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  1. Yesterday (Admiral Joseph i think) suggested in global chat that active fleets should get some points just for that (being active). I am in support of this as it will allow for more War of fleets (wof). Suggestion 1: give points hourly to active fleets (eg. 1,2,3 points/hour to beginner,expert,master respectively) - as these are A LOT of points 24-72 daily, 336/1008 in 2 weeks, wof point win/loss per battle should be at least doubled (expecting more wofs) Suggestion 2: Players/Leader should be able to change ship until the last moment before the battle starts. At. e.g. the 30sec countdown every participating player should be taken to a war of fleets screen to pick their ship. Suggestion 3: Attacking fleet should not bring more ships than defending in battle (with lower limits 3,4,6 for beginner, expert, master)
  2. If giving personal details before trying the game is mandatory it would deter many players (I know wouldn't be here). Probably a little disclaimer in the Nation choose screen (where the Google and fb buttons are) will be better e.g. "Please login with G or fb to save game online"
  3. Lag

    I totally understand you. When I have similar problems I try resetting (closing and starting again) the game in the hope I'll connect to a faster (or less congested) server. Sometimes it works, sometimes I give up and try again much later.
  4. Seems like a connection error - when i get there i either move around to get better wifi (a modem reset might help - but if other things work e.g. Youtube is a good benchmark, smooth HD usually means good connection) or wait to see if it's server congestion.
  5. I'm also convinced that friendly fire is an issue with planes.
  6. Hunter became the hunted. Another game changing effect of the improved auto-aim i didn't realise.
  7. Since last update all guns upgrade statistics show gun range as 0. (primary and secondary guns, new and old ships).
  8. Although I'm mostly occupied with subs and CVs lately what I saw from the new aim is game-changing, but not for worse. Auto aim is now respectable to any range if the target does not change course (course change would throw manual aim off as well). This makes DDs & CLs life harder as they were pretty safe from BBs and CAs as long as they kept their distance, now they should swerve hard all the time as soon as they're in guns range. For BBs it's much easier - to the point I didn't bother with manual aim (the couple of times I played), just point to a target and concentrate on ship positioning and swerving to avoid getting hit. once a target is destroyed or moves out of range just switch targets. Ultimately this change makes it harder for light/fast ships that were pretty safe from long range artillery until last update and easier for the big gun ships as the gap between manual-aim and auto-aim efficiency is now (almost) nonexistent. Evidence: a DD (prob not a 50 or vet crew - possibly an AI boat) came in to chase my Europa (CV92). It was sunk by my 0-upgrades secondary battery before doing any serious damage.
  9. A not advertised feature of the game is that all tabs can be swiped away, so while annoying and in the wrong place you at least don't have to wait out the counter to continue what you're doing.
  10. Patch Notes for 3.7.8 9) Compensation for server down last weekend - 5 days Steam pack for all players.
  11. Latest from Mobile Navyfield fb page: Mobile Navyfield : We will rollback the space issue in naming.
  12. Latest from Mobile Navyfield fb page: Mobile Navyfield : We will rollback the space issue in naming.
  13. I consider that on average I make 10xp per battle (50%win 15xp, 50%lose variable xp). with 10 GBs daily it takes me a month and a half to vet a BB/SS/CV (happened with type IX D2, Bismark and XXI so far). Other than that - what 1diddy said. you have to stay in battle to get winning side xp. Rushing forward and dying within two minutes and leaving the battle will only get your crew 1-2 xp per battle.
  14. According to the Royal Navy the Hood was 262m/860ft. Bigger than Nelson (216m/710ft), King George V (227m/745ft) and Bismark (251m/823ft). At 42500t normal displacement was also heavier than Nelson and about the same with King George and Bismark. Source Wikipedia - Hood cross-checked with RN Archives
  15. Nelson had 16" guns. The 18" guns were to be installed on Furious in single turrets (2x2x1695 in game denoting twin turrets) before the project was cancelled (Furious was outfitted as aircraft carrier) and the guns were ultimately installed on monitors (coastal bombardment ships). Still the Furious is an interesting ship - and certainly powerful for lvl32