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  1. OMG. All matches have become overcrowded with this colored ships (blueprint). What sense now to improve cap lvl, if all this ships are nothing? Shimacase whith 1400 shell damage and 2000 range? Why do I need CL now? Baltimore with 9 guns from from BB (not shure what exactly). What sense to by Colorado? Randome transforms into smth terrible(
  2. Yep. Also didn't like this patch. It's cool idea with blueprints, but "random" aspect is terrible. Why I have to spend 300k steel, 30k fuel; 100 gold and get terrible DD with "D" tier? Is'nt it better smth like this: 0 resourses = 100% E ship; 100k + 10k = 100% D; 200k + 20k = 100% C; 300k + 30k + 100 gold = 100% B ship; 400k steel + 40k fuel + 500 gold = 100% A; 500k steel + 50k fuel + 750 gold = 100% S; Also, what meens Kurf, QV, Amagi,... is B? What monsters have 2 be S???