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  1. Best qualities for sub: - small size, tight turns (best for duelling other subs) - Many torp tubes (firepower. you want more bow than stern - stern is mostly useful when fighting other subs) - fast (catch up with targets) - a lot of oxygen (stay hidden longer) - strong hull (ability to take damage) German subs have most oxygen.Type XXI is the smallest with 10 tubes (6/4 bow stern basic, 6/6 tier B - don't know higher tiers) and good hull. Italian subs are all small, fast with plenty of tubes and good hulls. All of them. From the French, Aurore is good (Minerve, Requin & Sirene have fewer tubes, Sirene has weak hull, Surcouf is huge - I don't know anything about Redoutable). USN: Balao (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish), IJN: I-400 gets bombers from B tier and higher (but is huge) - also IJN has fastest ships, RN A type (premium, good hull, plenty tubes, small), SN K class (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish) Of course the higher tier the better - if you get any S or A tier sub just build it. Overall best sub of the game should be type XXI (KM) or one of the Italians (most likely Liuzzi - I can only compare B tiers that I have reseached, I presume A & S develop well)
  2. Table updated with C tier Zara and C tier Mogador. Anyone that finds the table useful and wants to help, please message Flint or me (or both) any ship's data that is not included. Thanks
  3. İngilizce'den Türkçe'ye Google çeviri (üzgünüm sadece Yunanca ve İngilizce konuşuyoruz): Her milletten en iyi destroyer seviye 50, maliyet 1000000 çelik En iyi CL, ne istediğinize bağlıdır, bazı iyi silahlar, bazı torplar, bazı AAW var. IJN (Japon Donanması) Kitakami, 10 torpido rampası ile öne çıkıyor Her milletin en ağır kruvazörü seviye 41, 1000000 çeliğe mal oluyor (hepsini inşa ettiğimden emin değilim) En İyi Savaş gemisi seviye 130, maliyet 3000000 çelik En iyi SS seviyesi 92/93, maliyeti 1500000, RN (İngiliz) hariç en iyi lvl 79, maliyeti 1200 altın En iyi CV seviyesi 120, 3000000 maliyeti Araştırmaya göre, daha iyi gemilerin mevcut olduğunu, ki bunlar zayıftan güçlüe "sıra" ile sıralanır: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Yapabileceğiniz en iyi DD, CL, CA, katmanı D, araştırma C alabilirsiniz Yapabileceğiniz en iyi SS, C, S Yapabileceğin en iyi özgeçmiş, BB, A, S'yi bulabilirsin. Original in English: Best Destroyer of each Nation is level 50, cost 1000000 steel Best CL, depends on what you want, some have good guns, some torps, some AAW. IJN (Japanese navy) Kitakami stands out with 10 torpedo launchers Best Heavy cruiser of each nation is level 41, cost around 1000000 steel (not sure I built them all) Best Battleship is level 130, cost 3000000 steel Best SS level 92/93, cost 1500000, except RN (British) that best is lvl 79 that costs 1200 gold Best CV level 120, cost 3000000 Note that by research better ships are available, that are ranked by "tier" from weak to strong: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Best DD, CL, CA you can build is tier D, by research can get C Best SS you can build is C, by research you can get S Best CV, BB you can build is A, by research you can get S
  4. Also you can message them at the facebook page of the game (if you use facebook)
  5. I like leaving a bunch of mines over a sub in deep dive. Good Idea, new suggestion made in Ethor's "What do you want for 2019?" thread.
  6. Make hedgehogs able to damage a sub in deep dive
  7. Some higher tier I-400 sub has bow, stern tubes plus 2 squads of planes. these were overlapping the dive button.
  8. The dive dial needs improvement (add slide control much like the speed dial instead of long push), The radar is only useful as a centre screen to ship button. I have suggested before and repeat again that they could bring radar functionality by plotting a green blob on the main map (beyond the visual range) as the radar scans around. It will not move and fade until the next scan but radar assisted manual aiming will become possible.
  9. Darn, I missed you in game. Goodbye, have a nice time with whatever you get get involved with next. I hope you will pop back in the game just to say hi every now and then.
  10. A tier Vanguard does not have torps or AAW either. Has some half useful automatic secondary guns (only good for wearing down DDs).
  11. Partly agree, except for the embassy part. (I'm really against any unnecessary complexity) 1st Italy and France on their own Nations - there is no need to parasite on others 2nd many fleets require and/or have recruitment fleets. legalise these fleets by making them official spin-offs (that cannot give/get wof points to mother fleet). Alt nations should be able to join any allied fleet (more than one nation per player in a fleet allowed without counting towards the 50 players cap).
  12. More people are needed to add stats, this is going too slow. Any captains that want to support the project please send in your ships stats.
  13. A moderator's job is to suppress insults and general insanity out of the E&W global chats by rendering silent the offenders for 24 hours. I don't see anything wrong with that - except the occasional abuse of mod powers (that you are well aware that can be kept in check).
  14. I'm feeling the embrace of the dark side and enjoy it. I've done (sane) researches (~60) of 50 -150 gold and max steel/oil each across 5 nations and built a tier B BB (which was fun at the start - when the battles were not thick with A & B BBs), several tier C CLs, 2 CAs and a DD which I enjoy playing a lot, a tier B SS that feels like a chore and 2 A tier BBs that are fun. Bottom line is I don't regret the time spent or resources (mainly ~3500 gold - which I don't miss as with the 1000 gold bonus and by doing campaigns and survival I had not done I'm just 500 gold short from what I started when the dreaded patch came in). The game could have been way better, but we have to go on with what we have (if we choose to go on). Even when the next update comes around with the 130/140 level ships I don't believe they will render all the A tiers obsolete, just that you will know what you will build beforehand and not the uncertainty of the lottery. PS. That I play the game as is and enjoy it, does not mean I have changed my heart. I still think that the lottery has to go, a tree to substitute it and Italy and France created.
  15. Without any motive to repopulate the harbour defence no one will bother (I haven't). Maybe the devs should default the best available ships for defence, or use the attacking fleet if there is one for defence as well.