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  1. The BB lion is the best by far in UK so far I'm lvl 84 vetted nearly all BBs (except QE) dunno if vanguard is better depends on what upgrades can be done guns etc
  2. Here I'm going to start giving some ideas for fleets and FW that I think would work really well but I'd love to hear other peoples thought and maybe add a few things 1. Some kind of harbour for fleets like our own harbour screen 2. Maybe some ships that you could purchase on a loan or that can only be used in FW 3. In regards to fleet ships upgradable CC for the fleet harbour etc so you can't buy all fleet ships immediately 4. Introduce APAs! Similar to NF on PC (like a lot of these suggestions!) for attacking fleet harbours 5. No limit on FW battles but each fleet can set a time which they are available but can be changed as different members can come online randomly. 6. To be able to see each other easily in random online battles ATM some of us run JEDI before our ship name could we not have a logo or a different colour to make it easier to recognise fleet members? Thats all I can think off at the top of my head but if anyone else can think of any ideas drop a comment!
  3. Neither are mine actually thought it was now and then but its every HA
  4. but CVs have no fire option well most don't anyway (rip Brit CV)
  5. GJ I've not done any on my US capt
  6. My problem could just be simply fixed by moving the chat button under the settings are they not able to do that?
  7. Can anyone look into this?
  8. Tyvm!
  9. I wouldn't mind seeing more update announcement before there released maybe with some kind of ETA? Just so we can look forward to the new things your adding!
  10. I used to think them same thing in my emerald until I cleared almost every survival mission with it. It does seem crap at the beginning but soon enough it will get a lot easier especially when you do hit BB. They say if you complete all offline missions survival etc that should get u to lvl 50 easily. Other than that good luck!
  11. Russian ships should count there own ships as enemy's if they turn around
  12. This is very true I struggle to find anyone over 12k and I have 12 range points max. Mostly 0 steel 90% of the time or when I do find someone with a lot of steel it crashes randomly then I get 0 even if I was about to beat them!
  13. I still cannot select submarine tab none of these programs work for me could there not just be a simple UI change where you move the chat icon just below the settings button instead? Or give an option in settings to move it there and move it back?
  14. until

    Would rather of seen an actual event for NFM not rewards for original but at least its something
  15. Plzzzz make this a thing!