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    Tired of, and bothered to see ships charge blindly in combat I start this thread for discussion: Note1: classes are not definite, Light and fast CAs with short main gun range may fit better in the CL & DD category. CL & DD is a very mixed basket with different individual roles - a different thread is required for their roles in battle to be further analysed. Mogami (1944) may play the CV role, CA role or a mix of both depending on setup, battle phase and conditions. Note2: Phases are not clearly distinguished and lacking fleet communication captains should observe field and act accordingly. 1st phase: Opening Goal of 1st phase is to setup battle line CVs: Launch fighters to establish air superiority. Stay behind main fleet CAs & BBs: Group together forming a battle line, launch scouts to reveal enemy CLs & DDs: Form a loose group in front, but close to main battle group of CAs and BBs. Don't cut across bows, use superior speed to pass clearly ahead or turn around the stern. SSs: charge ahead independently towards enemy's big units. dive if needed to cross path with others. 2nd phase: First contacts Goal of second phase is to manoeuvre into an advantageous position CVs: Keep skies clear of enemy planes, If no enemy fighters in the air try to get some damage on enemy capital ships and break their line. Change positions often, keep close but behind main fleet. CAs & BBs : fire at enemy ships as they come in range. If strong ships in range gang them, if only smaller pick them of individually. Manual aim is a must in extreme ranges. Surfaced subs are a priority. CLs & DDs : avoid stronger ships, keep distance, increase speed, manoeuvre, whatever it takes to make them miss. Move to block path to enemy subs. If manual AA is available keep close to friendly main battle group and shoot down enemy planes. Gang up to kill charging enemy DDs and CLs SSs: Try to bypass enemy small ships, concentrate on the big ones. Chance kills of DDs and CLs are welcome but risky. Engage enemy subs if you feel confident, diverting them from your battle line is equally important. 3rd phase: Battle is joined Goal of third phase is to gain advantage by breaking up and overwhelming the enemy fleet. CVs: Keep skies clear of enemy planes, If no enemy fighters in the air try to get some damage on enemy capital ships and break their line (killing enemy scouts is a priority). keep an eye on enemy subs. CAs & BBs : Work as concise group, once enemy capital ships are in range pick them off one by one. Switch your target to most heavily damaged enemy in range (no absolute rule use discretion). Target is to reduce enemy numbers as fast as possible (damaged ships have exactly the same firepower as when full health). When targeted move to extreme range - make enemy miss their shots while your allies fight closer. If not targeted move closer to increase hit rate and relieve damaged allies. Keeping the enemy switching targets keeps more friendly ships alive - change positions inside your group, but don't break away. CAs out of range to enemy capital ships pick off smaller ships in range, support your CLs and DDs. CLs & DDs : 1st priority: actively chase enemy SSs, provide AA cover to BBs, if enemy CV in battle try to move round enemy battle line and chase it 2nd priority: Stay alive, harass enemy battle line, force them to manoeuvre by firing torpedoes, anything it takes to give your big gun pals the upper hand. SSs: chase the big targets, keep an eye on oxygen levels. 4th phase: Closing Goal of forth phase is to finish the battle after a side has a definite advantage. CVs: Scout out surviving enemies, kill them. Move closer to reduce planes turnaround time. Other ships: move in and sweep up scattered surviving enemies. Keep within gun range of enemy submerged subs, they'll have to surface for oxygen. Ships with sonar shall keep them always visible. TL;DR: Every ship has it's role in the fleet, act on it, work as a team, don't charge in blindly
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    And so came a new patch, with hundreds of new ships, with obscure stats and upgrades, many of which we have no idea what are and how powerful they are. And so I started a Crusade to catalog all possible data on the new ships stats "it is not our job to do that, it's the developers' job" - Togo Taisho "it is impossible to catalog so many ships" - Sasa Pinjic Yeah, it is not our job, and it is impossible to do it... alone But I started anyway, and I can't do this alone, and so I need the help from the community. I have built this table in a google drive (https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1HvJWon_HC7Ex2PW2eAkawIfYsTRfcoRj8K6U9Rl79jY/edit?usp=sharing), it should have free access to view (but not edit). I will request the help with information in the following pattern, and the data will be available to everyone. Even though it is unstable and prone to many changes, I am still willing to do this. It is also important that with all this information we should be able to identify abnormal and erratic behaviors of ship upgrades, which we could inform the devs to fix them. I hope to count on the help from the community, even though many are completely unhappy about the patch and believing that this should be undone. EDIT 1: some people have been having trouble to identify the "upgrade zero", also called by others as "stock", which are the parts of the ships before the first upgrade. To identify that, use the ship's info tab like in the screenshot below. The number showed is the final value after all bonus (parts upgrades and crew bonus). And the green/red number in parentheses next to it, is the overall bonus added to the base value of the ship. Therefore, if you pick the total value minus the green/red number (or sum if the number is negative), you can find the base number: From the picture above, we can identify that the stock main gun of the C CA Trento is 1 barrel, 1583 range, 860 damage and 414 reload time. Also note that the Hull is =23430-2130 = 21300, and that the bonus (2130) is exactly 10% of the hull, that is because the repair crewmen are Senior (10% bonus to ship health). EDIT 2: I am adding a to do list, and the ship names with strikethrough are marked as cataloged **CLASS DD *Grade E Jaguar; L'Adroit; Le Fantasque; Oriani; Soldati I; Soldati II; Turbine; National DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National DD3 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade D Jaguar; L'Adroit; Le Fantasque; Oriani; Soldati I; Soldati II; Turbine; National DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) ; National Premium DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) ; National DD3 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Soldati II; National Premium DD1 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National DD50 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) **CLASS CL *Grade E Capitani Romani; Di Giussano; Duca d'Aosta; Duca degli Abruzzi; Duguay Trouin; Emile Bertin; Jeanne d'Arc; La Galissonniere; Pluton *Grade D Di Giussano; Raimondo Montecuccoli; National CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Capitani Romani; Di Giussano; Duca d'Aosta; Duca degli Abruzzi; Duguay Trouin; Emile Bertin; Jeanne d'Arc; La Galissonniere; Pluton; Raimondo Montecuccoli; National CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL8 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CL18 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) **CLASS CA *Grade E Algerie; Suffren; Tourville; Trento *Grade D Algerie; Bolzano (1942); Suffren; Tourville; Trento; Zara; National CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA32 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) *Grade C Algerie; Bolzano (1942); Suffren; Tourville; Trento; Zara; National CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National Premium CA25 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA32 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN); National CA41 (USN, RN, IJN, KM, SN) Other ships to the list to be added later. There is also the chance that I have missed some ships in some grades, as i am not aware of all of them.
