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  1. On ‎2017‎년 ‎7‎월 ‎21‎일 at 1:58 PM, Neuner said:

    Sounds fun, so let's roll the dice and get the party started...


    ...but there are some questions still:

    What kind of competition is it? Is it War of Fleets? Or some kind of other pointing-system?

    How will the matching and the times for battles be set?

    Will the limit of 6 WoF per day lifted?

    Hello there,

    This competition is War of Fleets. (Tournament)

    We are considering 10 vs 10 and time will be 10 minutes per each battle.

    This competition is organized by TeamNF.

    We are thinking about 1 batttle in a day with fixed time.

    We will communicate with Fleet leaders who are participate in.