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  1. Shake cam is great. I like seeing light guns and aaw explode like nuclear bomb. (Just joking)
  2. Long time no see leaders! Since WoF is somehow boring now and would there be more colours in it? Let’s say putting the new OvD mode into WoF. The game rule can be like this: Fleets can choose whether become attacker or defender. Defender can firstly form their fleets and check into the WoF panel, then attacking fleets can choose one fleet to attack. It’ll be nice to see more vibrant choices of ships for anti-ss, mine clearing, scouting or else:)
  3. To protect consumers’ right to know, hidden stat like ship turning speed and accelerating speed should also be uncovered. I’m tired of leveling each ship and compare one-by-one.
  4. And Evidence 3: Torpedo boats in HA become vulnerable now:)
  5. Evidence 2: My K Class (2 stars) now often hunts down some DD and light gun with her dual guns on surface😍
  6. aim

    I agree with you Joseph. I tried my KM CA and found that the spreading of shells increase when using auto aim, that makes shells cannot fall on the set location. Adter change into manual aim, shells can hit on the expected point when I aimed at the same point as what auto aim did.
  7. Btw also some improvements in the new system: 1) Secondary Gun has higher accuracy (making German ships with long range sec gun stronger) 2) auto aaw is a bit over powered now. It can shoot planes in LOW ANGLE that my low flying torp planes cannot dodge.
  8. Well the old aiming system just simply aim on the ship’s head, no matter the distance and speed. The new system would aim a bit forward from the head in long range or aim at the ship’s body if in short distance or low speed. In my view I think this help a lot for aiming especially when i shoot ships in a right angle (Crossing the T). The only reason I think that the new aiming is worse is, because of the further distance of shells drop, ships can easier dodge the shells if thy turn and when being shot side-by-side.
  9. Really? I think the new update makes the auto aiming quite well.
  10. Hi devs, Since Captains below level 65 are not allowed to play HA (neither attack or defend), but in HA captains (of course higher than lv65) can still find those low level captain to attack. Please remove those captains from the drawing bank as the low level captains cannot upgrade defense building nor change the fleet setting now.
  11. Solutions: 1) Open another nations to let you play something during waiting time. As upgrading building is most important in game. 2) Collect oil from ‘supply box’ after victory. You have 50% to win supply box after victory and it is frequent to have oil.
  12. 1) Ans: Training crew member will not play in GB but can still earn crew xp. 2) Ans: For Harbour Assualt- a good way to farm steels and captain xp when your hands are not free. 3) Ans: Usually in close range shells will hit on belt and in long range shells in higher shooting angle will hit on deck. 4) Ans: Steel mill and oil refinery will stop their productions during upgrading. So reserve more oil before upgrade your oil refinery. 7) Ans: Long press the circle of ‘aaw’ and you can switch between auto and manual mode. 8) Ans: No until the maintainence is below 70% Maximum Hull and ship performance will drop to 75%.
  13. Good news! then back to the issue: should there be FREE renaming period since the last bugged patch?
  14. Oh shet seems I should get sad about that. i am clearly messed. OkayLetsTalkInThisWayInFuture
  15. What? The devs not only stop fixing the bug but to authorise it? - In naming for captain and ship, special characters and spacing are not allowed. So what’s going on those ships with HMS or USS? edit: Wrongly understand the case.