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  1. i did not see any HMS Sirius on shipyard. But adventurous and lion II are available.
  2. interface

    I really agree to this suggestion. For you see. It does really hard to look around for your ship when you had to much ship. Not to forget, if you build a new ship. It wouldn't be in order. Its a complete mess.
  3. Im just gonna add this here. Not expect to be taken, but at least it would give a great idea. (or more worse) I know this game in the first place were not logic at all. But at least make it a bit real. Yes some battleship does had torpedo and almost all (probably all) has flak and heavy anti air gun. AAW in this case. In order to implement almost all ship with AAW, AAW damage need to be reduce. To make it more effective for escorting, CA can be a main Air cover. Not effected by AAW damage reduce. CL got half of the AAW Damage. For not all CA (and CL) can defeat BB alone or even two. DD Are main ASW and BB are Firepower. CV (of course) are BB killer. Now for BB that has torpedoes, yes they can. But absolutely no sonar. I never heard a BB carry such a thing. For the Carrier, all my LIFE. But if its correct according to history, i cannot reject it. BB can and only have a torpedo, but will never upgrade or change to a hedgehog (that's DD weapon for crying out loud!) The upgrade will never showed up on upgrade section. It will be fixed. I'll explain how torpedo works on specific battleship. (but not all for i know few. Up to you to look on Wikipedia) Nelson has two torpedo tubes on the bow, submerge. Like submarine, his torpedo path is fixed and cannot be turned even for a slight. Only one torpedo per tube. Range of torpedo is almost short. Higher than SS but shorter than the destroyer Torpedo range. Battlecruiser Hood had at least six torpedo tubes if im not wrong. Three on each broadside. Same fixed, unmovable. Tirpitz has above-water torpedo tubes were installed in two quadruple mounts, one mount on each side of the ship. Can turn. But in order to balance the damage, (BB already had a powerful gun so it would be slightly overpowered. No captain wants to be sink faster right?) BB torpedo damage must be low as the DD torpedoes. For torpedo reload time, lets just agree to make it reload more longer. Avoiding spamming. That's what i have on my mind. But one more thought. If BB is going to have a torpedo, then CA has to. Well, for balance. Thank you.
  4. This is a very depressing...... Lost another Ace captains... I may not be ace or veteran in this game like all of you great captains. As far as i remember (actually i can't remember at all so i just tell it very roughly) i only enter this game in the beginning of the end. I play this game for obvious reason, i like warship, and no game i found is fitting, and once i play im devoted to it. First time i played this game it fascinate me for somehow it was fun and can hold up for long time. (for it still under development and the community here is ALIVE) Have a rough start but i eventually meet some friends, make allies even to my enemies and join a fleet. (i have to admit that before i join bosses recruitment fleet i was at someone's fleet but at short time they kick me out as soon as their leader found out i was "fresh meat" and a "idiot clown") But Joining Bosses is a blessing for me. Ever since that i never join any fleet despite they kick me out and rejoin them later. (for long time inactive reason. For me that is acceptable) as i progress to this game, issue occurs. But i continue on despite devs bad decision. For i still have hope for this game. I give suggestion to dev so they can improved the game more better. But dev did not listen... Some captains come and go.... But when Altavilla gone... Honestly its deeply affected me.. For Alta is the one who accept me and teach me a lot of things about ships and tactics. I deeply respect Alta as a leader and a teacher. I frequently inactive for loss interest to play for that reason. But i keep returning for i got friends here and fleet that are counting on me. I do not want to disappoint them. But now, slowly dev destroy their own game. I losing my interest even more. I hate to leave this game for this is the last line of good warship game i ever found. (i know there's a lot better warship game out there but im a poor guy that can only buy low cost smartphone so not all game can be played ) Before i even join this game, i used to play Naval Frontline: Regia marina. Still under development (Very good game). Im an expert there and i did waste a good money there. But when dev announce to ABANDON the game, i absolutley devastated! I stay a while but then i leave for good. Closed my chapter there..... Im still sad about that. Now the fatal mistake. I spent money here before see the problem that player here faced. Captains did warn me not to spent at all but it came to late. I slowly see that this game will be alive for long time (i doubt it) but the community slowly dies.. And more bots replace the missing player. Wheres the fun of it? "Hang in there". That is the state that i in right now. But if Gorskov, Aeth, Helmut and etc or anyone of you, decide to leave. I'll be extremely sad to see you go. But i understand and deeply respect your decision. But i also already decide to leave this game for good. For i can't take it anymore either. I don't know when . But when i do, i will never return. To much sadness here. This game suppose (used) to be fun and enjoyable. But instead this game only give me misery, depression and total betrayal.
