses next to it, is the overall bonus added to the base value of the ship. Therefore, if you pick the total value minus the green/red number (or sum if the number is negative), you can find the base number: From the picture above, we can identify that the stock main gun of the C CA Trento is 1 barrel, 1583 range, 860 damage and 414 reload time. Also note that the Hull is =23430-2130 = 21300, and that the bonus (2130) is exactly 10% of the hull, that is because the repair crewmen are Senior (10% bonus to ship health). EDIT 2: I am adding a to do list, and the ship names with strikethrough are marked as cataloged **CLASS DD *Grade E Jaguar; L'Adroit; Le Fantasque; Oriani; Soldati I; Soldati II; Turbine; National DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National DD3 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade D Jaguar; L'Adroit; Le Fantasque; Oriani; Soldati I; Soldati II; Turbine; National DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) ; National Premium DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) ; National DD3 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Soldati II; National Premium DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National DD50 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) **CLASS CL *Grade E Capitani Romani; Di Giussano; Duca d'Aosta; Duca degli Abruzzi; Duguay Trouin; Emile Bertin; Jeanne d'Arc; La Galissonniere; Pluton *Grade D Di Giussano; Raimondo Montecuccoli; National CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Capitani Romani; Di Giussano; Duca d'Aosta; Duca degli Abruzzi; Duguay Trouin; Emile Bertin; Jeanne d'Arc; La Galissonniere; Pluton; Raimondo Montecuccoli; National CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) **CLASS CA *Grade E Algerie; Suffren; Tourville; Trento *Grade D Algerie; Bolzano (1942); Suffren; Tourville; Trento; Zara; National CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA32 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Algerie; Bolzano (1942); Suffren; Tourville; Trento; Zara; National CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA32 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA41 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) Other ships to the list to be added later. There is also the chance that I have missed some ships in some grades, as i am not aware of all of them.
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    Hey Devs, a new proposal. I have been playing MNF since may 2017. I am a member of one of the top fleets (Bosses Fleet) in the game which has lot of player that spend money on the game. Most of us love the game and want it to continue running as long as possible. I am representing the people of the Bosses fleet in proposing a change that we believe could benefit all of us. You could raise more money and older captains continue to invest in this game. The latest major update is a game changer for worse. The balance is extremely ruined this time. All nation ships are now "rusty ships" as any new player can match or over power SS/CV 92 and BB 120 which took lot of time money and dedication to master them, so could you please consider some updates in order long term captains not abandon for good this amazing game? Let me call this proposal feature as Ship Tier upgrade system. Add a new feature to improve tier for current ships. E->D = 250 gold + 40 debris + 100k steel + 10k oil + 50 Crew points x crew member D->C = 500 gold + 60 debris + 200k steel + 20k oil + 100 Crew points x crew member C->B = 1000 gold + 80 debris + 400k steel + 40k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member B->A = 3000 gold + 160 debris + 1200k steel + 60k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member A->S = 5000 gold + 320 debris + 2400k steel + 80k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member In addition every single tier update will trigger a ship configuration reset && a crew training reset. The advantages of this is that new players with good luck will get their Tier S ships and old players with bad luck could update their ships. Notes: Please check the following post that all in all are asking for the same update:
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    Baldrick has already said a lot. I would add some suggestions to the chat a battle chat is needed, apart from the main and the team chats When a player writes something during a battle, that message is displayed over his ship to easily see where he is, what he sees. What he says is visible either by his teammates or by everyone in the battle the capacity to talk to a specific player by clicking on his ship on the field. if you whisper, then it’s not shown to others or it’s shown in a specific color. If you just talk to your battle team, it’s shown in a team color, another color. If it’s for everyone, then it’s shown in a standard color. to the fundamentals of the game a team has to be able to practice tactics, either by not limitating the number of fleet raids, or by creating a test mode, or by allowing teammates to choose to join the same greatbattle/raid i strongly disagree with the lottery system, but if i understand the need to improve the game, and even if the baldrick good suggestions were to be not upheld (in particular french and italien own fleets, super ships with multi weapons limitations) , the balance has still to be corrected ; either by allowing players to choose the class on which they want to spend a lot of ressources and blueprints and by modifying the range rates between tiers, and/or by reinforcing their normal ships abilities. For instance, a ss, which encounters a bunker bb or a multi weapon bb/cv, should have more oxy or speed or a mine detection or a slow speed at an intermediary and undetectable depth level, unless the ships uses a sonar.
