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  1. Well, I think you are right. Matchmaking needs to be fixed. But about asking new ships I am still asking for new CVs.
  2. These proposed CVs could be achievable somewhere between levels 100-120. The price would be maybe 3 000 000 steel or 3000-5000 gold (if premium). Here are some information for those who don't know about these ships: Shinano: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_aircraft_carrier_Shinano USS Midway: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Midway-class_aircraft_carrier HMS Malta: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Malta-class_aircraft_carrier De Grasse: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/German_aircraft_carrier_II Tsar is just fictional ship made up by the original NF1. Currently there are much more BBs than other ships so this upgrade would balance the situation. People could also decide whether to get 110-120 level BB or one of these new CVs.
  3. When new captains start their journey, what is their ultimate goal? It is of course 120 level battleship. All of us who are not yet at that level just dream about the ability to destroy a ship with just one shot. But that is the problem. Eventually there will be many more bb120 so it is impossible to survive as lower level ship (excluding high level CVs and SSs). This will drive new players away from the game as it is just too hard and as old players get bored there will be no one to play any more. Also, only a battleship should not be the ultimate goal, what if it is a heavy cruiser? The highest level CA that is possible to get is 41 level which means it just can not be that particular one. Solution is: make more 50-120 level DDs, CLs and CAs and 100-120 level CVs and SSs. These should be of course much tougher and an 100 level CL should have same chance of surviving as an 100 level BB if played right. At this moment there are more battleships than any other when there should be same amount of ships in every class. I hope this will change in the future.
  4. Why is the highest level Royal Navy submarine in this game from WWI era? Like there would have been so many other possibilities. Also it is just very bad SS for its level: it has lower hull and less torpedoes than the previous one. The planes that it has don't really make it any better.
  5. In the original Navy Field CV line doesn't stop to those carriers that are level 79 or 92 in this mobile version. It continues to even better, bigger and more badass CVs which should be implemented here. Here are my proposals for them. Japan: Shinano USA: Midway UK: Malta project Germany: De Grasse USSR: Tsar So please, dear NF Mobile, make this possible! I won't care if they are premium or not.