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  1. Greetings to all, I think I found a bug in the management of skills for the BB StrasBourg "B" grade, as shown in the images there is no upgrade to the FCS (which exists in the "C") and the related screen does not allows you to have no information or use, while we are on the subject I also remember the inexplicable lack of any "ability" in the "national" BBs B grade, neither the Vanguard nor the H39 have AAW or Torps, I think (and hope) it's a bug, not a choice πŸ€”
  2. Hello at ALL from "Dark Side" (copyright by Diddy πŸ™‚πŸ‘‹) once again I renew my appeal to all the players, please fill the defense fleets, there is no excuse, all of us (except Diddy, the "hard and pure" πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜‰), have many new ships from Research/Lottery, just putting large ships without skills or experience to favor the other players, is a mutual aid, the only way to easily gather, imho, greetings πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
  3. I am a poor guy semi-illiterate but I have a great passion for the Naval Military History so I allow myself to give suggestions to try to improve this game with many potentials: (1) the crew already veteran should be able to move on the new ship of the same type (with a gold cost of at least 1000/2000 leaving the player the possibility to choose); (2) as I try to repeat for months we need more rooms, some easier for the "vetting" of new ships (regardless of the levels of the players who now no longer have any value) some without SS or CV; (3) No BBs or CVs should have torpedoes and (4) all BBs and CVs should have AAW (@Baldrick, Hello, one of the BB's duty in the US Task Force was the AAW protection for CVs because of the huge volume of fire); (5) some CAs but not everyone should keep the torpedoes; (6) SS should be "nerfing" (oh oh, now Helmut hate me ^^) both in speed and in resistance, I think many players are tired of SS master who attack with impunity on the surface, basically the SS was a very fragile,delicate and very slow machine in the real WWII; (7) in these times there is a real abuse in the use of kits of smoke and repair by some players, my proposal is that at least the smoke is recoverable with resources to try to balance the game (like 100.000 steel+10.000 fuel= 5 smokes); (8) think it is necessary the "nerfing" of some new BB (Bretagne and Lorraine mainly) absurdly OP (I do not speak for envy because I have both ^^, just for justice); (9) the reward of GBs for the crew experience should pass at least 20 per battle and compared to the damage inflicted on 1x5000 basis (or in other proportion, of course) this would invoke lazy players (like me) to get more involved in battles instead of launching the ship and doing something else (i read, others watch movies while playingπŸ˜‰, sad, incorrect but true) in addition to these 9 points, I share many of the ideas of Baldrick, Paulus and Polina, more I ask, as always, the recovery of multiple fleets per account (I have already demonstrated how this rule does not stop neither "boosting" nor " spying "both easily implemented even now, this rule has only penalized the old players) and I would have two other generic tips, the removal of the fireworks button icon (remember many players use a" small "cell phone, the less stuff there is better) and a different visualization of the ships in port, by now that all these new ships scroll up to find the right one is already this a game in the gameπŸ™‚. greetings at all
  4. hahahaha πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„, Hello Diddy and Hello Miss A πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
  5. Greetings to all, as you already know my English is weak, I do not have clear the situation in the answer I take the contradictions, just to know we are in" the last days of Pompeii", or there is a future for this game ???πŸ€”πŸ€”, I still different thousands of gold, in case I would like to consume them before the end πŸ™‚πŸ™‚
  6. greetings to all, not modestly I think I am an easygoing and quiet person but now I'm really tired both of this game and the modes of communication (absent) between the Team of developers and this Forum and consequently with us players, here we are before another umpteenth patch not announced, not agreed, not discussed, ....., never once our suggestions are accepted !, at the moment I do not know the content of the patch yet, I noticed that the HA changes again and than is granted (inexplicably for me) a further 30% of damage to the torps planes of CV "A" 2 "S" ??, no comment on any improvements in the chat until i see, maybe this patch will improve the game (objectively we can not say the opposite "a priori") but it is this system so arbitrary and arrogant that context, for once you can hear the suggestions of those us who keep alive this game for 18 months !!😀😀, please Team read and follow (if possible) the Baldrick's suggestionsπŸ‘ PS, for one time my apologies Team, seems that you follow just one suggest about increase debris reward in daily questsπŸ‘πŸ‘, remain the trouble for way of communication between us, imho
  7. Hello everyone, another sad day for this game;πŸ˜– those like me who do not know the wonderful language of Astom I try to translate, "Greetings to you, I deleted my profile in the game and I can no longer play, then say goodbye ....", great result, yet another triumph for the newly released patch, the list of the "fallen" is still longer, I hope not to break any privacy remembering Altavilla, Dav, Fubar, Astom, ....... a wonderful group of people and players who are dispersing, I sincerely hope for you (DEVs Team) that you have a lot of economic feedback to justify all this, personally I make the words of Baldrick and I hope to meet again Astom in other games (I doubt even if you can have a positive solution in this), btw @Baldrick and Diddy, in my opinion the game is unfixable by now, so many new ships released, the others players seems have (legitimately) much fun and many players dismantled yet the old outclassed national ships, it is to late for any change and we have lost in our personal battle, the King is dead, long live the King (a Clown King such as the new Clown ships), i return in super boring HA, the only one thing that again do in this game, almost, " Selam Kanka"πŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹πŸ˜­
  8. Hello Baldrick and Paulus; of course we know that many BBs had torpedoes (only those built or designed before the "30s"), but the fundamental difference is that they never used them in WWII (apart from the controversial Rodney / Bismarck case), while for CAs equipped with torpedoes the use is widely documented, and yes the SS 400 had supplied attack aircraft (idro) for the operation "Panama Canal", anyway those interesting disquisitions would be very interesting if we were not faced with a total rupture and abandonment,i point out that the reward of the debris (btw, useless heavier imho ) seems not to work yet, i say it seems because i mainly do only HA e Raids by now, greetings at allπŸ‘‹πŸ‘‹
