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  1. Thanks Davmak and Altavilla for adding the info (and correcting the Yamato stats). It seems that with the huge damage, better range (except for H39) and brit armour Vanguard has a definite advantage.
  2. According to Mimoto's tables: Iowa 9x1920 = 17280 broadside damage at 2867 range, 1790 reload, 35850 Hull Yamato 9x2107 = 18963 9x1848 = 16632 broadside damage at 2865 range, 1766 reload, 35000 Hull H39* 8x1806 = 14448 broadside damage at 3242 range, 1740 reload, 34200 Hull Stalingrad: 12x1572 = 18864 broadside damage at 2888 range, 1858 reload, 34500 hull Vanguard: 12x1980 = 23760 broadside damage at 2692 range, 1790 reload, 34700 hull with 20-30% more damage per broadside you have to close distance quickly - then most German ships are short work (I have a vet lvl 100 battleship and I'm scared of Hoods and Ganguts getting in range - nevermind an Iowa of Yamato) * my ship, not in Mimoto's tables (if anyone reading can add Vanguard and Stalingrad stats please do)
  3. I have to agree with diddy: It will drive lower level players away faster as the top tier ship will be much further away. Now you can get top CL in a few days or a week and top CA soon after. If you get top tier to lvl 100 as you suggest... it took me more than a year to reach lvl 100 (can be much sooner with premium account and by playing more hours) There is place in Great battle for a CL or DD - escort. A BB with a good escort can and will win vs 2 stronger BBs, the reason is that gun range is much bigger than sight radius, thus if the scout planes are shot down the stronger BBs will have to fire blindly (I suggest CL/DD and not CA as it will also have to do anti-sub duty). In addition a BB firing at a (fast and manoeuvring) DD/CL at extreme range is wasting time that would be better spent killing a BB/CV (as it is very hard to hit at range). Proof of that is that you'll often see a CL in War of Fleets - where the prerequisite is veteran (often master) crew BB120, SS79/92, CV 79/92 You forgot offence/defence further diluting and splitting (the seemingly reducing number of) players. Only solution to this is to make players realise the value of their DD/CL and play them as they should - not as suicidal bots. and getting close to a BB to fire upon it with your DD/CL is suicidal (exception for the high range and tiny/fast Premium CL 18s and possibly DD50s). A CA is harder to find a place in a fleet. Best use is AAW escort for stronger units (and adding firepower), hunter/destroyer of CVs and weaker units - but lacking sonar and ASW is not as useful (in the extremely slim chance that a developer happens to read this: please DO NOT add ASW capabilities to CAs, it will make DDs/CLs obsolete).
  4. Could keep the ship's name and settings and delete the captain's name (or change it to "Mindless Bot"). When I see RedBaron in the battle I want to fight RedBaron not an AI. Note: nothing against RedBaron, name used just for example, could be anything.
  5. To the point it seems that the shells are guided if they can hit a manoeuvring XXI sailing at 40 knots (or DD at 55+) In auto aim it's very common for A turret shells to land one side of the target and B turret shells the other. It seems that turrets don't aim independently but as a group, thus being deadly in right angles and miss when alignment is not perfect. (No BB120 experience yet, speaking with H39/BB100 in mind)
  6. Fully agree on first point. I was actually happy to see RedBaron yesterday - a nice battle ahead i thought. Then another RedBaron appeared in the same battle... both sailing in a straight line, not bothered from heavy fire by my H39 No opinion on the second point. I don't do HA.
  7. The wof participation is something to be discussed with your fleet chief and leaders. We (Neptune's Inferno) generally have a call in fleet chat when we intend to setup a WoF and select players based on who is available and eager to participate (people often don't want, can't commit or suffer lag problems). I'm sure most fleets do the same or something similar. In the past it was suggested to have a "join WoF" announcement pop-up (much like the join online battle announcement) even when already in online battle or operations, HA etc. The ability to cancel participation in online battle is a prerequisite as long as the button pops up in front of chat or other buttons and gets inadvertently pushed.
