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  1. Witamy serdecznie! Właściwie nie wiem dlaczego dopiero teraz. PNF jest flotą tylko polskojęzyczną. Zapraszamy wszystkich Polaków!
  2. I would add one thing. There are so many types of BB that not all have to be similar at the same level. Let for example some of them be faster and have stronger AWW, while others are slower but with stronger main guns. If the types count of types would be as it was earlier, of course they should be comparable. But now a certain variety would be nice.
  3. Baldrick, I think that DD and CL should still stay BB's escort against SS. CA will not get killed, becouse they still have speed, quite a lot of firepower, and are much smaller targets than BB (maybe except Furious). Yes many aspects are unrealistic as mentioned by you SS's speed underwater. But I would prefer to follow historical realities keeping playfulness, as much as we can.
  4. I agree with most of what wrote Baldrick, but with a few things definitely not. BB's should have AWW as in real world, becouse it's historical! But all, not only new ones. It's ridiculus that pre-dreadnoughts have quite effective AWW, and new, even undeveloped eg. California, Nebrasca, or other project not. Lottery system. I would ideally liquidate it, but if it absolutely has to stay, as Helmut said, we must be able to choose a class. I draw 9 CV, which i don't play, and I definitely didn't want them. Other option is add possibility to sell/exchange blueprints between players. Tier of lottery ships should be strictly dependent on the player's level! There has to be a benefit system for people, who have spent so much time and money to get a high level.
  5. There's another which unfortunately plays under our flag, but is not in our fleet, ms1984. Sometimes he fights against himself.
  6. They disappeared because you put them either in defense or in harbour attack. This is one of the changes contained in newest patch. Anotcher ridiculous change in this game BTW.
  7. Totally agree!
  8. Hello friends! Personaly I'll would not make a rule that all CA and BB have no torpedoes, ut lets less of them have. Maybe in this misery there's chance to make this game a bit historical? And yes, there was SS with torpedo planes.
  9. Hello Diddy! When there was mobilization with crew points, may players lowered theit ratings and it worked. Later it was a request that they withdrew, so we should raise rating. And so I did. As we can see, it's time for a repeat. It's not matter what they'll paste in answer. Important is that the overall rating will drop, and this can affect profits.
  10. Totally agree!! One more thing about real money. Let's be serious, most of 120+ lev players paid some money for ours BBs, CVs etc. Theoretically it is possible to have 120 lev. BB without buing gold, but how many of us did it? And now i personaly spend about 8000 gold (yes, yesterday I tried again .... ) which is comparable to the guaranteed 120, and 110 BB, and get some max C tier scrap ... I thought NF is a shooter, not a slot machine in Las Vegas. Do we again had to lower our ratings on Google Play?
  11. Good point Baldrick! I forgot about classes. Personaly i dont need another CV. I don't play them anyway. You're right!
  12. Hello! Beside that I'm not an enthusiast of this new update, definitely one thing must be changed. I don't know how much Dev's are affectionated to the draw method of getting new ships, but it needs improvements. For me, players should have possibility to buy specified blueprint for specified amount of gold. But if it's not possible, the draw system schould be changed like this: - if you pay only steel & fuel, you can get just like it is. - but if you pay gold, you schould have guaranteed tier! E.g. 50 gold = C tier, 150 = B tier, 250 = A tier and (if it must cost that much) 500 = S tier. Otherwise it is slot machine introduced only to earn money. Remember situation with crew points? Pressure makes sense!
  13. After how many attempts, if it's not a secret?
  14. Does anyone know when new nations will enter? There are various rumors, but no official information.
  15. Yes! selling ships will be great! I'm tired of constantly scrolling unused vessels.