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  1. Well I love those suicidal bots. At least my noob ship can kill some of them and get 6-8 crew xp...😋
  2. I don’t mind Provence is OP than other ships as it’s devs business. But what I mind is: it is too cheap compared to Gun 3 of the same ship. If the devs make Provence with Gun2 a monster, with Gun3 Provence should be a beast too. As such here is my suggestion: 1) Make the current Gun 2 (2 barrels) to be Gun 3, so one more slot is required. And make Gun 3 (4 barrels) to be Gun 2. 2) Shorten the reload of current Gun 3 (4 barrels) if damage is not buffed. Or 3) Increase the damage of current Gun 3. Bring us a shotgun ship that can torp. And hope there will be more types how Provence can be played. Make Provence more PLAYABLE and in Provence we own, cheers!
  3. Okay after the unusably weak Gun2 maybe it’s time to talk a bit about Gun2 upgrade..... All of us know that Gun 2 is evil and bugged, as it has simply the same the long range and short reload time of Montana, plus a even higher damage (2107, same as Mikawa). So how strong is Provence? In Expert match the maximum ship level is 79, so only BB 70 can be used. Provence has the same range and reload as Bismark Gun3 (which has been a very good gun choice in this level), and 1.3 times more damage than it. And it uses one SLOT less and has 5000 more hull (same as Sevastopol).
  4. First of all, I love Provence and I enjoy playing with it. I am not going to discuss the OP problem here. The only problem I face is that the game provides so little flexibility in tuning the ship. As we know, Provence is the first BB in NFM with Torpedo launcher. It will be a real fun to tune a BB with aggressive playstyle (like Nelson) and can torp at the same time. Gun 3 with FOUR barrels of Provence is really an interesting choice. (Think about a shotgun ship that can torp!) . However, the 8-slot-system disallow players to do so. It is impossible to give up speed and armour and let the ship attack at the frontline. And what’s more, the gun 3 of Provence is really weak. It has only 14080 damage for one salvo, and with her tiny shell damage (880 only) it shoots very weakly on ships with armour. It has range shorter than Nelson but longer reload than Izmail. No matter single damage or DPS gun 3 is really weak. And it take THREE holy slots in upgrade (making me untorpable!)! I can’t believe a gun upgrade with 1.4m steel cost can sxk in this way, especially when comparing to the cheaper choice: the OP gun 2... Many players (basically all except me) thus choose gun 2 with one less slot usage for more flexibility. Making a boring situation monotoned by all long-range Provence.....
  5. Only DD/CL/CA can play in Expert Online. Andrea Doria (and the god-condemning-unnecessarily-evil Provence) can be used in Online Beginner only (the Raid mode for beginners).
  6. Or an easier option: to nerf the evil Provence. Btw I think the game shall differentiate more the differences between each BB50 in all nations.
  7. I’m not going to give support to any side but being here to say: We play NF, chat and post in forum is for making friendship and for improving the game. Maturity and mutual respect are highly important to win respect form other players. Cheers and see you all in game:)
  8. You can downgrade engine, use the free slot in other way and use master crew to compensate the loss of speed.
  9. This is really true. It discourages players to train any low level ships as they consume same time and efforts. But on the other hand, if a GB which is full of either high level ships and DD50, it is also not a health one. There are joys to discover the beauty of each ships, but the game is blocking us from doing so. It is not about spending gold or not, but the cost of leveling ships is unproportuonally sensible now.
  10. The current ship tree for premium ships is unattractive, especially after the launch of Provence and new WoF system. Let’s see. BB60: They are actually not significantly stronger than BB50 and are obviously weaker than BB70. For example, Sevastopol and Bismark are nice ships, why need I pay 1200 gold for a ship that I can’t use for long? Sugggestion: 1) Return them to ship level 50 as an alternative choice for beginners; 2) Or Increase their hull so that they can compete with BB70. BB90: All of them have equal stats as BB100 but have about 10% less hull. This forces players to buy BB100 with steel instead of spending 1800 gold. Moreover, there are so many good ships in level 90’s (CV92 and SS92) to use. BB90 is totally unattractive. I know there are turn differ bonus for BB90, but again, if I need to spend more than USD14 to buy a BB90 (and it cannot be used in Expert match), why don’t I buy Steam Pack for Provence (a ship with Montana’s gun and able to torp, 2000 crew xp granted, and can be owning other BBs in Expert match)? It is a shame to many BB90’s great history. Suggestion: 1) Return then to ship level 75 (both BB90 and Provence are good ships to dominate in Expert match); 2) Or increase their hull and turn differ over BB100). 3) Or, if the devs will not change it, DO NOT BUY ANY SILLY BB90 as a boycott. BB110 and 120: Generally not much complaints, but under the secret maths of damage calculation some ships (Amagi and Project 24) are typically weaker than those with huge guns. Maybe devs can also review it.
  11. Also, BB90 becomes so unattractive now as it cannot be used in expert match and also get owned by other bb110/120 in master match. It would be nice to return them as BB75 (like before) so that they can be used in expert match (paying gold to counter Provence, good idea?). Or BB90 needs buff to match BB100 level (and slightly stronger should be). To conclude, the ladder of ships after LV50 should be reviewed. Perhaps I need to open a new thread to talk about it.
  12. Welcome to SV diddy. Yes the long training time discourage players to open a new ship. Many players now rushing their levels to 100 with DD50 but stop trying low level BB/SS/CV. I know devs want to earn money with players’ impatience in spending gold, but i’m Not sure why premium boat owners also need to suffer it.... Again, more sweets (crew xp bonus) for premium boats. Make gold spender happy.
  13. Ok after the storm I may again ask: Beside captain xp bonus, should gold ships also CREW XP bonus?
  14. Central bank for kits for players to allocate to different ships
  15. The system can set a ‘wof rating’ to replace the old zombie rating. The top 20 fleet members who play most wof games can receive rewards.