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  1. Good afternoon community! I had an idea about suggesting to go back a bit to the time of the NaviField on PC, changing the environment and sound, among other things. A clear example is the introductory music, the first one at the time of accessing the account was incredible, the music, from the respective nations, squeezing a sailor and having him interact and have voices. The original voices of the BO and the planes, from when you received damage, the voice of the woman, when the ship was set on fire... And above all in the ports, the real detail of our ships when placing the weapons, at least that they can be seen up close as it was still. Before, with that perfect detail that makes you fall in love with seeing it up close. Things that were magical on PC and can be done on our devices. A constructive suggestion from me, I hope you appreciate it. Thank you! Greetings and blessings from Argentina


  2. I have a query, I would like to know how to increase the efficiency of a sailor .. In what way can I do so that it reaches a veteran ... If someone could explain, thank you very much