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  1. I got a single ship (the Emden - have to invest that gold I got). This purchase unlocked the "Be Cool! - Purchase # ships" achievement and got it in full. "The rich" achievement I also have got just by having >5k in the bank (got to save for the kaiser)
  2. Maybe I miss the point. I play the game to fight other players in naval battles, not complete achievements. In my view I got a lot of gold and xp out of the blue and I'm grateful for what I got, not feel sorry for what I can't because the achievements happened late in the game.
  3. I see you've got 3200 gold, so you're not "poor". You also have most premium ships. You don't have to do every achievement. Just pick your favourite ship and enjoy the game. Awaiting to meet you in the field.
  4. What I understand is: 1. You would like to have more options in gun/aircraft etc. for your ship setup so that you could fine tune a ship to your likes - long range, massive damage close by, etc. 2. You do not know how to turn caps lock off, use punctuation or make your text readable. My view is: 1. Some options are nice to have but as this is a game made for casual gamers, not gaming enthusiasts it should be kept simple, enjoyable and not requiring a huge micromanagement (you want to choose type of bombs loaded on planes? really?) 2. I struggled to read your message, I'm not sure I got your point of view, but I'm afraid to try and read it again.
  5. chat

    Same here. also it seems that it's not all messages that don't update after a while but random messages/people. It's funny to see replies to unseen messages. As you said, usually changing or reloading nation updates, but sometimes messages appear out of order
  6. chat

    I guess the developers/programmers have time to waste... I wonder what their "to do" list looks like.
  7. How is the local time that a comment is made supposed to be an improvement over the time elapsed since a comment was made? I found myself looking at the time several times just to check how long ago a comment was made and if it's still relevant. This is a chat system, not a forum or e-mail. Add to the above a bug... the chat window was not updating; I replied to a comment, made an other one, then the window updated. My reply appeared several comments later than the message it replied to and my comment was completely irrelevant at the point it appeared. I guess some people thought I was drunk yesterday...
  8. Haven't played yet, but I'm against it on principle. If it doesn't add anything to the game then it's useless. I'd rather see the lag problem eliminated (ok even reduced a bit), a new ship, better balance on the online battles, better AI for computer controlled ships, something done to encourage fleets to get wofing, naming problems eliminated... take your pick from the suggestions forum. I don't think any player ever asked for fireworks, camera shakes... what next? fading in and out of battles? some stupid fog? why not put some decorations like dolphins swimming around the ship; that would be nice (not). ____________________________________ Ok, I played. It's not nauseating bad, it's just a useless distraction. I think that I stopped noticing it altogether after some time. Since it does not add anything to the game (only complaints for an otherwise good patch), I still think it should be removed, or at least put the disable option there.
  9. Nice to hear it's fixed. Burke had a similar problem: his chats disappeared after a minute or so. I think someone tries to mute the leaders.
  10. Yesterday I quit after crashing mid battle 2-3 times. That is after I had some battles with lag 1000+. Don't know what the exact issue is but certainly looks like another (or a faster) server is required
  11. With the maps biased to favour defence, the wof system could revert to "always online" with the following restrictions: 1. Attack with no more players than defender has 2. Max ship level (for all) highest defender level 3. At last a pop-up screen before battle to select ship (crucial for defenders of unannounced attack)
  12. The update was not available in Play Store for some time. I was lucky to notice that, even though the game required 3.9.5, the latest update was 3.9.1 (the one currently installed). Maybe you had the same problem (I guess it shall be resolved by now)
  13. "Drama" will happen with any major change in the game mechanics, Especially a change that completely alters the WoF system. If it is done incrementally maybe the drama will be less - maybe start with 2h cap and slowly increase either time or points per time unit with each patch depending on reactions. Adding a wof daily task may also incentivise some players for more wof.
  14. After you are certain that you have a good connection (other apps work normally), several hours have passed to reduce the possibility of server downtime and the problem persists then If, and only if, you have your account saved in Google or Facebook try a clean installation of the game (uninstalling and reinstalling). If you haven't saved your account online then contact the developers. You might need to contact the developers anyway considering Thread: Lost your saved captain? Read me
  15. Ask him to send the e-mail from another account or if not possible to ask someone else to send the e-mail in his behalf. sometimes spam/junk filters filter out legit messages. Tell him to avoid special characters in the subject as well - a common red flag