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    Hey Devs, a new proposal. I have been playing MNF since may 2017. I am a member of one of the top fleets (Bosses Fleet) in the game which has lot of player that spend money on the game. Most of us love the game and want it to continue running as long as possible. I am representing the people of the Bosses fleet in proposing a change that we believe could benefit all of us. You could raise more money and older captains continue to invest in this game. The latest major update is a game changer for worse. The balance is extremely ruined this time. All nation ships are now "rusty ships" as any new player can match or over power SS/CV 92 and BB 120 which took lot of time money and dedication to master them, so could you please consider some updates in order long term captains not abandon for good this amazing game? Let me call this proposal feature as Ship Tier upgrade system. Add a new feature to improve tier for current ships. E->D = 250 gold + 40 debris + 100k steel + 10k oil + 50 Crew points x crew member D->C = 500 gold + 60 debris + 200k steel + 20k oil + 100 Crew points x crew member C->B = 1000 gold + 80 debris + 400k steel + 40k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member B->A = 3000 gold + 160 debris + 1200k steel + 60k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member A->S = 5000 gold + 320 debris + 2400k steel + 80k oil + 200 Crew points x crew member In addition every single tier update will trigger a ship configuration reset && a crew training reset. The advantages of this is that new players with good luck will get their Tier S ships and old players with bad luck could update their ships. Notes: Please check the following post that all in all are asking for the same update:
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    Make Italy and France into separate Nations. Have blueprints and ships already built in other nations transferred to the new. Exceptions: Provence and Andrea Doria given to specific nations. Link to original thread: http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/545-nf-developers-and-users-relations/
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    Hey, Here lie some thoughts as i started to play last year. At first I hesitated between some other naval war games to find a balanced one. Graphics were not my priority, at least less than the opportunity to play for fun alongside friendly players on a subject some know i like : submarines. that’s why i chose your game. The fact it was a freemium did not discourage me to play, it was on contrary a challenge to compete with those who buy, as developers need something to live for. The (easy?) missions finished, i turned to multiplayer battles. Even against those who used several smokes, repairkits, mastered crew, some of them remain fair and that made the game fun. I built the first ss, a poor kriegsmarine 50 level, started to learn tactics and develop mine against higher levels, but the 92 level XXI was my purpose and when i acquired it, i was more able to withstand some of the hard players, because the experience may improve from online playing. I recommended the game. The first time i wrote some words on the west chat, i received a recruit banner from Bosses team, but i was surprised and i didnt think at the moment i was strong enough to be in, so i humbly didnt accept it, not knowing the real functioning of the WOF. So when i received a second one from the neptune infernos team, i tried my luck. Even we lost some wars of fleets, there was cooperative play, with fun inside. I also discovered the cons, some inevitable history backgrounds between players, but also the spying thing, the wofs between same guys to be assured to have a good place at the end of the 2 week rankings. Well, experience should improve from the online gaming ! I started though to think to stop to play. The wofs were (and are) less recurrent, because of the timing zone, because of the lack of interest, and because of the difficulty to build team tactics. So the raids were welcome and became funnier. there was also a one-year rumor of new nations, with obviously great hopes of everyone’s needs of renew, allthemore the french ships seemed strong. We started to explore maps to be more efficient, and only a few were able to fight in these competitive maps, where experience and skill are highly recommended, while fun is vital. The issues remained, but discontent was eventually stable, because we have faith in our moderators relaying infos between players and developers. Then was released this update with 200 new ships. Of course, it firstly looked tasty even when we were some to have prefered new nations, but why not experience something new. I would have finally been able to hold french ships ! Alas hell was surely paved with the best intentions, especially when you discover the percentage and cost of the lottery to hope to get a good ship, while premium ships are now weakened and normal ships blatantly degraded. This only could lead to a higher dissatisfaction, amplified by the arbitrary and automated exclusion of players from their teams instead of what could have been a lot more conciliatory (like a choice or a deepened profile to see spies, etc). Just for the record, I spared 5k since the beginning to get the kaiser. I spent 800 to get the bayern, and i almost never use smokes or repairkits. After 5k spent to the kaiser, i got back more than 3k before the update. So you see, over approximately 9k of gold (fully obtained by playing) spared in 11 months, I spent 2k of gold in 1 week in a lottery to get ships i ll never build (despites a lower ss than my XXI) when random players can get overpowered ships, where experience -and together the fun- have become accessory. If it was wanted to disrupt the precarious but stable balance between the strongest and the newest, then it’s a success, but you may lost the strongest during the transition, the ones who were maybe the less reluctant to buy gold, so just imagine what can be in mind of players who will not buy gold but will encounter unbalanced greatbattles, unbalance lotteries, unbalanced wofs, unbalanced ships ? Of course, those who are new and/or willing to spend kilos of (paid)gold may be satisfied when they get a powerful and random ship, but experience will be too random, community will be also random, not stable and last but not least, restrained. Anyway, because I am stubborn, i ll wait for the next update, but I modestly dont think 1k gold will resolve these issues, it just buy time, not fun. If it’s no more fun, then i’m done sincerely, Helmut
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    Baldrick has already said a lot. I would add some suggestions to the chat a battle chat is needed, apart from the main and the team chats When a player writes something during a battle, that message is displayed over his ship to easily see where he is, what he sees. What he says is visible either by his teammates or by everyone in the battle the capacity to talk to a specific player by clicking on his ship on the field. if you whisper, then it’s not shown to others or it’s shown in a specific color. If you just talk to your battle team, it’s shown in a team color, another color. If it’s for everyone, then it’s shown in a standard color. to the fundamentals of the game a team has to be able to practice tactics, either by not limitating the number of fleet raids, or by creating a test mode, or by allowing teammates to choose to join the same greatbattle/raid i strongly disagree with the lottery system, but if i understand the need to improve the game, and even if the baldrick good suggestions were to be not upheld (in particular french and italien own fleets, super ships with multi weapons limitations) , the balance has still to be corrected ; either by allowing players to choose the class on which they want to spend a lot of ressources and blueprints and by modifying the range rates between tiers, and/or by reinforcing their normal ships abilities. For instance, a ss, which encounters a bunker bb or a multi weapon bb/cv, should have more oxy or speed or a mine detection or a slow speed at an intermediary and undetectable depth level, unless the ships uses a sonar.
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    Abandon the lottery scheme. Make a ship tree and captain progress should follow that tree. (Already done research by the lottery scheme will leave branches in the air. Lucky those who have them). Earlier suggestion was to upgrade ships by level - it is too late for that now, levels are irrelevant.
