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  1. Maybe I have another suggestion that may please you but would be a bit different. I'd say it would be more realistic if you would have to build your upgrades only once. And when you decide to change the setup for another upgrade you may change it with some short waiting period. So you would have some kind of mission modularity. Maybe without the waiting period for prem-accounts?! If it was that way, we all could check more often the different setups of every ship and the boni every single upgrade would bring...
  2. Ahoi und moin moin, mit den letzten beiden Patches wurde vieles in der deutschen Übersetzung angepasst und komplett überarbeitet. Ich meine nun ergibt es alles etwas mehr Sinn und hoffe sehr, dass euch die Änderungen gefallen! Wenn ihr Anregungen habt, was besser passen würde oder sonstige verrückte Ideen einbringen möchtet, antwortet doch bitte in diesem Thema! ...solltet ihr Fehler oder Tippfehler finden, schreibt mich gerne direkt an, dann kann ich das schnellstmöglich beheben. In diesem Sinne, euer Neuner
  3. NFKM got nearly the same with one Kaiser, one CV and some SS
  4. Unbelivable but true, it's been a whole year since we've created this Fleet! Thanks to all captains who had ever been part of us, and of course thanks to all captains playing agains or with us... It's a good reason to have a celebration party and we plan to have a real-life party at Hamburg Port Anniversary on saturday 12th may. You are all welcome to have a drink with us, enjoy some music or even have a visit on some open ship. Pls contact me for details. Thanks for a good time, Neuner Unglaublich aber wahr, es ist nun genau ein Jahr her, dass wir diese Flotte gegeündet haben! Herzlichen Dank allen Kapitänen, die Teil dieser Flotte sind oder waren und auch all jenen, die uns als Freunde oder Gegner auf den NF Weltmeeren begleiten. Wir nutzen diesen Anlass für ein RL-Treffen und werden uns unter anderem am 12. Mai auf dem Hamburger Hafengeburtstag herumtreiben. Wenn jemand Lust hat mit uns einen Besuch auf den Schiffen zu starten, oder ein gemeinsames Getränk bei guter Musik zu genießen, mag er oder sie mich gerne kontaktieren! Vielen Dank für die schöne gemeinsame Zeit, euer Neuner
  5. SERVER Back-on-line
  6. Obviously... 🤣
  7. That would be a fair solution and easy to implement as well... and much better than the recent system! 👍🏻 (However I dream of the bank and arsenal solution 😁)
  8. Absolutely right. Just give us a "Fleet-shop" beside the personal shop. So the gold-reward for the fleet goes to some kind of fleet-bank, and the leader team could buy the required things to the fleets arsenal.
  9. Ahoi, I'd like to place some suggestions and ask for opinions according to the payment for the fleet rating every 2 weeks. As it is now, the top 10 Fleets get some gold due to the rank they finished the period. That fold is equally decided by their top 20 captains (individual points). I don't think that's the best way to share the win because personal ranking isn't linked to activity in Fleet-War. The most easy way to deal with it would be to share it with all fleet members. But I like it better if there is some way to reward the active ones. Maybe the chief/leader could choose who shall get his share of the gold? Or: Give us some kind of Fleet-bank/ Fleet Arsenal where some gifts like rep-kits, smoke grenades, crewpoints, capt-EXP or gold packages would be stored as a reward instead of gold for top20. All captains should be able to "claim" any of those rewards, but it has to be granted (confirmed) by chief or leader. Love to hear your thoughts, Neuner
  10. I assume you are right. I've finished Master of Mankind with a good winning series with Kaiser last time the rankings got reset.
  11. Sorry for all the typos and my bad English. If I would have known we will share it, I would have tried to do better 🙈
  12. Seen that in NF1 long time ago, so maybe you are right 🤘 My own list isn't guesses but wishes I think (and it wouldn't end with 5...) 1. A useful list of Favourite Fleets 2. Officers able to start WoF 3. PM system 4. Being able to change Fleet-info and how-to-join-settings 5. Ship arrangement according to classes and ship-level (may be as it is for WoF-Setup) 6. Refuel-all-button 7. Auto-collect of the reward in daily quests 8. Small info-notice when crew is ready to train 9. Ranking for HA with some sort of reward 10. Worldmap with harbours to be captured and defended by fleets that grant some bonus
  13. It doesn't matter which ship earned the supply box nor which ship is selected when you open it. The extra crew XP are added to your pool. (Like crew points would do as well 🤣) You can check how many "extra crew xp" is in your pool by tabbing that symbol on an untrained crew. YouTube clip: Extra Crew XP
  14. And that's the Extra Crew XP.
  15. I'd appreciate that detailed summary of the two-week ranking/rating! Would be a nice feature. Maybe it should be within this community site, to get more captains aboard. Maybe a signature with captains name and level for the forum could be implemented as well. Edit: And for the additional nations, I know devs are working on them for a while now.