  8. You get Pepsi sometimes
  9. submarines

    I think the problem here is if we want: a) semi accurate modelling of submarines or, b) submarines having a place in WWII naval battles we can pick a) OR b) as WWII subs were too slow submerged (7-10 kn, except the XXI that could do 17), one shot from (almost) any gun would prevent them to dive, were generally fragile*, periscope was needed (or at least used) for final attack, generally detectable (at close range), would *only* carry 12 (S-class) to 24 (Gato) torpedoes... During WWII a submarine would hide and pray if detected by any warship. On the other hand, pattern following (not straight line until fuel runs out) and acoustic homing (from 1943) torpedoes with magnetic triggers were used. Trying to make a realistic model of submarines would make them useless in the game. * Wikipedia "Ramming": On 29 January 1943, the Japanese submarine I-1 was rammed and wrecked by the New Zealand naval trawlers, Kiwi and Moa in shallow water at Kamimbo Bay, Guadalcanal, during Operation Ke. The submarine of 2,135 tons was much larger and more heavily armed than the minesweeping trawlers of 607 tons each. Of course many other things are not very realistic in-game to make it playable. e.g. CVs starting and restricted to fight in very close ranges, damage of shells (also hull strength, speed, turn rate) depending on crew experience, unrealistic speeds (50-60+ knots for DDs and CLs, 35-40+ for everything else), all ships within class and nation sharing same speeds (e.g Nelson and King George V, Colorado and Iowa), WWI battleships being stronger than WWII BBs (the 4 ships of the Izmail-Borodino class were scrapped in 1923/1931 as obsolete) __________ Wikipedia IJN I-1: On 29 January 1943 she encountered the New Zealand minesweepers, Kiwi and Moa. Unable to penetrate I-1's hull with their deck guns,[citation needed] the minesweepers rammed and chased her to shallow water, eventually driving her aground on the reef at Kamimbo Bay, Guadalcanal.[2][3] The wreck partially protrudes from the water. Kiwi and Moa had 4" guns. Submarine hulls were not that fragile after all.
  10. I prefer to think of it like a sinking ship. Still afloat but taking in waters uncontrollably (something like Musashi that, without sustaining any further damage, was trying -unsuccessfully- for 5-6 hours just to stay afloat) (Photo of Musashi from Wikipedia) I would say less (like 10%) rather than more - with a bit faster "reload", then reduce the cost to 5 or more for 10 gold. Fireworks I haven't thought about, maybe because I haven't run out of them in any ship yet (I don't think I would spend 10 gold for a reload though).
  11. True, looks like IJN BBs are weak (at least as far as BB50 and BB70 are concerned, didn't check further Mimoto's tables) I wondered as well about the M type's (RN SS92) but never checked how they modeled the 305mm gun. It's a shame they didn't give it some punch, especially considering the size and vulnerability of this sub on the surface.
  12. Nelson class was also armed with 24.5 in torpedoes, many other battleships and most heavy cruisers were also armed with torpedoes - usually of the "standard" 21in varieties. Battleships and cruisers also carried impressive AA guns (Yamato was re-fitted with 162 25mm AA guns in 1944/45 in addition to 30 5&6 inch guns and AA "Sanshiki" shells for her 18" guns). Trying to model all these in the game will result in completely useless DDs and CLs. ________ Edit: I'd rather see the Furious given the 18" guns that were designed and made for her, but never got them. (This won't unbalance the game as a CA with just 2 18" guns will still be severely outmatched by every battleship of the game - she will just be an oddball like kitakami or mogami'44)
  13. Then the difference between nations will become narrower, or all nation could build similar ships. I think the idea that USN is balanced, RN hard-hitting and well armoured, IJN fast (and unique ships), KM long range and Soviet (someone help here - I need to unlock Soviets and see myself) works well as different play-style/tactics are needed for each. Also giving a 9th slot won't work any better than 4 star crews do - paying or high scoring players (playing long hours each day) get an advantage over more casual players - this may alienate and eventually drive away the more casual players.
  14. also resources. and a chance to pirate the ship that transports them on the way arrggh
  15. I got a single ship (the Emden - have to invest that gold I got). This purchase unlocked the "Be Cool! - Purchase # ships" achievement and got it in full. "The rich" achievement I also have got just by having >5k in the bank (got to save for the kaiser)