  9. Hello everyone, totally agree, my long story in the game is very similar, (it is different only in the incomparable skill of Helmut in the use of SSπŸ˜„), I started about 18 months ago, I still remember the nightmare of "to vetting "the Pallada CL when they needed 1200 points and no one knew any upgrades, I never consumed a single repair or a single smoke for the first year, I managed spending little (but spending) to have 2 BB120, 5 Nations in 5 Fleets fun and confortable and many "digital friends", all this was wiped out with a disarming arrogance, and even with a dose of "deception", when you (Devs Team) announced the release of the new nations (they had to go out in June 2018), being Italian I immediately bought the premium in gold to prepare better for the release of the hypothetical "Regia Marina", which has been denied; now according to you developers I should start all over again, preparing all the ships in 5 useless nations, nations that can not join any Fleet, no thanks, personally I'm taking the projects, I build ships but not prepare anymore nothing bigger than a CAs (excluding the "Darth Vader ship" πŸ™‚ that by now I'm almost finished), I'm not so "crazy" to remake thousands of stupid online battles all the same and monotonous to get a ship that maybe will be overcome by a new one in a few months; I agree with Helmut, only the Raids remain as amusing and cooperative phase among the players, which can be improved with little, it would be enough to draw from the huge tank of the more than 200 ships putting them in the raids in random mode, so as to always have some nice raids with total surprises, even in my complete ignorance I think it would be technically easy, but unfortunatly, as usual, anyone heard our little advices, me too think be end of jorney, and i would like to remind those still enthusiastic about this literally binge (useless and meaningless) of new ships that takes from two weeks to a month for "vetting" any one "4000" ship (without spend gold, of course), so how many do you really think you can use until new "revolution" of 130/140 levels ships cancels everything again???, and this will be the ultimate "reboot" or again, again.....think about this too, greetings at all
  10. greetings to all, my companions in misfortune, I agree 100% with all of you, the analysis and the solutions proposed by Baldrick are perfect (imho), only two possible variants, personally I would take off any gold reward for fleets replacing it only with resources (leaving the gold reward for the single player in the TT player that deserves it without cheating) and I would also leave the torpedoes in the CAs that historically had, have good day all
  11. Hello everyone, personally I have now given up trying to understand the logic of our beloved developers; I do not even hazard a judgment on the latest patches, I have only two considerations: the first on the prevention of espionage in the fleets, in one night, arbitrarily, they allowed to cancel months of friendly relations between seasoned players and all this for what ?? !!, in the current times, with all the possible facilities in leveling up, to get around this "defense of security" just a free weekend is enough, that is, just open another account using any other identity (another access with google with a different email) not connected to the main, just a weekend to bring the new account to a decent level (about 50) and you can join any Fleet (always looking for active players) by doing the "spy" for your main account; with this ease of circumventing the rules I wonder why brutally penalize the regular players who did not hide their belonging to different Fleets. Second consideration: I believe that paying players (who ultimately keep the game alive) have not had the respect they deserve. I do not want to talk about all the premium ships become obsolete on the usual fateful night, just the case of BB Provence, being a poor person (spoiler, even in the Western world there is poverty πŸ˜–πŸ™‚) I have envied for months those players who they could buy real money in the (OP) BB Provence directly in the store, now after the patch we all have ships that have the same or better characteristics of the "old" BB Provence practically at 0 cost, with this patch the developers have literally burned in the pockets of many regular players at least 23 Euro / Dollars, perhaps more if a player had bought the BB in more countries, I repeat it is not my personal case, because unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now) I have never been able to buy this ex beautiful ship, although this seems a colossal injustice, I apologize to everyone for the long outburst and my bad English
  12. hello Baldrick, hello 007, if you can console yourself, I got a lot worse, I spent 10,000 gold in 2 obsolete BB120 NOT improvable LOL, fortunately I stopped in time and I did not buy a third, I think now I focus my efforts on light and perhaps more fun ships, certainly less expensive; however I point out to developers that the news of the upcoming release of the nation Italy (separate) in June, being I just Italian, :-) I was prepared enthusiastically buying a premium of gold for any eventuality, expense that I would not have done if I had known that ended like this, maybe it could be even more fun (the management of 7 nations was perhaps excessive), but it was not a correct way to act, imho, however i hope that all us can have much fun with incoming BIG patch, greeting at all and sorry for my bad English
  13. Hello 007, I agree with you and you will leave the players free to choose, personally I would not sell my BB120 even at 50% because it was tiring and long to bring it to "full veteran" but I agree that people should have a choiceπŸ‘,greeting at allπŸ‘‹
  14. Hi everyone, as reported in the title seems there is a total crash with exit from the application if a player tries to touch on the construction icon (only in the Soviet Navy), this happened after the server down for maintenance on Tuesday, September 25, of course im hopeful that this problem will be fixed in tomorrow's superpatchπŸ™‚πŸ‘, greetingsπŸ‘‹
  15. Hello Matt (Hazzard); what you've talked about has happened many times, follow the right advice from Diddy, πŸ‘πŸ™‚, maybe you need some time but the problem can be solved. i think your very first account is Hazzard, so if you send an e-mail to naiadgames@gmail.com explaining your problem and notifying your real old captain (Hazzard) and the new one (Hazzard2) the developers can overwrite your new captain on the new device, it happened many times; your only misfortune is that they could all be very busy with the upcoming patch πŸ˜– , not worry and Good Luck, i hope to see you in battle soonπŸ‘, greetings at All