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    This was sent to me via Facebook Messenger. Naiad games response to someone's rating in Play Store. As you can see in the first sentence they announced their intentions to close the game. They finally killed it. They wouldn't listen to what we wanted and they killed it themselves.
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    The price of monthly subscription is unreasonably high. In many MMO games monthly subscription is only USD4.99 and it has provided most resources and xp boost. But in NFM if you want all it will charge you USD30. Please offer a more affordable subscription option so your loyal players can support the game’s long term development. The spirit of subscription should be letting the game sustainable with players’ monthly payment, and let the payers’ playing experience more enjoyable.
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    Make Italy and France into separate Nations. Have blueprints and ships already built in other nations transferred to the new. Exceptions: Provence and Andrea Doria given to specific nations. Link to original thread: http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/545-nf-developers-and-users-relations/
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    Crew training cost is extremely high and no players would like to build and get a low tier ship now. The devs should allow upgrade service for players to upgrade their old vetted ships with new blueprints. For a sensible naval country, it’s nonsense to jail your veterans in a cheap and old ships and not giving them the best weapons. I’ll be fine with the lottery system if devs make this happen. Also, has the fleetless issue solved yet?
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    Hello NF community. I recently saw a post in general discussion about seeing what the community wants. Now... I know there has been massive feedback on the recently added ship rolling system. Trust me. The devs do know. And are working to see what can be done. Moving on. What would you guys like to see from us in 2019? Anything big or small. Lets try to keep this as respectful as possible. We know people arent happy with some functions of the game. And yes we do listen to the community. We take the players opinions into high consideration when thinking of updates. So some rules on this post. Please do not double post. If you like the idea give it a green up or "like". If you like the concept but want to put your own "spin on it" quote it. No need to spam 5 posts of the same idea. Lets keep this post respectful. There's a difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Please be nice. We appreciate and value all feedback. So have fun!
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    Abandon the lottery scheme. Make a ship tree and captain progress should follow that tree. (Already done research by the lottery scheme will leave branches in the air. Lucky those who have them). Earlier suggestion was to upgrade ships by level - it is too late for that now, levels are irrelevant.
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    Improve dev - players communication: The forums are here for persistent discussion. Game chat, discord and line are chat systems good for announcements Facebook also offer chat capabilities, has a big userbase and is good for persistent announcements. Also offers another nice tool: Poll. The developers can very well present a problem to their users (that many players are "spying" in other fleets in this case), propose the solution(s) they found (kick all alts from fleets) and LISTEN to player suggestions. They can then rank the suggestions and pick one or (even better) use the poll tool and let the users decide the best action. So it could have been like this: Day 1 (Announcement in Discord, Line, Facebook, and every 1-2 hours in game chat): It has come to our attention that many players join fleets with the intention of spying for another fleet. The NF team will take action to stop this behaviour. Please check the "Suggestions" Forum at navyfieldmobile.com for details. Discussion will happen until (3-5 days later), followed by a poll in facebook to reach the best solution from [date] to [date] (2-3 days after thread closure). Day 1 (Forums) Opening of thread for discussion under suggestions. Detail problem, moderate conversation and state specific dates for proposals taken and discussed, poll and implementation. Do give feedback in proposals (such as: good idea but will require 150 hours to code, thus cannot be implemented please consider dropping this or that feature - or make alternative suggestion) Day 4 Opening of poll in facebook Day 6-7 Announce results of poll and course to be taken - followed by explanation if the solution to be implemented is not the most popular one (it's still your game and we know you are here to make money from the game - we have conflicting interests) This way you give the community a sense of participation, the community will come up with some ideas (thus giving you back some work hours spent for doing all this) and everyone will be happier. (I think) Link to original thread: http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/545-nf-developers-and-users-relations/
