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  1. After finishing maintenance the application in the playstore I have updated. Why everytime I want to go into the navy field always fails and a notice "SAYANGNYA, NAVY FIELD HAS STOPED" Please solve it so I can play again. Thanks FzTH RiFQ 2nd
  2. Okay im sorry broo 😃
  3. I rate many players from Indonesian who play this game so my suggestion Please input sub forum indonesian in regional forum for players like me who come from Indonesia to communicate in this forum
  4. Torpedo from..?? Amazing image captain 😊😊
  5. Hello naugahyde 😃😃 Im FzTH RiFQ 2nd from indonesian
  6. Okay thanks captain, i will try reinstal
  7. if I delete then I re-install this game if I can login using my other account ??
  8. I have 2 navy field accounts, my first account registered with facebook and my second account registered with email. I am currently logged in using an account registered with email. I want to replace with a registered account with my facebook how to do ... ?? thanks