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    This was sent to me via Facebook Messenger. Naiad games response to someone's rating in Play Store. As you can see in the first sentence they announced their intentions to close the game. They finally killed it. They wouldn't listen to what we wanted and they killed it themselves.
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    Thanks devs and Happy 1st Anniversary!
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    It has now become impossible to train crews with the new training setup please revert back to the us of oil or increase the number of crew times 50 points or 100 per daily quests
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    Revisit ship upgrades. While the ship upgrade system with the 8 slots is nice, as it is implemented there are actually only 2 builds for each ship, one for GB/WOF and one for HA. FCS: As is only reason to upgrade is to get HA bonuses - no functionality in online battles. Suggestion: increase sight/radar/sonar bonuses and maybe add a 5% chance for critical hit (+50% damage or so) bonus at each upgrade. Main Guns: for most CAs and BBs the lvl 3 guns are the only way to go. If the difference between levels was smaller there could be a reason to build a battleship with eg. gun lvl 1 or 2 in order to get some other upgrades. Sec Guns: as is only reason to upgrade is to get AAW enabled status. Suggestion get all levels CL/CA sec guns AAW enabled (DD/CL prime guns where applicable) and give them different bonuses each level (eg. lvl 1 small range/slow reload/high damage, lvl 2 med range/med reload/ low damage, lvl 3 med range/ slow reload/ high damage) so any setting will be an option with higher levels a little more appealing Armour: instead of belt/deck/bulge in separate upgrades have all of them in each, increasing by a percentage (eg. lvl1: 1000/600/250, lvl2: 1250/800/500, lvl3 1500/1000/1000) Torpedoes: not bad as is. Hedgehogs need a small boost to become relevant again - probably a bundle of 5 as stated is a good idea Speed: not bad as is Flightdeck: Irrelevant in any ship other than CVs and mogami44. Could be dropped from other ships Aircraft: is there any bonus for the fighter upgrade? if there is please make it apparent. if not a small one would be nice. Original post:http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/528-ship-upgrade-system/
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    Resubmitted with the call for removal of AAW guns from BBs deleted. Please only vote for one of the two submissions (or resubmit your option if different). Properly balance ships. Remove all mines/torps, AAW guns, sonars etc from BBs - target is to make BBs vulnerable to SS and CV so they depend on escorts to be successful. Similarly other ships (no sonars & launchers on CVs). A few oddballs (Mogami44, I400, Kitakami) are nice and give colour to the game. BBs gun only - similar tiers should have similar balance of hull, armour, range, damage, no of guns, reload, secondary guns (with some nations having the edge in one of these - 7 stats, 7 nations). Be careful on broadside weights. CAs fast guns with AAW secondary gun option DDs fast, CLs powerful ASW and AAW ships SSs silent hunters - Give some higher torpedo damage to higher tiers as now A tier BBs are unsinkable by subs CVs BB killers at range (supposing BBs are of BB size and speed - No Ammirragrio Di Saint Bon* unless reclassed as CA - with CA stats Some ships - especially new ones are way out of balance. e.g. the B tier Bretagne and Paris BBs have broadsides of 30000 AND good range AND launchers. The game is fun as naval tactics. Having a couple of BBs work together and sweep through GBs is not fun. Link to thread with original suggestion:http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/553-france-and-italian-need-their-own-nation/
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    Crew training cost is extremely high and no players would like to build and get a low tier ship now. The devs should allow upgrade service for players to upgrade their old vetted ships with new blueprints. For a sensible naval country, it’s nonsense to jail your veterans in a cheap and old ships and not giving them the best weapons. I’ll be fine with the lottery system if devs make this happen. Also, has the fleetless issue solved yet?
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    Hello everyone, totally agree, my long story in the game is very similar, (it is different only in the incomparable skill of Helmut in the use of SS😄), I started about 18 months ago, I still remember the nightmare of "to vetting "the Pallada CL when they needed 1200 points and no one knew any upgrades, I never consumed a single repair or a single smoke for the first year, I managed spending little (but spending) to have 2 BB120, 5 Nations in 5 Fleets fun and confortable and many "digital friends", all this was wiped out with a disarming arrogance, and even with a dose of "deception", when you (Devs Team) announced the release of the new nations (they had to go out in June 2018), being Italian I immediately bought the premium in gold to prepare better for the release of the hypothetical "Regia Marina", which has been denied; now according to you developers I should start all over again, preparing all the ships in 5 useless nations, nations that can not join any Fleet, no thanks, personally I'm taking the projects, I build ships but not prepare anymore nothing bigger than a CAs (excluding the "Darth Vader ship" 🙂 that by now I'm almost finished), I'm not so "crazy" to remake thousands of stupid online battles all the same and monotonous to get a ship that maybe will be overcome by a new one in a few months; I agree with Helmut, only the Raids remain as amusing and cooperative phase among the players, which can be improved with little, it would be enough to draw from the huge tank of the more than 200 ships putting them in the raids in random mode, so as to always have some nice raids with total surprises, even in my complete ignorance I think it would be technically easy, but unfortunatly, as usual, anyone heard our little advices, me too think be end of jorney, and i would like to remind those still enthusiastic about this literally binge (useless and meaningless) of new ships that takes from two weeks to a month for "vetting" any one "4000" ship (without spend gold, of course), so how many do you really think you can use until new "revolution" of 130/140 levels ships cancels everything again???, and this will be the ultimate "reboot" or again, again.....think about this too, greetings at all
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    The problem now is how this can be fixed? Players have already won in the lottery superships and these cannot be taken back. My suggestion is: 1. Properly balance ships. Remove all mines/torps, AAW guns, sonars etc from BBs. Similarly other ships (bombers from subs? really?) BBs gun only - similar tiers should have similar balance of hull, armour, range, damage, no of guns, reload, secondary guns (with some nations having the edge in one of these - 7 stats, 7 nations) CAs fast guns with AAW option DDs/CLs fast ASW and AAW ships SSs silent hunters - nerf some oxygen, give some higher torpedo damage to higher tiers as now A tier BBs are unsinkable by subs CVs BB killers at range (supposing BBs are of BB size and speed - No Ammirragrio Di Saint Bon* unless reclassed as CA - with CA stats) 2. Italy and France as separate nations. Move all ships that players won in the lottery to new Nations. Tell them you're sorry you had to do that and give out gold (as you're used to do when you push unthought of changes) 3. As Italy and France have actually more ships than "old Nations" only show a similar number - keep the extras hidden. 4. Design some hidden extras for other "old" nations 5. Nerf the lottery scheme - no more debris - no blueprints. Give the higher tier ships as an upgrade option to already built ships - either as a refit 10-15 levels after the original build or as achievement 6. Give out the "hidden ships" as achievements or specials (like you did with Provence) 7. Allow players to join any fleet they wish with any of their Nations. Allow chiefs to see if their players are also active in other fleets - it is then their job to investigate and agree or kick a player 8. If wof between fleets where a player is active in both mark that player as unavailable to join wof to avoid gold farming 9. Fleet ranking gold bonus only from one fleet per player to avoid gold farming *for example
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    Hello players! Tomrrow we will be releasing 3.7.7 patch. We are sorry it took so long but the devs tweaked some things with the new raid mode as well as added new features which you can find in the post I made which is linked down below. In addition to the new content the devs added fireworks! This is to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. We thank you for your continued support! -ethor98 Moderator
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    St. Louis after the Battle of Kolombangara, showing torpedo damage to her bows
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    If the devs give up this useless complexity, revert to leveling the crew members with oil (or nothing, getting the required crew experience is already hard enough - just display a msg like "congrats your radio officer is now veteran and can send 100 words/min over morse code") and concentrate on fixing the actual gameplay everyone will be happier.