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    Revisit ship upgrades. While the ship upgrade system with the 8 slots is nice, as it is implemented there are actually only 2 builds for each ship, one for GB/WOF and one for HA. FCS: As is only reason to upgrade is to get HA bonuses - no functionality in online battles. Suggestion: increase sight/radar/sonar bonuses and maybe add a 5% chance for critical hit (+50% damage or so) bonus at each upgrade. Main Guns: for most CAs and BBs the lvl 3 guns are the only way to go. If the difference between levels was smaller there could be a reason to build a battleship with eg. gun lvl 1 or 2 in order to get some other upgrades. Sec Guns: as is only reason to upgrade is to get AAW enabled status. Suggestion get all levels CL/CA sec guns AAW enabled (DD/CL prime guns where applicable) and give them different bonuses each level (eg. lvl 1 small range/slow reload/high damage, lvl 2 med range/med reload/ low damage, lvl 3 med range/ slow reload/ high damage) so any setting will be an option with higher levels a little more appealing Armour: instead of belt/deck/bulge in separate upgrades have all of them in each, increasing by a percentage (eg. lvl1: 1000/600/250, lvl2: 1250/800/500, lvl3 1500/1000/1000) Torpedoes: not bad as is. Hedgehogs need a small boost to become relevant again - probably a bundle of 5 as stated is a good idea Speed: not bad as is Flightdeck: Irrelevant in any ship other than CVs and mogami44. Could be dropped from other ships Aircraft: is there any bonus for the fighter upgrade? if there is please make it apparent. if not a small one would be nice. Original post:http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/528-ship-upgrade-system/
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    Resubmitted with the call for removal of AAW guns from BBs deleted. Please only vote for one of the two submissions (or resubmit your option if different). Properly balance ships. Remove all mines/torps, AAW guns, sonars etc from BBs - target is to make BBs vulnerable to SS and CV so they depend on escorts to be successful. Similarly other ships (no sonars & launchers on CVs). A few oddballs (Mogami44, I400, Kitakami) are nice and give colour to the game. BBs gun only - similar tiers should have similar balance of hull, armour, range, damage, no of guns, reload, secondary guns (with some nations having the edge in one of these - 7 stats, 7 nations). Be careful on broadside weights. CAs fast guns with AAW secondary gun option DDs fast, CLs powerful ASW and AAW ships SSs silent hunters - Give some higher torpedo damage to higher tiers as now A tier BBs are unsinkable by subs CVs BB killers at range (supposing BBs are of BB size and speed - No Ammirragrio Di Saint Bon* unless reclassed as CA - with CA stats Some ships - especially new ones are way out of balance. e.g. the B tier Bretagne and Paris BBs have broadsides of 30000 AND good range AND launchers. The game is fun as naval tactics. Having a couple of BBs work together and sweep through GBs is not fun. Link to thread with original suggestion:http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/553-france-and-italian-need-their-own-nation/
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    So.... you think that someone who has played Navy field for only the last 30 days should get a 100% refund. Anyone who play the game from it start, spent the time effort and money to get BB 120 shouldn't? So...you think it would be unfair for a player who hasn't even reached level 120 and has an S tier BB120 to have to compete against someone who actually earned their Battleship and spent the time to vet it? So... I think you should ask some of the captains who have spent the last year-and-a-half grinding the game only to have what they have accomplished taken away from them overnight, how they feel about a "fresh new start". There is a reason why many have left the game. Think about it. Never ever have I given someone a negative rating in the Forum. If I like what someone has to say I upvote them. If I disagree with what they have to say I may voice my opinion but I don't down vote them how's the Forum is a place to express opinions and ideas. I have found your opinion and ideas to be truly naive and ill-informed. Consider it part of your "fresh new start". ...... Okay I still find your opinion to be naive and ill-informed but I feel bad for downvoting you. As I said above the Forum is a place where everyone should be able to share their thoughts and ideas. I don't want to discourage anyone from participating in the forum. Flint I apologize for not being more open-minded and I look forward to more posts from you. I'll give you an upvote to bring you back to even. 😉
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    After last update 80% of ports to attack are empty, because almost everyone use their ships in attack as well in defence and online battles. It's simply uncomfortable to switch ships all the time. Because of this farm in port attacks became really slower. Port attack for many players are the best way to get steel and it must be possible to leave ships in defence to let other players to farm!
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    Well unless you have been a long-standing captain in navyfield you probably wouldn't even know who Ethor was. He is the self professed "senior" moderator of navyfield. Whenever there is a "happy " Post in the Forum he is the one to post it. Occasionally he will show up in West Chat and ban a few people... Not that often though. Okay so there's my intro but here's my real beef.... Who the fuck is this guy to close a topic that I started... Or you started? This is a forum.... For everyone's opinions and ideas are welcomed.... And I'm pretty sure that others people's opinions and ideas weren't done in that topic. I think it was just a lame attempt at diverting your attention from some realism into a post of promises that will never be kept. If Ethor has any respect for the Integrity of the forum he will reopen that topic. At least just to show us all that censorship in a forum is just maybe it's a little bit uncool. At least not something a 17 year old kid this phone in one hand and his dick in the other would do.
