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Fleet defense and offense

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So it’s a big project but will bring lots of fun.


1) Each fleet can fortify their fleet base with defence buildings (by using some kinds of new resource collected from online gb/raid).

2) Fleet members can also donate their ships to their base for defence (maybe 24 hours each time). Chief and leaders can always change the selection of ships (at maximum 10 ships).


1) Each fleet can form fleet raid to any fleet’s base (with maximum 2 to 4 times each day maybe)

2) Attacking team has to gain control of the area jut like the current O&D mode.

Game mechanism:

1) If one fleet’s base being attacked, players currently online can control their (donated) ships (maybe within one or two minutes allowed, after the notification is sent) while others will be controlled by ai.

2) The winning fleet can score to achieve higher ranking (in Fleet O&D mode, but not WoF rank). And gold will be given of course after each round of Fleet O&D.


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I like the idea. Which reminds me warship game called. Naval Frontline Regia Marina game. Sadly that game dead.


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