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    Most players in this game spend their time and gold for enjoyment and friendship, but the overall impression of the game is badly overshadowed by the poor-designed wof system. In NFM society there are fleets with old and new players with stronger or weaker ships, or fleets in different time zones with different number of availabe player. Inbalance is inevitable as the game develop and a health and sustainable game system should allow all players enjoy. However, the over-simplified system now make fleets unable to fight with those in similar levels. Fleets will get attacked once they enter to wof room (even just for checking availabe fleets) and they have no options to deny the attack. This make no fleets want to show up (except those with large player number and ready for hunting others). Fleet leader thus need to negotiate for a long long time before they enter to the wof room, wasting so much on players’ time. The inadequate number of fleets showing up making fewer battles made between, and hence a worse quality of the game. The game will DIE if old players have no platform to battle and new players are always defeated by the olds. Maintaining the quality of game and reducing the time cost of forming wof should be the responsibility of the game developers. But yet, nothing improved in these months. This make players spending their time and gold question on the sincerity on how much the devs want to fix the problem. The suggestions are very simple: 1) In the ‘War of Fleets’ command, before assigning members (“Assign Member”) into wof channel, add a panel of showing up online fleets. Fleet members can thus check available fleets before deciding enter to wof channel or not. 2) Set different rooms for wof after ‘Assign Member’. Rooms can be, for instance, as such follow: - WOF Beginner (max 5 v 5 battle for DD, CL and CA only) - WOF Expert (max 5 v 5 battle for ships level under 80 only) - WOF Professional (max 5v 5 battle with no ship limitations) - Great WOF (max 10 v 10 game with no ship limitations) The rewarding rank points can be different so that different fleets can have their platforms to enjoy. Again, dividing the platforms is a must to sustain a game. I want to hear the replies from the devs to see whether they have plans or sincerity to improve the wof system. Old players have been tired for dealing with the tricks and abuse used by some fleets. We are not angry about their acts as they just abuse the game system, but we are really disappointed about the slow response of the developers. c.c. Naiadgames@gmail.com DavmakHK update: the devs has replied.
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    Hey devs, nice work!!!. I would like to see friendly WOF withing fleets members. It would be nice to have this feature in order to practice as a fleet and not to practice during real wof. The friendly WOF should be set by a leader/officer just for fun/training and NO REWARDS for it (no steel, no exp, etc...).
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    If I might give another suggestion: Please take care for your customers voice. We give you our best suggestions for free to enhance your product. At least you could say "thank you" and check if the suggest is worth trying... ...or leaf any other comment, but don't just ignore our suggestions... Otherwise we might get the feeling you just don't take us serious... 🤔
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    Hello NF community. I recently saw a post in general discussion about seeing what the community wants. Now... I know there has been massive feedback on the recently added ship rolling system. Trust me. The devs do know. And are working to see what can be done. Moving on. What would you guys like to see from us in 2019? Anything big or small. Lets try to keep this as respectful as possible. We know people arent happy with some functions of the game. And yes we do listen to the community. We take the players opinions into high consideration when thinking of updates. So some rules on this post. Please do not double post. If you like the idea give it a green up or "like". If you like the concept but want to put your own "spin on it" quote it. No need to spam 5 posts of the same idea. Lets keep this post respectful. There's a difference between constructive criticism and being rude. Please be nice. We appreciate and value all feedback. So have fun!
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    I wanna bring my my idea towards Devs for a new Patch. Since the Research Center, the nations lost mostly their specific advantages. Before Research Center, every nation had its own specific advantage, like gun range of the German ships, armor of the British ships, Speed/Agility of Japanese ships and so on. With the new ships of French/Italian nation and the new national ships with higher tier these specific advantages of each nation got lost, cause new US ships can have the same range as German ships and so on. So my idea is, giving all the ships, a captain has in his nation, a specific percentage improvement of the advantage, the nation had been known of in the past. Something like about 5% improvement. So if you have the German nation, every ship, he has, would have a plus of 5% of his gun range. Or British nation would get a plus of 5% plus for every ship’s armor and so on. if this could be arranged by Devs, all nations would get back their specific tactical advantages, which had been lost with the research center. So, if you would comment this post, if this idea is good or bad or can be realized or not, would be nice.
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    greetings to all, personally I had many doubts about the effectiveness of the armor in the "new" system, especially for the effectiveness of the 3rd upgrade thinking how much speed it costs, we also had discussions between players, so I decided to make a small test whose results I hope will be helpful to all players, with a my friend we made two trial duels, in one the ship Target, a BB Francesco Caracciolo grade B 2 stars complete, was without bulges, in the other had the bulge activated , "the opponent" chosen is the small SS HMS P type of the Royal Navy, just built, without any upgrade or star for the crew, from the results below you understand very well that the bulge really reduces the damage of the torpedoes by 45% declared (in the case of Caracciolo), the starting damage is about 5,700 to which we must subtract the reduction for the crew. without Bulge 4100 4900 4700 4400 4000 4800 6000 4700 (burning) with Bulge 2200 3300 2400 2200 2200 3800 2600 2300 ......... the Ships were in same perpendicular position (around) and at 0 speed in both test, of course others tests or comments are welcome 🙂
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    This new update brought in armor drawbacks for having armor on your ship. For every upgrade the slower your ship becomes. Aircraft carriers are more powerful with ships like battleships and heavy cruisers becoming easy targets without much protection against it. Now SS is most overpowered ship in the game because it's to fast. And has nothing to fear considering it cant get hurt, If battleships are slow they should receive more anti air and for submerged subs they should never reach a speed above 20 knots for balance. If ss are going to be 9ver powered cls and dds should receive a torpedo and hedgehog buff that should hurt the sub than give it a few scratches. Each ship should have a purpose of strength not uselessness at over powered ships if u have a ship sudgestion to make this more clear put it down below. If I use a cl I want it to have a use in wof same with dd. Make each ship have it's own strength.