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    Once upon a time HA took resources from other players, they were actually removed from the defending player (if lost) and added to the attacker. At that time every player struggled to get a strong defending fleet. Then they realised that that system only robbed the poor to give to the rich, so resources were not removed from the defender if lost, just given to the winning attacker out of nothing. Then they limited the HA to level 65, precluding low level players from resources (for some reason). Most players did not bother removing their defending fleet, even strengthened it with new ships as they became available - or just used their attacking fleet for defence as well, presenting a good challenge. Then the developers in their infinite wisdom forced every player to remove their defending fleets - and without any motive to add them again the only fleets remaining in defence are those of inactive players. And this is how the developers of the game roll
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    Im just gonna add this here. Not expect to be taken, but at least it would give a great idea. (or more worse) I know this game in the first place were not logic at all. But at least make it a bit real. Yes some battleship does had torpedo and almost all (probably all) has flak and heavy anti air gun. AAW in this case. In order to implement almost all ship with AAW, AAW damage need to be reduce. To make it more effective for escorting, CA can be a main Air cover. Not effected by AAW damage reduce. CL got half of the AAW Damage. For not all CA (and CL) can defeat BB alone or even two. DD Are main ASW and BB are Firepower. CV (of course) are BB killer. Now for BB that has torpedoes, yes they can. But absolutely no sonar. I never heard a BB carry such a thing. For the Carrier, all my LIFE. But if its correct according to history, i cannot reject it. BB can and only have a torpedo, but will never upgrade or change to a hedgehog (that's DD weapon for crying out loud!) The upgrade will never showed up on upgrade section. It will be fixed. I'll explain how torpedo works on specific battleship. (but not all for i know few. Up to you to look on Wikipedia) Nelson has two torpedo tubes on the bow, submerge. Like submarine, his torpedo path is fixed and cannot be turned even for a slight. Only one torpedo per tube. Range of torpedo is almost short. Higher than SS but shorter than the destroyer Torpedo range. Battlecruiser Hood had at least six torpedo tubes if im not wrong. Three on each broadside. Same fixed, unmovable. Tirpitz has above-water torpedo tubes were installed in two quadruple mounts, one mount on each side of the ship. Can turn. But in order to balance the damage, (BB already had a powerful gun so it would be slightly overpowered. No captain wants to be sink faster right?) BB torpedo damage must be low as the DD torpedoes. For torpedo reload time, lets just agree to make it reload more longer. Avoiding spamming. That's what i have on my mind. But one more thought. If BB is going to have a torpedo, then CA has to. Well, for balance. Thank you.
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    The lottery system needs to definitely go it took me 25 tries to get something other than a tier e ship
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    I am a poor guy semi-illiterate but I have a great passion for the Naval Military History so I allow myself to give suggestions to try to improve this game with many potentials: (1) the crew already veteran should be able to move on the new ship of the same type (with a gold cost of at least 1000/2000 leaving the player the possibility to choose); (2) as I try to repeat for months we need more rooms, some easier for the "vetting" of new ships (regardless of the levels of the players who now no longer have any value) some without SS or CV; (3) No BBs or CVs should have torpedoes and (4) all BBs and CVs should have AAW (@Baldrick, Hello, one of the BB's duty in the US Task Force was the AAW protection for CVs because of the huge volume of fire); (5) some CAs but not everyone should keep the torpedoes; (6) SS should be "nerfing" (oh oh, now Helmut hate me ^^) both in speed and in resistance, I think many players are tired of SS master who attack with impunity on the surface, basically the SS was a very fragile,delicate and very slow machine in the real WWII; (7) in these times there is a real abuse in the use of kits of smoke and repair by some players, my proposal is that at least the smoke is recoverable with resources to try to balance the game (like 100.000 steel+10.000 fuel= 5 smokes); (8) think it is necessary the "nerfing" of some new BB (Bretagne and Lorraine mainly) absurdly OP (I do not speak for envy because I have both ^^, just for justice); (9) the reward of GBs for the crew experience should pass at least 20 per battle and compared to the damage inflicted on 1x5000 basis (or in other proportion, of course) this would invoke lazy players (like me) to get more involved in battles instead of launching the ship and doing something else (i read, others watch movies while playing😉, sad, incorrect but true) in addition to these 9 points, I share many of the ideas of Baldrick, Paulus and Polina, more I ask, as always, the recovery of multiple fleets per account (I have already demonstrated how this rule does not stop neither "boosting" nor " spying "both easily implemented even now, this rule has only penalized the old players) and I would have two other generic tips, the removal of the fireworks button icon (remember many players use a" small "cell phone, the less stuff there is better) and a different visualization of the ships in port, by now that all these new ships scroll up to find the right one is already this a game in the game🙂. greetings at all
