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  1. Here are my new ships added to your list. As guns were upgraded, there is no data for 0 upgrades. Also hulls are best estimation to base hull
  2. Dear developers, Used to press enter instead of the "send" button to chat I am forced to rewrite my message as the enter no longer works (and I keep forgetting that every. single. message.). Please deal with this bug after you have fixed the ship balance, killed the lottery scheme, allowed our alt nation captains to join fleets and in general made the game playable and enjoyable again. Otherwise you will only be chatting to yourselves. Thanks, Baldrick
  3. Many players have already left and the exodus is going strong.
  4. Make sure you've removed them from both offensive (HA button at battle screen) and Harbour Defence (Ship with shield above round button at main screen). Then write to developers at and message them on the fb page. Do frequent reminders as they lose e-mails quite often.
  5. The whole "patch" is insulting to players who have been grinding the game a year and a half. My main nation is level 115. Just 5 more level to the Kaiser - a target that had me saving every bit of gold for more than a year. The next day the "patch" came to the game and my level 49 captain got an A tier Progetto UP41 at his 2nd draw of the lottery - a supership that can vaporise the Kaiser that was my holy grail for so long. In addition, this patch is discriminating players by luck. The draw to get the Progetto was just the second lottery play of that Nation, my main has done about 20 and best that got is a B Graf Zeppelin, C Tourville that might worth building and C Duca Degli Abruzzi that built (also got many other good ships including B tiers, but compared to Europa CV, Stresemann and type XXI don't look very appealing). Now imagine those two being different players - not Nations of the same player - how fair is that? Even for new players it is not fair. This exactly what I'm asking for. When I paid 3000 gold for the Stresemann, I paid a good sum of money for a ship that is close to the top ships of the game. when I paid 1500 for Graf Zeppelin II (that will forever sit with green crew in the harbour - premium ships cannot even be scrapped), I paid a good sum of money for one of the best CVs that can do expert WoF. The "patch" has depreciated these ships to maybe a tenth of their asking price (e.g. for 300 gold I might consider buying a Stresseman instead of relying on the lottery scheme - but 3000?). So yes, I feel robbed - even if I have already played and enjoyed it. With the Graf Zeppelin I feel scammed out - that ship was not even fully outfitted when the "patch" came out. This is why I feel we should get 100% refund. Because the product we got is not what we paid for - even if used. If the developers wanted a "fresh start" they should publish a new game (this is not the same game we have been playing so long anyway). To keep their user base they could make a way of migrating from the old to the new game. When the "patch" drives away Fubar, Helmut, ASTOM from my fleet only (and possibly others that I have not seen for some time - but I'm not sure of the reasons) - good players and nice people that are with the game since the beginnings - only adds insult to injury.
  6. No, just no. The game will never be the same... If we make a "Hall of Fame" Helmut's name will be somewhere at the top (THE top for me). Even if the game gets reborn from its ashes it will never be the same.
  7. Feel very sad to see you go ASTOM. I hope that if they ever fix it you will consider coming back. Otherwise I hope I'll see you in another game... Thanks for the good times.
  8. Historically many BBs had torpedoes (including the dreaded type 95 "Long Lance" and British 24,5") and they also had the most sophisticated and powerful AA guns with dedicated directors and radars. Also most subs only did 6-8 knots submerged and pre-dreadnoughts were obsolete in WWI, nevermind WWII. Do we want a historically accurate game or one where fun can be had in 10 minute battles? Sorry for being harsh and critical, I have a huge respect for you Gorskov (and many others), but I'm a firm supporter of keeping the game simple, fast paced and fun.
  9. wow
  10. Sent them an e-mail titled "Game Updates". Please copy, modify and send to the developers as you wish. Below is the full text:
  11. That is linked to 6. "Hidden" ships to be handed out on special terms e.g. steam pack bonus or as particularly difficult achievement award or combination of awards, for example BEASTS [1] & MASTER OF STEEL [2] combination. You're right but still not good enough. There are players that do not participate in wofs - should they get a cut? How about: one beginner wof win = 1 share, 1 expert wof win = 2 shares, 1 master = 3 shares? Then divide booty by shares and give each their due. Still a player should get booty from only one fleet, forfeiting his shares in other fleets (tbh I don't like it as it adds complexity) as a proud owner of a XXI I don't like it much either but spending the better part of the battle submerged AND being able to withstand a couple of broadsides (considering someone can hit a manoeuvring sub at 40knots) before critical health is a bit too much. An A or B tier XXI will be even worse [1] Build 4 Battleships [2] Sink 500 ships with your battleship
  12. By making the BBs vulnerable to SS and CV again - they need to be dependent on escorts to stay alive (point 1. of my post about ship balance) Letter to developers: Captains, if you think my previous post here should be made into an e-mail to the developers, please lets discuss the points to mutually agree on something. Thanks
  13. The problem now is how this can be fixed? Players have already won in the lottery superships and these cannot be taken back. My suggestion is: 1. Properly balance ships. Remove all mines/torps, AAW guns, sonars etc from BBs. Similarly other ships (bombers from subs? really?) BBs gun only - similar tiers should have similar balance of hull, armour, range, damage, no of guns, reload, secondary guns (with some nations having the edge in one of these - 7 stats, 7 nations) CAs fast guns with AAW option DDs/CLs fast ASW and AAW ships SSs silent hunters - nerf some oxygen, give some higher torpedo damage to higher tiers as now A tier BBs are unsinkable by subs CVs BB killers at range (supposing BBs are of BB size and speed - No Ammirragrio Di Saint Bon* unless reclassed as CA - with CA stats) 2. Italy and France as separate nations. Move all ships that players won in the lottery to new Nations. Tell them you're sorry you had to do that and give out gold (as you're used to do when you push unthought of changes) 3. As Italy and France have actually more ships than "old Nations" only show a similar number - keep the extras hidden. 4. Design some hidden extras for other "old" nations 5. Nerf the lottery scheme - no more debris - no blueprints. Give the higher tier ships as an upgrade option to already built ships - either as a refit 10-15 levels after the original build or as achievement 6. Give out the "hidden ships" as achievements or specials (like you did with Provence) 7. Allow players to join any fleet they wish with any of their Nations. Allow chiefs to see if their players are also active in other fleets - it is then their job to investigate and agree or kick a player 8. If wof between fleets where a player is active in both mark that player as unavailable to join wof to avoid gold farming 9. Fleet ranking gold bonus only from one fleet per player to avoid gold farming *for example
  14. It is really frustrating when you sacrifice your ship for the fleet to win and just lose... They really push the game to become a pissing contest between superships instead of fleet action.
  15. AI ships in GB and win conditions: Well, this happened in a GB. I'm in a CL in the capture zone, an allied DD is roaming about as AI ships do (in the capture zone) and the last enemy BB is racing to enter the capture zone and avoid losing on capture conditions. I embark on a one way mission to stop the BB from entering the zone spamming torpedoes to slow him down. I die but he is dead in the water outside the zone - the counter is running so a certain victory... NOPE, I LOST. At some point the developers must have put the victory conditions that the last living PLAYER wins. Right or wrong?