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  1. thanks Diddy for the usual inexhaustible commitment, this clarification is very important Greeting all
  2. and another for "classic easy" map, bye bye👋👋
  3. Greetings at All, we continue the "mapping work"🙂, this time are minefields well known by Raid's players, but this can be useful for novice players, thanx again Helmut, Martyn and all others (poor) players involved despite of themselves 😖, sorry🙂
  4. First of all Greetings Dav (we miss you in game), Baldrick and 007 (License to "sink" ); all good arguments and interesting setting (Baldrick), for my part I would add only this to the Mogami44, or an Airplane officer is added or the squadrons are reduced to only 3 planes, now the times for the launch of the combat aircraft are biblical (as a 0-star CV I think), in fact the Mogami is almost unusable, only as air cover because the fighters launch time is accetable
  5. Hello Mates, another help for Raid,(thanx Helmut again ), it is for "Semi-Easy" map, lol, greetings at all
  6. Greetings to all, as promised to Diddy I try to post help to go into the minefields south of the Bermuda map, for this job where to thank Helmut's effort mainly (great as usual) and his very fast CL, thanks to Baldrick for the central passage in the "easy" maps , unfortunatly no image for this but is one little passage over 3th guns , working again on this (I hope that the DEVs will not get angry if we discover their work, to this you need an active comunity ), sorry for my English and for the quality of the image
  7. First of all I am very happy to see Altavilla even if only in the forum, Greetings Alta, Black, Dav,Baldrick and Diddy of course (but we see each other in the game), and Greetings to all, personally I LOVE the Vanguard (my Cpt Philip Vian was the real captain of the real Vanguard ^^ actually Sir Philip Vian ), but I think Altavilla (despite its immense knowledge) has forgotten the formidable BB110 Duke of Edimburg, so the Vanguard has "only" the third fire boardside of the game 1980x12 (23700),Duke 2700x9 (24300) and QV 2800x9 (25200), i no have Duke so waiting to confirmation
  8. Greetings to all, I would like to report the problems of frequently "crash" in HA, especially if you use the "next player" button, it happened to me and to other players after patch v4.1.2 Wednesday, July 18th; for me personally happen in any country I use and with any type of ships were in my the attack fleet, as usual excuse me for my bad English
  9. Hi to all, I have condensed two simple arguments not to flood the forum with many posts, sorry if I'm wrong; 1 ° point, I think it would be very simple for the developers to make sure that the "bot" ships were clear to the players (for example a * on the name of the player or the ship or a slight shade of color), the reasons for this need two, knowing that that particular ship is driven (bad) by an "AI" would save the reputation of correct and skilled players whose ships are routinely used by the game system (like poor Maetel and RedBaron as we can see every day, Hi Maetel and Red ^^) and also many real and human players some times are in "grinding", that is, they look like bots but they are not, so you aim an easy target but in the last moment turns out to be a real tough opponent, (like a ambush of an Q ship, hehehe), i would always know who I should fight against. 2nd point, we all lose precious minutes (up to an hour if a player has many nations) in the profitable but boring activities of the HA (Harbor Assault). I am very grateful for the efforts of the developers, in the "modern" HA you can easily earn many resources and many experience points for our Captain but, since we lose our time that we can not use in GBs (where there is always a minimum gain of crew exp.) i think it would be fair to have a minimum income (1 point if you win the first stage, 2 points if you win the second stage) also of crew exp points for the ships that are used. just my personal opinion but in game chat many players wrote this in the past
  10. Hello Diddy, Hello Baldrick, Hello everyone; absolutely agree with Diddy, personally I prefer the defense / offense because they make it seem that this game makes sense , instead of the simple destruction in the normal GBs, (imho, of course); but I would like to know what situation I have to face in order to try to have the right ship; btw, the famous Atlanta's drink is my little secret for the many hours spent on NFM (and a few cup of coffee also naturally)
  11. Greetings players and Developers, another crucial issue on the "infamous" WoF System, the obligatory participation in WoF's Battles seems to lead to unpleasant and continuous discussions for games or operations brutally interrupted, at least in my personal experience, I understand the intentions of DEVs were good implementing the obligatory, the problem is all of us players, most of us perceive the WoF's battles as annoying and useless parenthesis from the real game, not the final purpose that in reality should be, however I would prefer to be in battle alone (as happened before ) rather than arguing continuously for every single Wof (imho), I am mainly here to ask for other opinions or experiences, go go go NFM's Mates, the Wof MUST be improved for the salvation of game
  12. submarines

    Greetings to everyone, who knows me in the game knows that I'm not a big fan of submarines and certainly I'm not a great player with them (the worst player on SS of the entire game copright by Ena LOL , btw Ena returns to show you more often, pls) but in the last few months I have started to use the SS again and I have to admit that they are very very funny (except for the IJN SS all in front, they needof real good player for have some success probabily inSS duel, i think) but I agree in some form of power reduction as in these proposals, I allow myself to remind all of you (and the developers) that in wartime WWII Era (and to a lesser extent even in our times) the SSs were very fragile machines, they were afraid of the shots of the machine guns 0.30 /.050, in this game they resist 2/3 full fireboard salvo of almost any BBS (if master in repair) and their detection's system were primordial in immersion (in the first wartime years many attack were conducted in surface for this problem); return on my old idea, presented months ago related to a Room for surface ships only (DD, CL, CA, BB), only Guns's Room with reduced reward compared to normal GBs (like a sort of Expert Room) , i think that we could to see very funny Artillery's duels (i immediatly pressed for un objection, yes, Mogami44 should be admitted, imho ) greetings and excuse me for my logorrhoea
  13. Hello at all, im in suggestion frenzy maybe this suggestion is more useful to the business of developers, so I turn to them, I mainly use small ships, maximum CA because I think I have more fun, the problem is enough just a few shots taken at the beginning of the game because the ship becomes unserviceable , if the repair kit restores 33% instead of 25% personally I would be more inclined to use it and consequently to BUY it ; I am aware that this would also help the immense stronger ships, but they are so strong all the same yet. PS another request about fireworks, I personally like them a lot especially if used to greet friends but now after months since the anniversary does not make much sense, it would be better to remove them or put them for free or lower the cost to 5 gold minimum,
  14. new system

    Hello Vlad. Hello Dav Great Idea!!! even if I am a little worried and scared, many of my friends are above level 120 (like Dav ^^), I do not know if I want to fight against them all the time LOL
  15. Re-Hello Baldrick the case of M type SS is scandalous, if i not wrong it have one only gun with around 400/500 damage on not veteran target (i test it in Operation transports), SS90 K in SN have 2 of those guns and have more hull, so the huge size is a bit justified, but worst of all is that the SS90 RN is the ONLY UK SS that have 4 bow's torps (4+4) SS55 have 6+2, SS68 have 6+2 and SS79 have 6+4 and 15k hull vs 11K, all this make this poor ship without worth (imho), the only solution was give it the 305mm gun for one sort of SS/Cruiser like the French Surcouf, i know that the gun was removed and not really using in wartime, but many ships in this game are only projects or incomplete build program, in this case the ship had been in fact built and only subsequently was removed the gun for treaty fault, the 305mm gun in M type SS have more legitimacy of many many entire ships in my lovable SN