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    This new patch or update or whatever you Devs are calling it is nothing short of theft. We waste hours and money to upgrade a boats performance for speed and armor, and then *Poof* your patch steals speed for having armor. You see we already worked for those upgrades, or paid for them, and you take them away in an update. That is theft, we worked for it or paid for it, we got it, and then you take it. Since I’m sure some people paid for gold there could be some legal ramifications. I may be taking my game play elsewhere, definitely not spending anymore money if your just gonna rob me a month later. I bid you good day.
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    Im just gonna add this here. Not expect to be taken, but at least it would give a great idea. (or more worse) I know this game in the first place were not logic at all. But at least make it a bit real. Yes some battleship does had torpedo and almost all (probably all) has flak and heavy anti air gun. AAW in this case. In order to implement almost all ship with AAW, AAW damage need to be reduce. To make it more effective for escorting, CA can be a main Air cover. Not effected by AAW damage reduce. CL got half of the AAW Damage. For not all CA (and CL) can defeat BB alone or even two. DD Are main ASW and BB are Firepower. CV (of course) are BB killer. Now for BB that has torpedoes, yes they can. But absolutely no sonar. I never heard a BB carry such a thing. For the Carrier, all my LIFE. But if its correct according to history, i cannot reject it. BB can and only have a torpedo, but will never upgrade or change to a hedgehog (that's DD weapon for crying out loud!) The upgrade will never showed up on upgrade section. It will be fixed. I'll explain how torpedo works on specific battleship. (but not all for i know few. Up to you to look on Wikipedia) Nelson has two torpedo tubes on the bow, submerge. Like submarine, his torpedo path is fixed and cannot be turned even for a slight. Only one torpedo per tube. Range of torpedo is almost short. Higher than SS but shorter than the destroyer Torpedo range. Battlecruiser Hood had at least six torpedo tubes if im not wrong. Three on each broadside. Same fixed, unmovable. Tirpitz has above-water torpedo tubes were installed in two quadruple mounts, one mount on each side of the ship. Can turn. But in order to balance the damage, (BB already had a powerful gun so it would be slightly overpowered. No captain wants to be sink faster right?) BB torpedo damage must be low as the DD torpedoes. For torpedo reload time, lets just agree to make it reload more longer. Avoiding spamming. That's what i have on my mind. But one more thought. If BB is going to have a torpedo, then CA has to. Well, for balance. Thank you.
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    I am a poor guy semi-illiterate but I have a great passion for the Naval Military History so I allow myself to give suggestions to try to improve this game with many potentials: (1) the crew already veteran should be able to move on the new ship of the same type (with a gold cost of at least 1000/2000 leaving the player the possibility to choose); (2) as I try to repeat for months we need more rooms, some easier for the "vetting" of new ships (regardless of the levels of the players who now no longer have any value) some without SS or CV; (3) No BBs or CVs should have torpedoes and (4) all BBs and CVs should have AAW (@Baldrick, Hello, one of the BB's duty in the US Task Force was the AAW protection for CVs because of the huge volume of fire); (5) some CAs but not everyone should keep the torpedoes; (6) SS should be "nerfing" (oh oh, now Helmut hate me ^^) both in speed and in resistance, I think many players are tired of SS master who attack with impunity on the surface, basically the SS was a very fragile,delicate and very slow machine in the real WWII; (7) in these times there is a real abuse in the use of kits of smoke and repair by some players, my proposal is that at least the smoke is recoverable with resources to try to balance the game (like 100.000 steel+10.000 fuel= 5 smokes); (8) think it is necessary the "nerfing" of some new BB (Bretagne and Lorraine mainly) absurdly OP (I do not speak for envy because I have both ^^, just for justice); (9) the reward of GBs for the crew experience should pass at least 20 per battle and compared to the damage inflicted on 1x5000 basis (or in other proportion, of course) this would invoke lazy players (like me) to get more involved in battles instead of launching the ship and doing something else (i read, others watch movies while playing😉, sad, incorrect but true) in addition to these 9 points, I share many of the ideas of Baldrick, Paulus and Polina, more I ask, as always, the recovery of multiple fleets per account (I have already demonstrated how this rule does not stop neither "boosting" nor " spying "both easily implemented even now, this rule has only penalized the old players) and I would have two other generic tips, the removal of the fireworks button icon (remember many players use a" small "cell phone, the less stuff there is better) and a different visualization of the ships in port, by now that all these new ships scroll up to find the right one is already this a game in the game🙂. greetings at all
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    Real world BBs had the most sophisticated AAW systems of their era (several guns from 1/2"-5" with dedicated directors and radars). Many were used as harbour AA defence. HOWEVER if BBs are not dependent on AAW ships (DD/CL/CA) for their AA cover, then CAs get killed and DDs & CLs only have an ASW function in the fleet. Thus I propose and insist on keeping the classes distinct, with distinct functions in a fleet - so that a good battle happens by nice cooperation between players. A year ago I had written the "Unofficial battle tips"* that was how a battle (should have) happened back then (IMO). Giving Battleships AAW and launchers just renders obsolete the smaller ships. The game is not realistic, never had been nor that is its purpose. In my view the game is about fast and fun battles (therefore for balance some ships have extraordinary qualities - like 30kn subs able to take a BB broadside and DDs doing 60 kn) *The unofficial battle tips are dated but consider it was written before occupation zones, auto-aim update (to compensate for target speed - targeting point was fixed close to bow of target dictating manual aim at long ranges) and at a time that BB100s were rare, nevermind 110s & 120s
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    The price of monthly subscription is unreasonably high. In many MMO games monthly subscription is only USD4.99 and it has provided most resources and xp boost. But in NFM if you want all it will charge you USD30. Please offer a more affordable subscription option so your loyal players can support the game’s long term development. The spirit of subscription should be letting the game sustainable with players’ monthly payment, and let the payers’ playing experience more enjoyable.