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    Real world BBs had the most sophisticated AAW systems of their era (several guns from 1/2"-5" with dedicated directors and radars). Many were used as harbour AA defence. HOWEVER if BBs are not dependent on AAW ships (DD/CL/CA) for their AA cover, then CAs get killed and DDs & CLs only have an ASW function in the fleet. Thus I propose and insist on keeping the classes distinct, with distinct functions in a fleet - so that a good battle happens by nice cooperation between players. A year ago I had written the "Unofficial battle tips"* that was how a battle (should have) happened back then (IMO). Giving Battleships AAW and launchers just renders obsolete the smaller ships. The game is not realistic, never had been nor that is its purpose. In my view the game is about fast and fun battles (therefore for balance some ships have extraordinary qualities - like 30kn subs able to take a BB broadside and DDs doing 60 kn) *The unofficial battle tips are dated but consider it was written before occupation zones, auto-aim update (to compensate for target speed - targeting point was fixed close to bow of target dictating manual aim at long ranges) and at a time that BB100s were rare, nevermind 110s & 120s
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    Balance GB. Split SSs/CVs/BBs approximately equally taking into account tier and crew experience. Mark AI ships as such (e.g. different ship name colour or captain name "bot" instead of the former captain)
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    If it’s true, then it’s sad, it’s like silent hunter online some time ago 😳 Anyway, nothing is impossible, they should put to vote what the players want to focus on the fun-damentals of the game... that could bring back players and so money. Did The proposals made in another post you wrote have reached devs ?
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    If only they would ask, the community is ready to deliver any help they may need. But they don't.
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    greetings to all, not modestly I think I am an easygoing and quiet person but now I'm really tired both of this game and the modes of communication (absent) between the Team of developers and this Forum and consequently with us players, here we are before another umpteenth patch not announced, not agreed, not discussed, ....., never once our suggestions are accepted !, at the moment I do not know the content of the patch yet, I noticed that the HA changes again and than is granted (inexplicably for me) a further 30% of damage to the torps planes of CV "A" 2 "S" ??, no comment on any improvements in the chat until i see, maybe this patch will improve the game (objectively we can not say the opposite "a priori") but it is this system so arbitrary and arrogant that context, for once you can hear the suggestions of those us who keep alive this game for 18 months !!😤😤, please Team read and follow (if possible) the Baldrick's suggestions👍 PS, for one time my apologies Team, seems that you follow just one suggest about increase debris reward in daily quests👍👍, remain the trouble for way of communication between us, imho
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    I'm becoming less and less enthusiastic about navy field mobile devs don't give a £¢€¥ about the players. They just see the next big thing to try to kill the game with. Because eventually the community is going to leave navy field mobile if the devs keep wrecking the game
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    The whole "patch" is insulting to players who have been grinding the game a year and a half. My main nation is level 115. Just 5 more level to the Kaiser - a target that had me saving every bit of gold for more than a year. The next day the "patch" came to the game and my level 49 captain got an A tier Progetto UP41 at his 2nd draw of the lottery - a supership that can vaporise the Kaiser that was my holy grail for so long. In addition, this patch is discriminating players by luck. The draw to get the Progetto was just the second lottery play of that Nation, my main has done about 20 and best that got is a B Graf Zeppelin, C Tourville that might worth building and C Duca Degli Abruzzi that built (also got many other good ships including B tiers, but compared to Europa CV, Stresemann and type XXI don't look very appealing). Now imagine those two being different players - not Nations of the same player - how fair is that? Even for new players it is not fair. This exactly what I'm asking for. When I paid 3000 gold for the Stresemann, I paid a good sum of money for a ship that is close to the top ships of the game. when I paid 1500 for Graf Zeppelin II (that will forever sit with green crew in the harbour - premium ships cannot even be scrapped), I paid a good sum of money for one of the best CVs that can do expert WoF. The "patch" has depreciated these ships to maybe a tenth of their asking price (e.g. for 300 gold I might consider buying a Stresseman instead of relying on the lottery scheme - but 3000?). So yes, I feel robbed - even if I have already played and enjoyed it. With the Graf Zeppelin I feel scammed out - that ship was not even fully outfitted when the "patch" came out. This is why I feel we should get 100% refund. Because the product we got is not what we paid for - even if used. If the developers wanted a "fresh start" they should publish a new game (this is not the same game we have been playing so long anyway). To keep their user base they could make a way of migrating from the old to the new game. When the "patch" drives away Fubar, Helmut, ASTOM from my fleet only (and possibly others that I have not seen for some time - but I'm not sure of the reasons) - good players and nice people that are with the game since the beginnings - only adds insult to injury.
