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  1. Hi. We are going to check and patch the server for about 30 minutes from 5 pm on Thursday, November 15th in Korea time. All Captains should apply the following features, which are updated via Game App Updates: Patch Contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------------- 1. HA improvement - Enemy search function (list format) - Improved UI (Improved to handle attack fleet and defense fleet in one screen, including defense log attack log button) - Battle Time Limit (If the battle is not over in the 2 minute time limit in 1 stage, the attack winner is judged) - In Stage 1 combat, the skill animation is output only once at the first time, and later, it is omitted in order to shorten the time. - Added stamina gauges for all defensive weapons in Stage 2 combat - For defensive fleets, you can earn gold depending on your defenses. (3 gold if you win in 1st stage, 1 gold at final win in 2 stages) - For a defensive fleet, you can acquire resources in defensive attacks and victory bonuses. If you use the defense fleet, you can get a lot of help in receiving resources. (Applying to current version) - (Applies to the next patch) The first harbor participant is automatically placed in the ship. 2. Add 130 Lv Battleship, 120 Lv Cargo - Battleship: Missouri MISSOURI Ryan II LION II Musashi MUSASHI Trifitz TIRPITZ Spiral SPIRAL - Carriage: Ticondero TICONDEROGA ADVENTUROUS ADVENTURUS JUICAKU ZUIKAKU HINDENBERG HINDENBURG Project 73 PROJECT_73 3. Add chat features - Added copy and paste function to chat in chat window. 4. Intermediate battle room level limit change - Up to 70 levels (battleship, carrier, submarine not available) 5. Correction of capitalist achievement error * The above schedule can be changed by the developer. Please enjoy your sailing.
  2. Hello all. Unfortunately google decided to delau our feature on the app syore. the double reward event will last until next Thursday seuol korea time. We will relaunch event November 15th. We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you enjoy the reward event until it is turned off. -ethor98
  3. Hello all. We recently received information about a possible suspicious account. We looked into the issue and discovered there were hackers. No personal information was collected. Just a keyboard warrier trying to prove himself. We have since patched the exploit and have banned all accounts associated with the hack. We have a 0 tolerance policy for exploits and hackers. We appreciate the feedback and reports! Thank you! -Navyfield Mobile Staff
  4. Like original nf? That would be fun.
  5. This is an excellent idea. I will post in our dev/mod chat.
  6. I relay all info to devs. And i live in the united states. So im pretty sure im qualified to read English.
  7. This is an excellent post. I will forward to devs to make sure info is correct and will post a version myself giving you full credit. I have also pinned and featured this post! Thank you for the hard work!
  8. Hello NF community. I recently saw a post in general discussion about seeing what the community wants. Now... I know there has been massive feedback on the recently added ship rolling system. Trust me. The devs do know. And are working to see what can be done. Moving on. What would you guys like to see from us in 2019? Anything big or small. Lets try to keep this as respectful as possible. We know people arent happy with some functions of the game. And yes we do listen to the community. We take the players opinions into high consideration when thinking of updates. So some rules on this post. Please do not double post. If you like the idea give it a green up or "like". If you like the concept but want to put your own "spin on it" quote it. No need to spam 5 posts of the same idea. Lets keep this post respectful. There's a difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Please be nice. We appreciate and value all feedback. So have fun!
  9. I do like this idea. I will discuss with lead devs
  10. Hello. This was a translation issue and is INCORRECT. we apologize for the confusion.
  11. Hello all! As Some of you may or may not know navyfield mobile will be hosted as a feature app on the google play store. We are super excited for Google to recognize our game. In celebration of this event, we are hosting a special event. All Prizes for in game battles will be doubled. Captain xp crew xp steel oil and even daily gold attendance. This is great way to stockpile those resources and get the new ships you have been wanting! This event will last for 2 weeks starting today 10/25/2018 and ending on 11/08/2018. We hope you all enjoy! Also, there was a reply posted by one of the devs stating that the game was not making enough money and we were shutting down on the google play store. This is false and was a translation issue. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused!
  12. I already discussed this with other players and have passed it onto our devs. Thank you!
  13. Well anything is possible. However you have to keep rolling to see if you get it. I got the alsace top tier on my first roll.
  14. Each ship is different. I will talk to devs to see if a price chart can be created for all ships and tiers.
  15. Hello! We hope you are all very excited about the new content coming to NFM. Below you will find a FAQ as created by Ibby. One of our mod and answered by one of our dev's Mr. Son. I will leave this thread unlocked,that way we can answer any questions that are not included. Thank you and see you in game!!! 1. Q: How can debris be obtained? Can it be produced? A:Debris can be obtained from Random box or exchange by gold (1 gold = 1 debris) 2. Q: What do the different letters (e, d, c, b, a, s) mean? A: different letters mean ship grade, E < D < C < B < A < S 3.Q: In the ship overview, the ships are clustered in groups with an amout of gold underneath. Is that a reward for researching them all? 3. A: Yes. reward for researching them all 5. Q: Are all French and Italian ships available to every nation? (I can’t seem to find the Richelieu anywhere, for example) A: Yes. French and Italian ships available to every nation 6. Q: Do the French battleships have AAW capability like in raid? Some grade BB has AAW 7. Q: The amount of blueprints shown (for example 19/20) are the limit of the amount of blueprints you can have (in this case 20). Correct? A: 19/80 means that I can have totally 80 blueprints and I already have 61 blueprints (remains 19 blueprints) 8. Q: Is it possible to obtain the same blueprint twice, thus getting a blueprint for a ship that you already have? A: Yes, it is possible to obtain the same blueprints but can build only once. And finally the real question... how many ships total will be in the game? The answer. Over 200. Yeah. That's a lot of ships!!!!!!!!