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    Improve dev - players communication: The forums are here for persistent discussion. Game chat, discord and line are chat systems good for announcements Facebook also offer chat capabilities, has a big userbase and is good for persistent announcements. Also offers another nice tool: Poll. The developers can very well present a problem to their users (that many players are "spying" in other fleets in this case), propose the solution(s) they found (kick all alts from fleets) and LISTEN to player suggestions. They can then rank the suggestions and pick one or (even better) use the poll tool and let the users decide the best action. So it could have been like this: Day 1 (Announcement in Discord, Line, Facebook, and every 1-2 hours in game chat): It has come to our attention that many players join fleets with the intention of spying for another fleet. The NF team will take action to stop this behaviour. Please check the "Suggestions" Forum at navyfieldmobile.com for details. Discussion will happen until (3-5 days later), followed by a poll in facebook to reach the best solution from [date] to [date] (2-3 days after thread closure). Day 1 (Forums) Opening of thread for discussion under suggestions. Detail problem, moderate conversation and state specific dates for proposals taken and discussed, poll and implementation. Do give feedback in proposals (such as: good idea but will require 150 hours to code, thus cannot be implemented please consider dropping this or that feature - or make alternative suggestion) Day 4 Opening of poll in facebook Day 6-7 Announce results of poll and course to be taken - followed by explanation if the solution to be implemented is not the most popular one (it's still your game and we know you are here to make money from the game - we have conflicting interests) This way you give the community a sense of participation, the community will come up with some ideas (thus giving you back some work hours spent for doing all this) and everyone will be happier. (I think) Link to original thread: http://www.navyfieldmobile.com/index.php?/topic/545-nf-developers-and-users-relations/
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    Okay adding new ship is good but why not on their own nation? Italian does join axis but not as one with Germany. France does divide into two, some fight for allies and some for German. But they deserve to be as a nation. What most i don't like is the blueprint. Not actually the blueprint but the system. Its already hard to obtain debris. Not to forget that i only demand UK tier ship on my UK nation and i have to waste almost all of my resource to get only few UK tiered ship.. With Italian and France had Enough ships in the navy why not have their nation!? Its enough that Italian and french ship blocking my opportunity to obtain UK ship, but now we have to work very hard to obtain debris and when enough, we don't get what we want... To be honest, im sick with it. Said that the "Lottery" is fixed. But i still got stupid REPEATS! I waste all the gold, and the debris they gave us for "Free" But got garbage. At least the introduction of their own nation will give me some lift from the burden. I've slowly lost my interest to play for the effort i gave never gets good return that i expected... Developers. If you reading this, i DEMAND THAT ITALIAN AND FRANCE GOT THEIR OWN NATION AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Thank you.
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    This is a very depressing...... Lost another Ace captains... I may not be ace or veteran in this game like all of you great captains. As far as i remember (actually i can't remember at all so i just tell it very roughly) i only enter this game in the beginning of the end. I play this game for obvious reason, i like warship, and no game i found is fitting, and once i play im devoted to it. First time i played this game it fascinate me for somehow it was fun and can hold up for long time. (for it still under development and the community here is ALIVE) Have a rough start but i eventually meet some friends, make allies even to my enemies and join a fleet. (i have to admit that before i join bosses recruitment fleet i was at someone's fleet but at short time they kick me out as soon as their leader found out i was "fresh meat" and a "idiot clown") But Joining Bosses is a blessing for me. Ever since that i never join any fleet despite they kick me out and rejoin them later. (for long time inactive reason. For me that is acceptable) as i progress to this game, issue occurs. But i continue on despite devs bad decision. For i still have hope for this game. I give suggestion to dev so they can improved the game more better. But dev did not listen... Some captains come and go.... But when Altavilla gone... Honestly its deeply affected me.. For Alta is the one who accept me and teach me a lot of things about ships and tactics. I deeply respect Alta as a leader and a teacher. I frequently inactive for loss interest to play for that reason. But i keep returning for i got friends here and fleet that are counting on me. I do not want to disappoint them. But now, slowly dev destroy their own game. I losing my interest even more. I hate to leave this game for this is the last line of good warship game i ever found. (i know there's a lot better warship game out there but im a poor guy that can only buy low cost smartphone so not all game can be played ) Before i even join this game, i used to play Naval Frontline: Regia marina. Still under development (Very good game). Im an expert there and i did waste a good money there. But when dev announce to ABANDON the game, i absolutley devastated! I stay a while but then i leave for good. Closed my chapter there..... Im still sad about that. Now the fatal mistake. I spent money here before see the problem that player here faced. Captains did warn me not to spent at all but it came to late. I slowly see that this game will be alive for long time (i doubt it) but the community slowly dies.. And more bots replace the missing player. Wheres the fun of it? "Hang in there". That is the state that i in right now. But if Gorskov, Aeth, Helmut and etc or anyone of you, decide to leave. I'll be extremely sad to see you go. But i understand and deeply respect your decision. But i also already decide to leave this game for good. For i can't take it anymore either. I don't know when . But when i do, i will never return. To much sadness here. This game suppose (used) to be fun and enjoyable. But instead this game only give me misery, depression and total betrayal.
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    Hey sen. Oyun profilimi sildim ve bu saçma oyundan daha fazla oynayamam. Sen ve Gorskov (Togo, Ray, ....) GG You knows my english bad😂😂😂😂
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    Joseph I understand your grief. They made all the Italian and French ships op in some respect therefore they cannot put them all in their own Nation. Debris is just another useless item that is not needed or wanted (remember crew certificates). The real rub is the lottery.... It's a scam. It's just a way for Navy field to get your hard-earned gold, or even better get you to buy some. You see how fast it took you to go through the 1000 "free" gold and what did you get out of it? Only low-tier ships. I would want the ability to choose which ship I want, know what it's stats are, save up for it and buy it. Just like we always have done. They would probably charge something ridiculous like 10,000 gold per ship though. Long story short the lottery has to go. If I buy a bottle of champagne I shouldn't end up with a cheap Marlot.
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    Selling of premium ships should be at 100% or an option to upgrade to new tier when blueprints get available should be there. Investing a lot of gold and time to vet a premium ship just to become obsolete by a patch is just ridiculous. On a second thought ships should be upgraded to higher tier (once blueprints are researched) by remaining in drydock for some time and using some steel (premium ships included) keeping the crew experience.