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    So now many players have fleetless nations that they have no point to draw new ships and earn their debris, after the sudden and rude update. As a compromise, we shall let ships of other nations of that player share between nations. For example, there can be a new building called ‘Embassy’ whose upgrade can increase the number of ‘visiting ships’ borrow from other nations. This suggestion doesn’t only increase the number of usable ships of a player (so more ships found in HA), but also stimulate players to draw specific ship from other nations (eg, tier A/S xii, Shokaku or Vanguard), which mean more money making for devs.
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    Because of the emergence of the blueprint system, players have built many new ships. But this creates a dilemma: it is very difficult to find a ship in a shipyard. So I hope to add sorting function to the shipyard interface, which will provide a lot of convenience. Because of my limited English proficiency, I am afraid there is no way to fully express my opinion. So I made a picture to show my thoughts roughly.
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    I see no more need to have moderators in Navy field it's one of very few games that have mods. Every other game I've played have never had any chat moderators. Especially since the devs don't care about the older captains. The devs only care about the new captains. And they wonder why the older captains are abandoning navy field mobile. The devs should be focusing on balancing the great battles rather than adding new stuff to the game. New Captains are welcome but they should earn everything like the older captains did.
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    I believe what you're trying to say and I may be wrong... But this. Instead of having to scroll left or right through 100 different ships, make tabs like you have in the build ship page showing each ship class and starting with the highest DP. Simply press which class of ship you would like to choose and All Ships available to you would be displayed with the strongest to the weakest. Exactly like they have in the wof system. I agree this would make life so much easier... If I am understanding you correctly 😂😂😂. Just to let you know I am responding to this post via your Discord message. I think that makes five of us. 🤣🤣🤣
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    I'm highly considering walking away from Navy field mobile because of these latest dumb updates to the game. The ship tier system was a very bad idea The lottery system was a very bad idea The new chat system is very dumb idea Shall I continue with the stupid things that are making what was a good game a bad game
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    I think it goes without saying.... I WANT MY FLEET BACK! If this is not going to happen then navy field MUST notifying new players that only ONE nation is usable in the game's Dynamics and purchasing any more Nations than that is just a money grab on their part. 😑 I agree with everything you said Joe. And don't forget the CV with torpedoes 🤬. Nerfing reload times is critical.
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    Thanks that aeht for making detailed plan for my humble suggestion. And if the plan is actualised, here may I suggest: Top fleets can make an agreement that they will not pay to amupgrade ships to Tier S. Tier S ships are only used by those lucky players and very few of those high spenders. (Btw seems the differences between S and A tiers are not wide) We promote a healthy and sustainable game community that values tactics and skills rather than paying to win, and also we hope the game can sustain economically. So that the money we spend should aim to exploring the fun of the game, but not to overpowering others.
  35. 2 points
    And if the ship tier system must stay then all ship tier's should go into separate battles. It would also be nice if the lottery system goes away as well I'm tired of getting the same blueprints for ships I have already built. I used to really enjoy playing navy field mobile but now it's gotten to the point that older Captains are leaving because they're being ignored. I also don't think it's fair to the older captains that the newer captains don't have to work to unlock ships with this lottery system and get a higher level ship like the level 50 destroyer or level 80 battleship at a captains level of only 25
  36. 2 points
    The submarines should be reliant on battery power as an indicator for diving not air indicator
  37. 2 points
    https://discord.gg/ccuSStz That's the official Discord, mainly used for NF1 but NFM has a room as well.
