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  1. Has anyone gotten these yet US CL OMAHAUK CL SIRIUSJP CL OYODOKM CL LEIPZIGSN CL BOGATYR the devs should have released in the shipyard instead of putting them in the lottery system
  2. Submarines are the only ship in the game that can avoid most damage also hedgehogs were developed to attack deep diving subs so please fix
  3. Emergency diving needs to be removed from submarines
  4. Tier b Richelieu battleship
  5. Has anyone heard from diddy in the last 48 hours??? If so please let me know. Thank you
  6. I see no more need to have moderators in Navy field it's one of very few games that have mods. Every other game I've played have never had any chat moderators. Especially since the devs don't care about the older captains. The devs only care about the new captains. And they wonder why the older captains are abandoning navy field mobile. The devs should be focusing on balancing the great battles rather than adding new stuff to the game. New Captains are welcome but they should earn everything like the older captains did.
  7. I'm highly considering walking away from Navy field mobile because of these latest dumb updates to the game. The ship tier system was a very bad idea The lottery system was a very bad idea The new chat system is very dumb idea Shall I continue with the stupid things that are making what was a good game a bad game
  8. I think the sink battleships in great battles needs to be removed from the daily quest since most of the new battleships can't be sunk with destroyers or cruisers. I've spent 8 hours trying to get the last two kills. Some of the new battleships have way to much power and you can't damage them either
  9. The lottery system needs to definitely go it took me 25 tries to get something other than a tier e ship
  10. I also don't like the new chat system either
  11. As for battleships having torpedoes I think only one battleship per nation should be equiped as for the submarines I don't think they need any aircraft squadrons but at least one sub per nation should at have one scout plane and I think the battleships should have a limited anti aircraft weapon since the carriers are overpowered
  12. And if the ship tier system must stay then all ship tier's should go into separate battles. It would also be nice if the lottery system goes away as well I'm tired of getting the same blueprints for ships I have already built. I used to really enjoy playing navy field mobile but now it's gotten to the point that older Captains are leaving because they're being ignored. I also don't think it's fair to the older captains that the newer captains don't have to work to unlock ships with this lottery system and get a higher level ship like the level 50 destroyer or level 80 battleship at a captains level of only 25
  13. Also the ship tier system needs to go period. It's not a fair battle for a tier b California, Nebraska, etc to go against a tier s California, Nebraska, etc because the tier s ship if vetted will win every time