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  1. This is a good one folks!!!! 3.9.8 version will be released at next week! We will release 3.9.8 version for iOS & Android. Patch schedule will be next tuesday. Patch List ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Private message function added. 2. Chat interface is improved 3. Added refuel function for all ships at once 4. Screen shake effect added when a ship is sunk or a defensive weapon is destroyed 5. Add 10 seconds rule for offense team in offense/defense mode 6. Offense/defense map is modified slightly 7. Some crash issues are fixed. Thank you.
  2. Next patch plan (Coming Wednesday) Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.8.5 - Add Expert Raid mode for captain level 25 ~ 64. - With the addition of Expert Raid, Harbor Assautlt participation condition changes from 25 to 65 captain level. (The related data such as the defensive weapons are maintained.) - Auto gun fire is enhanced. - In naming for captain and ship, special characters and spacing are not allowed. And as always we thank you for your continued support!
  3. Hello alt! The devs have been informed. Thank you!
  4. Hello all! We just wanted to quickly update the mod team list. First of all I would like to personally congratulate and welcome Ibby and Neuner to the moderation team. They have successfully completed their probationary training. We also brought UN SinMaE (or ReFleX) in help with Korean moderation. If you feel that you can help contribute to the team and wish to apply for a moderation position please contact me in one of the following ways. 1.) The forum! 2.) Skype-thoreson010 3.) Discord-Ethor98#4522 And remember we are here to help you!
  5. Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
  6. The server is down
  7. E was my fleet banned or something? What's up


  8. Hello all! Down below is the list for the upcoming update 3.7.7- 1.) Add Raid mode 2.) Add function for auto and manual AAW by long touch like normal gun 3.) Add new effect for damaged ship 4.) Add function for changing Captain image (in Captain profile with 100 gold) 5.) Upgrade Auto AAW AI 6.) Add Rank in battle result And as always we thank you for your continued support! -ethor98
  9. I'm a huge cv player myself yeah I don't want that 😂
  10. As far as I'm aware the devs are adding a button that will disable or enabled automatic AA. Just like how the main guns are now.
  11. Hello everyone! Today is a special day for the navyfield mobile community. Today marks the 1 year anniversary in which the game was released. We have had our ups and downs as a community but I have high hopes for this awesome and unique game. We are planning some sort of event that either I or the devs will announce to celebrate. Again we thank you for your support over the year. Ethor98 Senior moderator
  12. Thank you all for the continued support of Navyfield Mobile. And a huge thanks to players like Neuner that help make the game better. He helped the German translation and also is in the works of being a moderator.
  13. Hello all. Just a notice that a new update will be available tomorrow for IOS/Android. Below is a following list of changes made. 1. change crew point to fuel 2. change probability supply box 3. AAW will fire automatically (AAW equipped, AAW button ON) 4. Aircraft DP increase 30% 5. AAW range decrease 20% for machine gun (NOT AAW gun) As always we thank you for the continued support of Navyfield Mobile. -ethor98 Senior Moderator
  14. Hello all. After much consideration and talking we have decided to roll back the crew training system to oil. We thank you for your consideration. -ethor98