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  1. Here it is again .... I don't have Riley's cussing insult screen but I do have the typo Capt Mac was banned for this guy has no business being a mod period..... F it I'll donate 50 bucks if you guys unmod him because he is running the game for people......
  2. The thing I like about this idea is it will make ships unique from any other ....... You want to pay you can have a fully upgraded with every modual....... With that said you should also have a way that's extremely hard to receive mods without money also..... Or will make game unbalanced.
  3. Thank you for your response...
  4. I asked him if he was retarded. In my mind he is retarded, Fact of the matter is I'm a paying client, insulting a man that insulted me shouldn't be banable....... Or we both get banned..... But because he was in libby fleet he saw no reprocussion so if I was a mod I could just ban people rite away for no reason and theirs no reprocussion .........Tnf shouldn't be in a fleet other than their own period........ Otherwise this favoritism will continue......
  5. I was just chat banned for calling a player with an inappropriate name a moron because he always has something negative about me literally says things purpously to get under my skin..... He insulted me I responded and got a chat ban...... Sir Libby thanks ..... Didn't say a word to him about nothing....... His name is transformuranus ...... That name is ok to said mod because he never told him to change it..... I have officer in my fleet with the name hitul8er he told him to change his name and it doesn't break rules........ It's ok from now on I will screen shot mod injustice..... Chat ban me for responding and don't ban him....... Great work....Forgot to mention their both in the same fleet......
  6. Weather your a novice and want to build your CV or a Savage beast mode dominant carrier with chop suey fighters we need you. Our fleet is active. Thank you
  7. Didn't look at that lol..... Did North Korea kill South Korea?
  8. E was my fleet banned or something? What's up


  9. Hello someone respond?
  10. My fleet is on discord and can't get on and there's absolutely nothing saying the server is going to be shut down........
  11. Love the fleet bank idea for sure.....
  12. Would like to see an event like the movie battleship
  13. Here's a fix add button to release torps or bombs ......... And no autonomous control of planes?