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  1. It is a must and i demand that first destroyer must be more tougher and reliable. As captain level grows, that ship less and more less used until captain never touch that ship for it was useless and completely weak against powerful ship. Even in same tier and class. Make them useful again.
  2. I like the idea. Which reminds me warship game called. Naval Frontline Regia Marina game. Sadly that game dead.
  3. That shake somehow bothers me. It increase my panic level and distract me a lot. Causing me to make mistake. but after a while, i get used to it. But i agree what Baldrick said. It was useless. Add something that could be useful. Adding more ships would be great. (especially Japanese heavy cruiser.)
  4. Ah i already expecting this. Thank god neuner you are thinking straight. Yes i see in my suggestion. It will make the game a bit logic. But this will make a lot of player choose not to engage. AKA Coward (no harsh intended just to make it clear). Thus increase the duration of battle. Which many player dislike to wait. But im growing sick to repair huge ship. For the cost is so expensive. Its so expensive that even if you loss, steel you earn by sinking lot of ship almost will not cover all the expense.
  5. I've been play on Great Battles uncountable times. But i grow uneasy and this need to be change immediately. If your ship survive and win. No repairs needed. If your ship sunk. But is victory on your side. Upon return to port, you need to repair the ship. If you sunk, also loss, return to port, you fix your ship. If you loss but ship survived, return to port and need to repair. i see unbalanced here. Logically, even they lost but they should not suffer any damage since they do not sink. Thus the repair is no need. That is all. So i highly suggest that ship is defeated but not by sunk, by time out or zone captured will not be damage.
  6. Huh.. Ive been in this situation many times already. Most of the time it happens if you enter the game then it says you need to update then your phone system show you a list of option of browser and stores. Of course you pick stores. Then after update, it keep saying unable to connect to server even your internet connection is fine. No matter how many time you re enter How i solve the problem? I simply Uninstalled it then download once more then installed it. Works fine to me. But before doing this, make sure you have your account save. If not, sayonara seawitch!
  7. good point. But still this idea need to be inspect very carefully. Even how trivial it may seem, small matter can be huge problem. Dont want another "drama" happened.
  8. will it be enough to encourage them to "come out from the shadow" and do more wof?
  9. agree. because i experience it.
  10. it needs to be fixed as soon as possible.
  11. aim

    yep i see that now. hope dev do something about it. i annoyed by that too
  12. gun fix

    Prince of wales (King George V class) Looks more like a Lion than Prince of wales. As you can see, Prince of wales and Lion are almost look the same, what separates them is their guns. Its a disgraced if prince of wales gun is not a quadruple gun.
  13. aim

    Actually the aim is already accurate. The aim configuration is according to ships speed. The only problem i saw is: since i play this game. I saw the shell only travels forward. Straight in line. In reality, its spreading. Even you shoot at enemy ship in straight line, for example: lets say that all the turret aim at the enemy ship bridge. When fired, you expect it to hit directly at the bridge but unfortunately the shell is spreading to different direction. Some shells did hit the bridge but some hit at turret, smokestack, deck armor, belt armor, aft bridge and aft turret. Long story short. Even every ship guns is accurate as they claim, still shot like a shotgun.
  14. Billion curse of the dev! Like diddy said, "WORD REQUIRE SPACE"!! Maybe The moderators "Korean" language and ALPHABET Doesnt need space but HELLO!!!!! YOU WANT THIS GAME INTERNATIONALLY!!??? I will consider to quit this game! Im on riot! Until this game had a "space" for naming, i will not play this game! So long Destroyers of GAME!
  15. A Collector congrats!