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    Hi to all, I have condensed two simple arguments not to flood the forum with many posts, sorry if I'm wrong; 1 ° point, I think it would be very simple for the developers to make sure that the "bot" ships were clear to the players (for example a * on the name of the player or the ship or a slight shade of color), the reasons for this need two, knowing that that particular ship is driven (bad) by an "AI" would save the reputation of correct and skilled players whose ships are routinely used by the game system (like poor Maetel and RedBaron as we can see every day, Hi Maetel and Red ^^) and also many real and human players some times are in "grinding", that is, they look like bots but they are not, so you aim an easy target but in the last moment turns out to be a real tough opponent, (like a ambush of an Q ship, hehehe), i would always know who I should fight against. 2nd point, we all lose precious minutes (up to an hour if a player has many nations) in the profitable but boring activities of the HA (Harbor Assault). I am very grateful for the efforts of the developers, in the "modern" HA you can easily earn many resources and many experience points for our Captain but, since we lose our time that we can not use in GBs (where there is always a minimum gain of crew exp.) i think it would be fair to have a minimum income (1 point if you win the first stage, 2 points if you win the second stage) also of crew exp points for the ships that are used. just my personal opinion but in game chat many players wrote this in the past
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    I don't think I'm the only one getting tired of seeing 4 or 5 submarines in each game. Or 1 zero star LVL 50 BB against two LVL 120 BB. I am playing way too many games these days that end up 1v7, 1v8,1v9. A tier system (which was talked about at one time) would solve many problems. First of all none of what I mentioned above would ever happen and that in itself would be a dramatic Improvement to the game. As well lower level captains will have evenly match battles to play in. This will make their games competitive and therefore more fun. It will definitely take the sting out of grinding when you're not playing for 1 Crew point-per-game. I I think this should be the "Next Step". No more RAID Mode, no more fireworks, let's focus on what the game is supposed to be about. A fair competitive battle that is fun to play.
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    masochistic: to enjoy something that seems painful or tedious. The following are a few things that I think need a serious looking into. 1) vetting My Level 50 battleship has taken forever mostly because I have to make myself do it and can only manage to do that for short periods of time. It's so mind-numbingly boring. How many times must you get sunk and earn 2 crew points a game. How many games do you have to play at this rate. This includes watching till the end of the game and hoping your team wins. I see absolutely no reason why there has to be 2 thousand points between 2 Star and 3 star. And then a 5 hour waiting period for each third star sailor. Why can't Sailors be available immediately upon the completion of the required points. 2) as I mentioned watching till the end of the game in the hopes of gaining the full 15 crew points I'll slide this in now. Endgame scenarios that need a serious look at..... SS vsCV: the submarine can't leave the capture Zone and the carrier will not enter it. All that happens is a bunch of failed attempts by the carrier to sink the submarine and the game usually ends up going to the final timer and a winner being declared. This can take four or five minutes. Imagine playing your 0 * battleship, of course getting sunk right away and then having to watch all that for two points. Texas vs just about anything Anyone in my fleet will tell you how I feel about Texas and any Texas class ships From Any Nation. They got to go they are completely useless and are only consistently used by skateboarders I'm sure. It's too fast and small for anyone to anyone to hit and again the game usually ends up going the full length of the timer with the winner being declared. If I find myself one on one with a Texas and 4 minutes on the timer I just blow myself up I refuse to waste the time for possibly another two points. 3) bonus crates/certificates Why there are still certificates in Navy field I'll never know. An ill-conceived plan that I thought the community made clear they did not want. When I get a " bonus crate" with three of those crew certificate thingies that you're supposed to use to upgrade your Sailors with (costing ridiculous amounts of gold) I sometimes wish I had just gotten the two points. They say you can play Navy field for free and acquire All Ships up to and including level 120 BB. I believe this to be true and look forward to celebrating my Russian 120 BB with my grandchildren (I'm 23, single, no kids). Sadly I know captains who don't share my enthusiasm and have given up on ever "rubbing shoulders" with other 120 BB captains. The Grind and the high cost in a game that gives little Rewards has made the Holy Grail unattainable. I really want to hear if you guys agree or disagree with me. I'm sorry I only present to you these problems but I know I can count on you all for Solutions. On the bright side we got fireworks!
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    Hello, Captains. We will inform you of precautions In recent online battles, there have been many cases of intentional retreats to prevent ships from sinking. Especially when he is disadvantaged, he retreats himself and deprives the enemy of opportunity. This behavior has many negative effects on the normal play of many goodwill users. Since the start of the game service, we have been judging these behaviors as unfair play and are also charging penalties. We will continue to do so in the future. If a retreat continues at these critical moments, we should remove the retreat function or remove the reward it when retreating. We ask that you make wise choices so that fair and fun combat can be carried out please.
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    First of all I would like to say thanks to Davmak, as my dear friend Neuner said, for opening this topic. Well, maybe I'm a bit nostalgic of the old times (I'm talking about 7-10 months ago), but obviously there's a reason. Here you can see how funny was this game 8 months ago without paying anything, because the gold earned by missions was enough to buy a premium ship, which compared to the other ships in the game, was well balanced. But now you can buy unsinkable and overpowered battleships with 5000 gold, train your crew with gold (800 to get expert crew), buy packs containing an italian or a french battleship (with expert crew) when they could simply add this two nations instead of wasting time with other useless updates that only benefit those ones who pay. They also added the fourth star, which in my opinion has ruined this game even more. CVs are still bugged, the fleet description can't be changed yet (same for picture and name) and the growth system concerning the building does not make sense just because all buildings cost the same amount of steel according to the level of the building itself. And in the end, this last update will force us to pay just to train our crew, or in other words, to have fun. I think it's enough to say that this game is getting worse and worse.
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    Ok let me shows the irony more. Let’s say I need to vet a CA41 with five crews, you need 20+40+60=120 crew points to level one crew from 0 stars to 3 stars (please correct if I am wrong), and 600 in total. For each day you can get 38 crew points if you complete all missions (including 40 gb games, sinking SS/BB mission, plane shooting mission and you also have a ss to sink other ss). And I assume that in these 40 gb games, you can complete all missions and get 38 crew points. It still takes 16 days, which is 632 gb games, to get these 600 crew points all. if each gb costs 5 mins to play. You need to zombie for 3158 mins (52.6 hour) to complete this shet, and it’s just a CA! Let me compare the old days, to vet a CA needs 1200 crew xp for all staff. Assume that without pack, each gb you can get 5-15 crew xp (depends on skill), it takes 80-240 games only. It is 400 to 1200 mins only! So, the devs now have turn TRAINNING into ROBBING. It just like your son get passed in all subjects in exam, but the school now ask you to pay thousands for only the printing cost of the certificate.
