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  1. Does anyone know when new nations will enter? There are various rumors, but no official information.
  2. Yes! selling ships will be great! I'm tired of constantly scrolling unused vessels.
  3. chat

    Yes, indeed. I haven't noticed it before, but not all messages appear. And it's still happening
  4. Totally agree! I reported this situation few weeks ago with Nebraska and California. Now I see that I am not alone. Remember, these ships cost real money.
  5. chat

    I have no lag, but simply chat doesn't update after while. I must change, or reload nation to see new messages. Of course since last update.
  6. Lag

    Hello! Can anybody help me? Today only in the morning I was able to play several missions. From 4 PM CEST lag value is from 1200 to 4800, and how you can guess, playing is completely impossible. This happens of course only online. Offline missions work perfect, as erlier. Any solution?
  7. Lag

    Hello! Since 3.8.5 version i have terrible lag. Not always, but most often from 5-6 PM till 10 PM (CEST). When this occurs, is impossible to play In previous versions such situations were very rare. I have checked the connection several times and working fine. I play via wifi. Other aplications works as usual. Tel is Xperia 5 Compact, OS version: 7.1.1.
  8. O.K. after few dayc I can admit that the aiming is not as worse as I found it after update. The target line is misleading. It was also some matter that I have terrible lags lately. Only the focus of the BB salvo is dramatic. A strange twist of fate, most salvos from Provance are attracted like a magnet to the center of the ship.
  9. I have tried only bb 110 and 120 for now. In both cases, aiming is clearly worse than before the update. When others shoot at me, they also have problems. In addition, people from my fleet also confirm problems with targeting.
  10. For some time you systematically worsen targeting and focusing of main guns on BB and CA. But what you did in the last update is paranoia! Besides fact, that targeting line is pointing on a completely random place of ship, targeting dropped below all accepted levels! Most of us to buy higher lev. battleships, also had to pay real money. This action is completely unfair.
  11. I don't agree. In real life there were also more and less capable captains. So why shouldn't it be in the game?
  12. Thanks, now I understand. I thought xp points for gold are infinite.
  13. What exactly do these points with a sailor mean? I received several times, but they didn't appear anywhere.
  14. Full backing for the posts above! The only way to fix the problem is to return the old system.
  15. The new training system is ridiculus. It is created only to draw money! Some of us payed quite a lot so far, and now are forced to pay more. It's very unfair! I've heard that many players are planning to leave the game. If they do, I'm leaving as well, and you will not earn more. 44/5000