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  1. A CAPTCHA bug was reported in the site's "Sign Up" page that prevented new users from being able to register. However that was fixed now and everyone can register normally. Regards, President
  2. A 2.5.9 version update has been released. Update contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------- 1. The elevator altitude indicator is deleted. (Roll back to the previous version of the weekly patch) 2. Operation of push-button forced return function is modified in the previous way. 3. The order of the aircraft carrier's squadron icons is revised in the original order (from 1 to 4 from top to bottom). 4. Improved torpedo bomber and dive bomber to select enemy ships when operating an aircraft carrier regardless of optional automatic fire ON / OFF 5. Harbor Assault result window Acquisition resource not shown has been fixed. -------------------------------------------------- -----------------------------------
  3. 2.5.9 version is released 1. Removed the alitude indicator of plane for CV. 2. Long touch for plane return function is available. 3. Squad button order is rollbacked (1 to 4 from bottom to top) 4. Improved the ability to target enemy ships of torpedo or dive bomber regardless of optional automatic fire ON / OFF 5. Fixed the defect of result screen in harbor assaultn
  4. 1. New Ships Added: CL - Required Captain level: 18, Command Center level: 4. USN: Taxas, RN: Tiger, IJN: Dhonburi, KM: Bayern, SN: Gamelin. CA - Requried Captain level: 41, Command Center level: 6. USN: Pensacola, RN: County, IJN: Mogami(1944), KM: Admiral Hipper, SN: Petropavlovsk. BB - Requried Captain level: 80, Command Center level: 8. USN: New Mexico, RN: Queen Elizabeth, IJN: Fuso, KN: Scharnhorst, SN: Izmail. BB - Requried Captain level: 120, Command Center level: 12. USN: Nebraska, RN: Queen Victoria, IJN: Amagi, KM: Kaiser, SN: Project24. 2. New Items Added: - Fuel Pack: Refinery produce +100%, Crew EXP +100% in online battle. - Steel Pack: Captain EXP +50%, Steel Reward +100% in online battle. - Steam Pack: Fuel Pack + Steel Pack. - Change Starter Pack: Remove Fuel and Steel depot double effect. (The existing starter packs are not subject to change, and the new starter packs apply). - Premium: Daily Gold Bonus +40. Each package item does not have duplicate effects. 3. DD and CL's basic weapon for torpedo is changed as mine. (Mine has added an anti-submarine feature, and IJN CL Kitakami and RN Dido have not changed). 4. Explosion delay time of hedgehog changed from 5 seconds to 2.5 seconds. 5. The gold price of the fuel has changed. (Change from 1Gold = 500 Fuel to 1Gold = 100 Fuel). 6. The fuel consumption of the battleships (except first battleships), submarines and aircraft carriers has increased by 30%. * Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.
  5. Hi Mangelo, please make sure to reply in English if the topic is in English
  6. until
    Because we care about our players, we always offer cool stuff to help you progress in game. At the moment, Navy Field's rating on Google Play is 4.1, if we reach 4.3 before the event ends, we will be giving all captains 300 gold for FREE. It's a cooperative event, everyone can be part of it. Spread the word!
  7. At the moment we don't have any Indonesian Mods, once we have that, we can create a section for sure
  8. Ship Update for 2.4.4 Patch Notes: 1. The basic guns of each country DD have been strengthened for new users to adapt quickly. 2. Reduced the DD and CL salior 'xp requirements to half for the novice user's quick game adaptation. 3. The gun data of the ship has been modified. - US BB [North Carolina] 3Up Main gun, damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [South Dakota] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Montana] 2Up Main gun, Damage 1577 -> 1901 - US BB [Iowa] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1800 -> 1920 / Reload time 1760 -> 1799 - UK BB [Hood] 3Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 - UK BB [Nelson] 3Up Main gun, range 2266 -> 2359 - UK BB [Prince of Wales] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1952 -> 1834 - UK BB [LION] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1898 -> 2102 / Range 2585 -> 2632 - UK BB [Vanguard] 1Up Main gun, range 2503 -> 2603 2Up Main gun, Damage 1818 -> 1791 / Reload time 1739 -> 1820 / Range 2447 -> 2585 (LIONII 2Up Main gun replacement) 3Up Main gun, range 2645 -> 2692 - KM BB [Bismarck] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1580 -> 1620 - KM BB [H44] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1631 - KM BB [H39] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1692 -> 1793 - Soviet warships [Soyuz] 3Up Main gun, reload time 1940 -> 1797 - Soviet warships [Stalingrad] 3Up Main gun, Damage 1530 -> 1572 Note: Ship Balance patches can be adjusted at any time regardless of game app version and timing.
  9. You can do that actually, but maybe you missed it. For PC: "Mark site read" can be found on the right side above and below the body of "Unread Content". For Mobile: You need to click on the three lines on the right corner and then "Mark site read".
  10. until
    We have released SD EnterNet's second version mobile game on both Android and iOS platforms. We would like to carry out the following event related to Navy field mobile game, [Event Period] May 4, 2017 - May 31, 2017 11:59 pm PST [Event Contents] During the event period, if you achieve Captain level 50 on Navy Field Mobile, you will receive the following items: 1) 999 NF Medals 2) Veteran Increase 40% +10 x 4 [Event Participation Method] 1. Download and install Navy Field Mobile. (You can download it by searching "Navy Field" in the Google Play Store or iOS App Store). If you have already installed Navy Field Mobile, you can play the game as it is. 2. Play the game on Navy Field Mobile to achieve Captain level 50 within the duration of the event. 3. Please send the following information and attach the screenshots in your mail to - Captain information screen showing Navy Field Mobile's Captain name, level information that has achieved level 50 (Shipyard screen or Captain level click on shipyard). - Google Play, registered e-mail address when using Apple App Store. (Or the e-mail address you registered for Google and Facebook account integration) - Names of 1 account name for related account to receive items from NF1. [Event Notice] 1. The event can only be played once per person and only once per person. 2. We will only provide items to normal event participants within event participation method. 3. When you apply for the event, you need to clearly describe the captain information and provide valid screenshots, necessary information (ID name, e-mail address, etc.). 4. The event may be changed or canceled by the circumstances of the company. Thank you for your interest in Navy Field Mobile.
  11. I missed to add it, but now we have "Soviet Navy" in the forums!
  12. My ping is around the same as yours, but I always disable auto-aim when I play. You just see where the ship is going and fire in front of it. By the time your shell arrive, it will hit the target directly. As for auto-aim in missions, aim works perfect, because you are playing with a bot, it's not as smart and players in movements and speed. It's all a matter of personal preference!
  13. I use this setup for everything really, it's a killer! In every battle, I sink at least 4 ships (Inc BBs and CVs) before I die or win.
  14. 1) What kinds of ships are available for use? 2) How do I upgrade ships? 3) What kinds of resources are there and how do I use them? 4) How many game modes are there to enjoy? 5) How do I make in-app purchases? 6) Where can I find my purchase history? 7) I purchased something, but never received it! 8) Will my game progress be saved? 9) Can I play this game using multiple devices? 10) I lost all of my progress! 11) How do I sign out of Facebook or Google? 12) How do I log into Facebook? 13) Why can't I sign into Facebook? 14) Why my ship is not moving with 100% fuel?
  15. Patch Notes: - Fixed an issue where online battle could not start at 00:00. - Fixed the account initialization phenomenon - Enhanced game stability