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  1. Its not a bug, its a feature. The Master promotion is just for a limited time as written in the patch release notes. Also if i remember right, the game tells you how long they will be promoted.
  2. Thanks for the replies. The idea of Neuner letting us redo the missions shouldnt be a big deal for the devs. But we will see if they care about existing players...
  3. Hi, after kicking one member from a fleet, the first problem is that the player is not able to open the member organisation popup for any player anymore. It just opens the profile of the selected player. If the player then closes the fleet menu and opens it again, the profile looks like the player is not in a fleet anymore. To resolve that issue a game restart is needed. Sometimes it is possible to kick 2 members before that behavior occus but thats very rare. Steps to reproduce: - start the game - enter fleet menu - tap on a member to open the member organisation popup - tap on dismiss - try to open another member organisation pop up - try to close and open the fleet menu This bug occurs on IOS and Android version.
  4. Hi, the patch notes for the upcoming patch includes: "12. Campaign captain experience is significantly increased." Iam wondering what do we get if we already completed all campaign missions? Are we able to redo the missions and get the added exp? Or is the exp automatically added after logging in after the patch? Or do we get nothing at all?