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  1. Dear NF captains, Lately I've been encountering a LOT of captains with inappropiate names. Please note that I will come down on those captains. Offending captains will be warned, if they don't chance the offending name they will be submitted for suspension. Don't be one of those captains! What exactly is an inappropiate name, you may ask? To prevent any discussion, here's some clear rules on naming: - Any reference to terrorists, war crimimals (including Nazi's) or criminal organisations is not allowed. - Any reference to people or organisations who have committed crimes against humanity is not allowed. - Offensive language in names is not allowed. - Spam in names is not allowed. - Insulting of other players in names is not allowed. - Racism, homophobia, negative stereotyping and suchlike are not allowed. - Explicit (sexual) language is not allowed. This list may be edited by moderators, so when in doubt please refer to the latest edition. The very best option you have: if you are in doubt whether or not a name is allowed, don't use the name. Thank you all very much for your cooperation. If you see players breaking above rules, please report them in game or PM a screenshot of the player's profile to a moderator.
  2. Have you tried reïnstalling the game? (only if you saved your profile to Google or Facebook, of course)
  3. Personally I'm all for bots. As said, they get the number of ships in a game up to a level where it's fun. A 5 vs 5 is too easily dominated by one powerful ship. +1 on the 'add ss/bb/cv bots'. Btw, those dd/cl bots will give you a proper challenge if you're in a cv, this is how you deal with them
  4. I received three boxes so far today: 1. 900 cpt cxp, 10k steel, 3 crew points 2. 3 gold, 700 fuel, 7k steel 3. See below, made me a happy man
  5. I can confirm that it's about the ratio. I think the counter resets along with the biweekly score counters. How I came to this conclusion: On a friday, just after reset, I was playing my cv. I won 7 battles in a row, after each one the counter for the achievement increased by 1 (I checked). After the 7th I lost, and it;s been showing that for a while now. I suspect that if I can get an 8-win streak after next reset it will increase again.
  6. Saw this strange sight this morning. How is this possible? It is a bug or a feature? Two ships of the same player in one battle on opposite teams.
  7. I think it's time to bring this topic back from the dead. I have three bees in my bonnet about the harbour assault system, two concerning submarines. Bee number one: stage one harbour assault, situation: both defender and attacker have a submarine The problem: when I attack a player who has a submarine in his defense, my submarine will automatically and directly turn to the right side of the screen. The defending sub meanwhile goes straight on and sticks my sub full of torpedo's. My sub will have turned by then, so it takes the full load in the side. Sub dead. It can't even fire back because of this stupid manoeuvre. This needs changing. Bee number two: stage two of the assault, no sub in game Say I arrive at the harbour without my submarine. If there are any defense weapons, especially mines, I'll lose my heavy line to them. My light line gets munched by the defense guns while all fire from my ships is directed towards the torpedo boats (which are too fast to hit with auto-aim). End of the story: my fleet doesn't stand a chance. If there are any different experiences, please do share them. Bee number three: stage two, sub in game Now there are two possibilities here. One: there is no sub net in front of the garrison. My sub sails in, everything blows up, victory! Two: there is a sub net. My sub runs against it and sinks. The rest of my fleet gets sunk as described above. Defeat. Basically I can tell at first glance whether I will win or lose the second stage of HA. Sub and no net = victory, no sub or sub with nets = defeat. Now that those bees are out, my suggestion to solve the problem is as follows: in recent HA tinkering, the problem has always been the second stage. It still doesn't work properly. So, why not remove the second stage of HA altogether, and let it all be decided in the first stage? After all, defenders have nothing to lose anymore, so the function of HA is, at least in my eyes, a bit of a ship showdown which gives you extra goodies. Which I like very much, only the second stage seems pointless and needlessly frustrating. Please do share your own experiences and tips/tactics/recommendations for harbour assault.
  8. I got one when playing CV in the recent CV madness after the update. I believe it's about win/lose ratio: for the first one you have to win two battles for every one you lose, that becomes 5 and then 10 for achievements 2 and 3. Unfortunately, there is no way to see what your current ratio is, or how it's calculated (hopefully based on the same reset counter that does the online ranking, if it's counted from the birth of your account you'd have a lot of catching up to do)
  9. It's a great toy to use against carriers as well. Mine (Tribal and Shimakaze) don't have manual AAW, but anything that flies too low is fishfood. Agree on the running around ships as well, especially the Shimakaze can sail around a bb faster than the bb can turn its guns
  10. Since last update I have a problem launching torpedos. It's happened to me multiple times in online battle, both on ss and dd, that launchers wouldn't work. One would fire a torpedo as usual, but then the others wouldn't and I had to wait for the working one to reload.
  11. Same problem here. Playing on android 7.