  5. Okay adding new ship is good but why not on their own nation? Italian does join axis but not as one with Germany. France does divide into two, some fight for allies and some for German. But they deserve to be as a nation. What most i don't like is the blueprint. Not actually the blueprint but the system. Its already hard to obtain debris. Not to forget that i only demand UK tier ship on my UK nation and i have to waste almost all of my resource to get only few UK tiered ship.. With Italian and France had Enough ships in the navy why not have their nation!? Its enough that Italian and french ship blocking my opportunity to obtain UK ship, but now we have to work very hard to obtain debris and when enough, we don't get what we want... To be honest, im sick with it. Said that the "Lottery" is fixed. But i still got stupid REPEATS! I waste all the gold, and the debris they gave us for "Free" But got garbage. At least the introduction of their own nation will give me some lift from the burden. I've slowly lost my interest to play for the effort i gave never gets good return that i expected... Developers. If you reading this, i DEMAND THAT ITALIAN AND FRANCE GOT THEIR OWN NATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you.
  6. I think i know that... Provence sister or cousin... Probably.. And yes. Insanely Over Powered. But today i somehow encountered a special SS. Probably an I400. Super sub. Have capability to launch three torpedo planes. And rear launch torpedo. Sorry no screenshot.
  7. Slowly ruins us... Sad sad indeed....
  8. It is a must and i demand that first destroyer must be more tougher and reliable. As captain level grows, that ship less and more less used until captain never touch that ship for it was useless and completely weak against powerful ship. Even in same tier and class. Make them useful again.
  9. I like the idea. Which reminds me warship game called. Naval Frontline Regia Marina game. Sadly that game dead.
  10. That shake somehow bothers me. It increase my panic level and distract me a lot. Causing me to make mistake. but after a while, i get used to it. But i agree what Baldrick said. It was useless. Add something that could be useful. Adding more ships would be great. (especially Japanese heavy cruiser.)
  11. Ah i already expecting this. Thank god neuner you are thinking straight. Yes i see in my suggestion. It will make the game a bit logic. But this will make a lot of player choose not to engage. AKA Coward (no harsh intended just to make it clear). Thus increase the duration of battle. Which many player dislike to wait. But im growing sick to repair huge ship. For the cost is so expensive. Its so expensive that even if you loss, steel you earn by sinking lot of ship almost will not cover all the expense.
  12. I've been play on Great Battles uncountable times. But i grow uneasy and this need to be change immediately. If your ship survive and win. No repairs needed. If your ship sunk. But is victory on your side. Upon return to port, you need to repair the ship. If you sunk, also loss, return to port, you fix your ship. If you loss but ship survived, return to port and need to repair. i see unbalanced here. Logically, even they lost but they should not suffer any damage since they do not sink. Thus the repair is no need. That is all. So i highly suggest that ship is defeated but not by sunk, by time out or zone captured will not be damage.
  13. Huh.. Ive been in this situation many times already. Most of the time it happens if you enter the game then it says you need to update then your phone system show you a list of option of browser and stores. Of course you pick stores. Then after update, it keep saying unable to connect to server even your internet connection is fine. No matter how many time you re enter How i solve the problem? I simply Uninstalled it then download once more then installed it. Works fine to me. But before doing this, make sure you have your account save. If not, sayonara seawitch!
  14. good point. But still this idea need to be inspect very carefully. Even how trivial it may seem, small matter can be huge problem. Dont want another "drama" happened.
  15. will it be enough to encourage them to "come out from the shadow" and do more wof?