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  1. See that... hmm.. maybe they could disable friendly fire
  2. Hi guys, as a really navyfield fan and old navyfield player, i really HATE crossing ships. The most annoying at x-ing ships in this game is, I STOP!!!! I hate it... So please either make it possible to drive through friendly ships and risk your own ship if you get hit by friendly fire OR make the ship stopping which is crossing, don´t know who to make this work
  3. Hey guys, i noticed, if i die while my torps are still running and do dmg after i died... i don´t get any xp, steel or something. I really think this shouldn´t be cause even when i´m already dead, that are MY torps which are causing dmg to the enemy and maybe even sink ships. Can you change that?
  4. Each nation has a own post with shiptree inside
  5. Dem stimm ich zu. Insgesamt denk ich aber, die Zeit von richtig guten Foren ist einfach rum. besonders im Bereich Mobilegaming. Schade. Ich jedenfalls schaue hier täglich mehrfach rein und werde mich natürlich an jeder lohnenswerten Unterhaltung beteiligen
  6. Hey guys, thanks for your experiences. Great to read from IJN view since i love ijn the most So far for me the easiest to play with i KM. Prince Eugen is a beast with good range, super speed / OH time and very fast reload. Since i want to play CV at high lvl, i really appreciate this post. Thanks again!
  7. Ist generell wenig los hier im Forum
  8. Hey guys, i´m wondering what nation i should keep with... funny as it is the same question i had back in 2004 when i started NF1 i played every nation up to lvl 30 now but i simply can´t find a real difference. Do you have any tips for the nations for me? Which Nation to play CV? Which for BB, range, rush etc etc...? Which prem ships should i buy and why? Tell me your experiences please.
  9. Solved! i had to start google play store and update manually. After the update the game starts as usual and i can play. maybe this help somebody. thanks
  10. Hi, the app is crashing directly after "connect to server" Using Android OS. Starting the app, i can see the navyfield startscreen (buttom says "connecting to server" then app closes without any errormessage