  38. 2 points
    Wow.. you guys are fast! 🤣 My own thoughts at the moment but not in this much detail. Remember two sets of our ideas were sent to them, one by email and the other via messenger.... Both were ignored. 1) I have been asking for a tier system for months. Maybe I miscommunicated the purpose of this but it was not meant to be one tear is stronger than the next. I offered this suggestion to give the game more balance in battle as I feel this has always been navyfields weakness. As it stands right now if a BB 50 is on one team and a BB 120 is on the other the game considers this a fair contest as both teams have a battleship. This means you could have a 0 * Kongo (feel my grief) on one team and a mastered Queen Victoria on the other.... Fair game right? Throw into this mix the endless Bots and just stupid players and it could take you months gaining 1 Point per game. The tier system as I meant it would mean that only BB 50 (no matter what state of vetting) would be involved in a battle with another BB 50 (no matter what state of vetting). This would bring much more balanced to battles and make them more interesting and reliant on the players skills. Other games have done it why can't we? 2) Baldrick, Davmak, Helmut..... Your reputations speak for themselves, both as skilled captains and leaders in the community. I look at your list of suggestions and they are all so long..... Let's take a short step backwards. If Navy field had have concentrated on fixing the minor things. The little things that drove us nuts a year ago and never got fixed. Then perhaps these dramatic changes that have done nothing but rip off and cheat us all (I know I feel bad for that guy I saw in West Chat who said he just spent 5000 gold 2 days before the new patch came out😂) would not have been necessary. We all loved this game when we first installed it and I think just getting the quirks got out of it would have pleased us all. Now we look at endless lists of things we would like to see changed. They say the reply in Google Play Store about the game closing was due to their staff not having good English skills. What makes you think they can read this?
  39. 2 points
    Tie WoF and Online battles to tiers, not levels. Online Beginner: max tier E Online Expert: max tier C Great Battle: Unlimited Beginner WoF: max tier C Expert Wof: max tier B Master Wof: Unlimited
  40. 2 points
    Is there an official discord channel? If no, please make one. And also please expose all ships’ stats or let some devs help building the wikia.
  41. 2 points
    This is an excellent post. I will forward to devs to make sure info is correct and will post a version myself giving you full credit. I have also pinned and featured this post! Thank you for the hard work!
  42. 2 points
    Hope this game will be sold to another publisher that really knows how to run a game. The game dies not because of the lack of fun, but that the developer made all monthly subscriptions so expensive and unreachable.
  43. 2 points
    Totally agree research center should be useful not a BP warehouse Please add something to improve up our current ships otherwise levelling up is pointless. Revert this update immediately!!!!!
  44. 2 points
    Dear developers, Used to press enter instead of the "send" button to chat I am forced to rewrite my message as the enter no longer works (and I keep forgetting that every. single. message.). Please deal with this bug after you have fixed the ship balance, killed the lottery scheme, allowed our alt nation captains to join fleets and in general made the game playable and enjoyable again. Otherwise you will only be chatting to yourselves. Thanks, Baldrick
  45. 2 points
    Many players have already left and the exodus is going strong.
  46. 1 point
    Partly agree, except for the embassy part. (I'm really against any unnecessary complexity) 1st Italy and France on their own Nations - there is no need to parasite on others 2nd many fleets require and/or have recruitment fleets. legalise these fleets by making them official spin-offs (that cannot give/get wof points to mother fleet). Alt nations should be able to join any allied fleet (more than one nation per player in a fleet allowed without counting towards the 50 players cap).
  47. 1 point
    I had proposed some time ago to wipe HA from the game as a distracting mini-game within the game has no purpose. Apparently not many shared my view and forgot about it until now.
  48. 1 point
    That was very clever of your part, making a copy of the table into your own google drive, to replicate format and cell organization. I thank you very much for the information provided, and that was an excellent job indeed. About the values of the stock main gun (upgrade zero), I have edited the post to add some more information on how to obtain that piece of detail even if you had already maxed out the guns. Basically any detail of stock value can be obtained from the ship's info tab, except for torpedoes launchers Also due note that, as soon as your ship is built, you will have some green values on hull, sight range and AAW, because the novice crew already starts providing some minor bonus. (For example, the A BB UP41 has 51600 hull, while you see 54000. I know it is 51600 because I have acquired the blueprint recently, but not yet built it)
  49. 1 point
    And the funniest part is that the lone ship almost blew up everything by walking to the minefield and end up with 10% when garrison burned to the ground
  50. 1 point
    Hope they improve the game otherwise this is the beginning of the end for nfm