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  1. nvm had to update my IPhones OS. Would have been nice if it stated that instead of update the game to 318.
  2. I can't log in to NF now. The game updated and now I get a message stating to update to 318
  3. I wouldn't mind this, if it wasn't for the SS issue. But, I have serious issues with SS's just hiding after they have exhausted the specialized attacks. Mind you, I'm now training a SS for myself to help alleviate my problem, but I don't really enjoy SS's or CV's.
  4. I've thought about this since your post. And I honestly don't remember if they had the instantly promoted to master for a certain period at the top, but I don't think so. If they did well than I was just blind. If not, than I'm happy they added it, because not everyone reads the patch release notes and it's silly to think everyone will. Yes - it may behoove me to do so, but that's just not reality. And again I thank you for the information about Master Crew duration and probability of promotion.
  5. I know they use to have this or at least I seem to remember it being where the surrender button is now, but they switched it. Does anyone know why?!? I agree it would be nice to bypass the cinematic attack of the harbor sometimes or at least to have the choice to skip it.
  6. Unfortunately, none of my CL's have the torp skill. I have the Timmerman DD (lvl 50) with the torp skill, but it doesn't target the Sub's first, so the Sub usually manages to destroy my DD before I get to attack the enemies Subs. My HA is normally 2 BB, 2 CL, 1 DD and a CV. All of the ships sailors are max skilled except the CV. I don't understand why CA's can't be placed in the front row only - DD's, CL's and SS's. I know that the second row says heavy ships line, but I still think of the CA as a close fighter since it usually has a poor range compared to a BB. So, ya sub's with max skilled sailors are OP in my opinion in HA. If they don't sink everything in the first pass than they run out of skilled attacks and hide. Your fleet will continue north to the border of the map and than switches course following the maps border - while the sub stays in the southern part of the map. Diving and surfacing indefinitely or until you surrender. It's a horrible setup. While visibly more appealing "Eye Candy so to speak" - In game function/practicality it doesn't work very well. What I would like to see changed - HA map size reduced. It's an assault. Don't let either side run and hide. Do or die.... Second - Time limit on the HA. A 20 minute HA isn't fun. Honestly, I have no idea how long it would have gone, but it was long enough that a Time limit should be put in. Third - it would be nice if you could select the target for your ships attacks. If that isn't possible, than make DD's target SS's first. I don't know the whole calculation of how a ship selects it's priority targets (aka BB first or nearest ships first), but sub's are seriously OP if they can just hide the whole HA with no time limit. Again, this is an assault not a battle. Maybe put a timer if the defenders don't kill all the ships in XX time than they move on to the harbor and let the defense there take over.... Thanks
  7. I missed that part, but thank you for the info. I had seen the time but as with every other level thought it was the time to train up. Again thanks.
  8. I agree this would be a nice feature to have add to the game.
  9. Since the patch, subs have been way too OP in HA. I've had a HA take over 20 minutes, before I just surrendered just because of a single sub staying submerged and/or out of range. Put a time limit or some other factors in that decided the HA so your not stuck waiting for 20 minutes unless you surrender. (5 minutes should be the max on a HA) This has happen 3 times now against Captains that are over level 100. Shrink the size of the map to limit the travel range as well. This is an assault not chase a conquer. Thanks
  10. I kid you not since posting this two more crew on my Colorado have drop back to veteran. Radio and repair. The captain and seaman are still in train but I'm will the bet they will be back to veteran before too long.
  11. Is there a site that lists the full ship tree of each nation? Thanks
  12. I have played U.S, Britain and IJN. Of the 3 I have played U.S and Britain are far better than IJN in my opinion. I struggle getting the crews on the IJN ships leveled, both the U.S. and Britain crews were far easier in leveling and Britain being the easiest of them all. My U.S. Captain is at level 75 and my British Captain is at level 47 and IJN Captain level 46 (For perspective of available ships to me) My favorite ship so far is the Colorado. With the crew leveled up to master, the ship is pretty accurate. It does very well at hitting ships coming directly at you and very poorly against ships running parallel to it. That is the total of my experience. Hope it helps.
  13. I have repeatedly tried to promote the sailors on my ship to master. They continue to be reset back to veteran. I have wasted about 800-1000 gold doing this. A prime example is my Colorado. Yesterday, all the sailors were at master - Today my armament and engine sailors are back to veteran. This is only 1 example, I have had this happen on several ships and several times. I will no long try to promote any sailor to master. I don't feel like spending money and getting nothing in return. (PS - The Gold was for missing resources just in case it was unclear - This also don't take in the lost crew points I earn and lost in the crew resets) I emailed NF about this issue several days ago about fixing the problem and getting the gold back, but I've received no response back. (PSS - All crew that I tried promoting were at veteran statues, if that helps any - I didn't use gold to fast track any crew, only for the missing resources) Thanks. This issue spans all my nations as well - Not just U.S. Britain as well.