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  1. ship upgrades

    As I mentioned before there can be sub-type in each slot. Gun/ Sec. Gun: Type A can be shell damage enhanced but range compromised and Type B is vice versa. Engine: Type A is normal max. speed enhanced (but compromise OH performance) while Tyoe B is OH speed and duration enhanced but compromised in normal speed. Armour: Type A is armour (damage reduction) enhanced while Type B is max. hull enhanced. Enhancement can be in addition to nations’ granted advantages so for example, IJN can make super fast ship in extreme OH performance.
  2. You can play WoW if you want a balanced power between DD, CL/CA, BB and CV. Back to the question, there should be DD/CL/CA80 and beyond.
  3. Mogami 1944 is relatively weaker than other CA under the eight-slot system in NFM. To balance the needs on engine, armour and guns, it is almost impossible to invest more slots on aircrafts. If devs wanted to make hybrid carriers, they have to grant a good gun1 which is not advices to further upgrade. So more points can fall on crafts.
  4. Hi 007. Historically the strongest ship should be bb90 (Montana, Lion, H44, Soyuz and Super Yamato). However sadly the devs just made them a lighter version (with less hull but faster turning) of BB100. WWII was not last long and all bb110/120 are ther hisotitical reference to pre-wwii battleships.
  5. Stalingrad: 12x1572 = 18864 broadside damage at 2888 range, 1858 reload, 41400 hull (vetted) In my mind Iowa is far stronger than Stalingrad with her fast speed, good range and strong shell damage.
  6. Oh any screenshots Diddy?
  7. Dear devs, As a CV user I don’t mind to have such extreme wide perspective with my iPhone 8 Plus. But it may be somehow difficult for my SS and B.B. to aim. thanks for your notice! Davmak
  8. new system

    Yes and inbox private message too
  9. Give CV55 AAW also. We want a defensive ship for WoF!
  10. Hi Gorskov, Thanks for your point and this make me a new idea! I think nine-slot system cannot ultimately solve the problem of lacking customisation in ship layout. The nineth slot can make a super strong ship, but not ‘the ship in your design’. I may suggest that each level of equipment may have two version. For example, Amagi Engine 3A has better OH performance, while Engine 3B has better normal speed; Gun 3A has high shell damage but shorter range, and vice versa for Gun 3B; Armour 2A focus more on deck defence, while Armour 2B gives up some deck defence but has early belt armour..... We can thus make more choices in the same right-slot system.
  11. Market for selling crews and ships please
  12. Ok I wrote a suggestion about Fleet Offense and Defense mode. Perhaps it can save the game (rather than just giving us gold via new acheivements).
  13. So it’s a big project but will bring lots of fun. Defense: 1) Each fleet can fortify their fleet base with defence buildings (by using some kinds of new resource collected from online gb/raid). 2) Fleet members can also donate their ships to their base for defence (maybe 24 hours each time). Chief and leaders can always change the selection of ships (at maximum 10 ships). Offense: 1) Each fleet can form fleet raid to any fleet’s base (with maximum 2 to 4 times each day maybe) 2) Attacking team has to gain control of the area jut like the current O&D mode. Game mechanism: 1) If one fleet’s base being attacked, players currently online can control their (donated) ships (maybe within one or two minutes allowed, after the notification is sent) while others will be controlled by ai. 2) The winning fleet can score to achieve higher ranking (in Fleet O&D mode, but not WoF rank). And gold will be given of course after each round of Fleet O&D.
  14. So the new patch is updated, but yet in reality nothing has changed. The company actually acheived well in so many fields, but in many small areas there are flaws and this make the game is dying. It is not easy to build up a real time strategy game in mobile platform, but the matching system make the matches not funny. It is not easy to make realistic naval experience in game play, but the over-simplified 8-slot upgrade system limits the experience of ship customisation. (Why aren’t there some choices for guns, shells, torpedos and planes?) It is also not easy to build an active in-game society, but the current chat room system hinder us to have chat history, as well as having in-game friend list. It is not easy to have a group of players willing to spend gold, but at the end it’s only found that the gold can only be used in (very limited) new kinds of ships, and to shorten some (unnecessary) waiting time. And where is the marketing team? The last campaign I remember is the firework event in 1st anniversary, and there’s nothing more! The lack of ambition and longterm planning making every playing experience limited.
  15. suggestion

    This is a nice one I have to say