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    Hello Dav, the usual respect for your untiring effort, personally I think the game is now gone, the players are tired of the lack of support and the latter dirty shot has given the coup de grace, as you can see, for now, no one even wants to protest, I take this opportunity to greet all of you, digital friends, too many names so it is better to do nobody, I stay with the least hope that you change something
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    Hi devs team, hello mods, ahoi captains... Now and then there are Captains in the global chat or at sea, with Names or Symbols of Nazi characters. Or someone praising NS Regime in the chat room. That's just offending to everyone who lost some beloved in WW2 or suffers to any other pain related to that period of hate. Since the Rules aren't strictly against it, and mods need some rules of engagement to face those insulting/agressive/offending phrases, symbols and Names, I'd really love to see some rules announced. At the moment the Rules are more or less guidelines and say: "[...] 4.) The devs recently just implemented a filter. Any person caught breaking the filter will be chat banned for 48 hours. No exceptions. 5.) Any person with RED font is a moderator. Not a hacker. Please be respectful towards us and the community. 6.) Please use appropriate captains names or ship names. Spam in either one will result in a report to the GM. Please note that any updates, changes, or any other [...] " But there are rules to be found (marked in the quotations above) that any Nazi symbol, name or phrase would contravene, even if they were brought up against spam... So please block, ban, delete all accounts of captains unwilling to agree on these code of conduct. For the sake of NF, please stop those idiots....
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    As there are more skilled player and it’s time to build a hardcore mode for them. Ships will get damage by friendly fire/torps, and no assistance like repair kits, smoke and master crew are allowed to used. Perhaps auto firing not allowed too. Fleets can this have fair battles purely on tactics and skills only.
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    Hi,all Here all characteristics of battle ships available to reading are listed. If the installed module changes the characteristic that they are specified through "/" (the first module / the second module / the third module) Everything that is italicized changes also can improves with growth of experience of crew Nation Japan USSR Germany UK USA Captain level 50 60 70 80 90 100 110 50 60 70 80 50 60 70 80 50 60 70 50 60 70 Battleship name Kongo Nagato B65 Project Fuso Super Yamato Yamato Mikawa Gangut Kronshtadt Sevastopol Izmail Gneisenay O project Bismart Scharnhorst Hood HMS Nelson HMS Prince of Wales Colorado South Dakota North Carolina Premium no yes no no yes no yes no yes no no no yes no no no yes no no yes no Armor Hull 17200 23000 23800 28200 31500 35000 38675 19500 24000 28000 29400 20000 21600 23200 28000 19000 21500 24500 18700 23000 25000 Deck 0/1500/1650 0/1500/1650 0/1500/1650 0/1800/1950 0/1500/1650 Belt 1200/1320/1440 1200/1320/1440 1200/1320/1440 1440/1560/1620 1200/1320/1440 Bulge 0/0/900 0/0/900 0/0/900 0/0/1080 0/0/900 Engine Max speed 19/21/23 20/22/24 21/23/25 21/23/25 20/22/24 Overheat speed 30/32/34 27/29/31 25/27/29 27/29/31 28/30/32 Overheat time 7/9/11 7/9/11 8/10/12 7/9/11 7/9/11 AAW 215 203 247 221 225 218 239 200 170 167 190 136 136 139 141 184 213 295 355 381 277 Scout 3/4/6 3/4/6 3/4/6 3/4/6 Without scouts 3/4/6 3/4/6 Squadrons 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 1/2/2 Sight range 1835/1885/1935 1820/1870/1920 2035/2090/2145 1665/1710/1755 1850/1900/1950 Radar range 2497/2563/3107 2552/2618/3172 2686/2759/3346 2198/2257/2738 2442/2508/3042 Main gun Turrets 4 4 3 6 3 3 3 4 3 4 4 3 3 4 3 4 3 3 4 3 3 Barrels 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/3 2/2/2 2/3/3 2/3/3 2/3/3 2/3/3 3/3/3 3/3/3 3/3/3 3/3/3 2/2/3 2/2/2 2/2/3 2/2/3 3/3/4 3/3/3 2/3/3 3/2/3 3/3/2 Gun range 2306/2461/2786 2461/2786/2855 2461/2786/2823 2681/2786/2855 2855/2823/2865 2855/2823/2865 3004/2823/2865 2301/2375/2648 2368/2648/3293 2375/2368/2648 2696/2648/2935 2251/2435/2804 2804/2536/3008 2804/2536/3008 3008/2881/3161 2189/2581/2603 2460/2585/2359 2447/2585/3107 2089/2589/2709 2709/3006/2867 2589/2709/3006 Shell damage 1020/1375/1590 1375/1590/1660 1375/1590/1848 704/1210/1201 1660/1848/1780 1660/1848/1890 2001/1848/2107 844/945/1621 1470/1621/1329 945/1470/1621 703/1136/1210 920/1020/1374 1781/1661/1382 1781/1661/1620 1847/1890/1463 1594/1694/1519 1575/1791/1720 1818/1791/1525 1445/1540/1480 1480/2178/1560 1540/1480/2178 Reload time 1420/1408/1420 1408/1420/1690 1408/1420/1764 890/1701/1690 1690/1764/1720 1690/1764/1766 1820/1764/1839 1460/1380/1743 1490/1743/1880 1380/1490/1743 890/1743/1783 1316/1468/1550 1550/1428/1632 1550/1428/1632 1632/1698/1730 1184/1628/1520 1676/1820/1808 1739/1791/1834 1652/1632/1560 1560/1684/1856 1632/1560/1684 Secondary guns Barrels 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 1/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 1/1/2 2/2/2 1/1/2 1/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 2/2/2 Shell damage 83/125/158 74/60/83 83/125/158 140/73/74 94/115/155 73/74/94 94/115/155 128/137/84 84/137/142 128/137/84 144/116/158 157/181/225 157/181/225 50/55/72 55/72/85 50/55/72 Reload time 200/240/312 184/184/200 200/240/312 321/215/207 204/236/333 215/207/204 204/236/333 276/312/248 248/312/280 276/312/248 328/312/332 280/360/516 280/360/516 196/180/200 180/200/180 196/180/200 Range 878/1030/1074 787/1316/878 878/1030/1074 1195/1007/1203 1259/1450/1195 1007/1203/1259 1259/1450/1195 1130/1333/1152 1152/1333/1290 1130/1333/1152 953/1072/1165 1165/1254/1298 1165/1254/1298 637/719/715 719/715/887 637/719/715
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    Hey devs team, I'd like to suggest that every captain would only be able to participate in WoF for the fleet if he is in that fleet when the ranking is reset. Otherwise a captain is able to have five different fleets with four low level captain and one high-level captain all in top ten. Only playing that high one jumping hrough his fleets. It's just unfair and would not seem proper to me.
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    plz mod and dev do something,this is unfair for other fleet