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  1. icy map - 2rd compartment - north minefield
  2. icy map : 3nd compartment path, i think it's the way to take the middle channel but it's yet to explore icy map - 3rd compartment path
  3. icy map : mine field square for the middle zone of the 3rd compartment
  4. icy map : mine field for the 2nd compartment of the south zone
  5. icy map : entry path for the south zone
  6. jungle map : entry passage from the south to the north zone, it's more a remember than a discover
  7. Baldrick has already said a lot. I would add some suggestions to the chat a battle chat is needed, apart from the main and the team chats When a player writes something during a battle, that message is displayed over his ship to easily see where he is, what he sees. What he says is visible either by his teammates or by everyone in the battle the capacity to talk to a specific player by clicking on his ship on the field. if you whisper, then it’s not shown to others or it’s shown in a specific color. If you just talk to your battle team, it’s shown in a team color, another color. If it’s for everyone, then it’s shown in a standard color. to the fundamentals of the game a team has to be able to practice tactics, either by not limitating the number of fleet raids, or by creating a test mode, or by allowing teammates to choose to join the same greatbattle/raid i strongly disagree with the lottery system, but if i understand the need to improve the game, and even if the baldrick good suggestions were to be not upheld (in particular french and italien own fleets, super ships with multi weapons limitations) , the balance has still to be corrected ; either by allowing players to choose the class on which they want to spend a lot of ressources and blueprints and by modifying the range rates between tiers, and/or by reinforcing their normal ships abilities. For instance, a ss, which encounters a bunker bb or a multi weapon bb/cv, should have more oxy or speed or a mine detection or a slow speed at an intermediary and undetectable depth level, unless the ships uses a sonar.
  8. If it’s true, then it’s sad, it’s like silent hunter online some time ago 😳 Anyway, nothing is impossible, they should put to vote what the players want to focus on the fun-damentals of the game... that could bring back players and so money. Did The proposals made in another post you wrote have reached devs ?
  9. @1diddyThat’s one of the reason i like Canada, a great mix of cultures where you still can use french I d say in return of this favour : « là où le vent le déposera, j’emporterai ce souvenir avec moi » @Davmak the post is becoming obituaries and i am sorry for that, but there will be always good of it, here or there (and i noticed world of warship is planning to introduce submarines i never played it [do some of you have tested it?], maybe i ll give a try if things do not improve there) @baldrick see, that’s another update that could have been added, a hall of fame after a monthly tournament with individual, group or fleet duels, by ship category or not. That would have made some noise, much more than the actual free for all/wofs rankings. The game can survive this but they ve got to do it quickly and efficiently. I dont think 200 ships (even if i salute the work done so far!) were an answer to the needs of a growing community of balance. All the games that were/are/will be famous are the the evenly balanced ones. Adding 200 ships gives diversity, not balance. Massively multiplayers games like unreal tournament, counterstrike, starcraft, warcraft or diablo3 or even the 4th prophecy (ahah) got reputation due to the balance and only after obtained diversity, not the opposite. NFm has a special background which is historical, and yet, we do not play real historical battles, where we could play hunting packs against protected convoys through the atlantic, where Pearl Harbor attack could be replayed, or even the cooperative chase of a german submarine who has to remain undetected Etc etc. Oh and did i forget to mention the battle chat to build tactics on a battlefield? Anyway have fun and keep the spirit you all 😉
  10. Bad news never travel alone, despite these nice final raids, it’s my turn to leave, at least until the next update, and definitively if the game doesnt rebalance. As Gorsky said, now the seas are bit safer since there is no more Mignardise, you all take care of each other « portez-vous bien et à la prochaine »
  11. Hey, Here lie some thoughts as i started to play last year. At first I hesitated between some other naval war games to find a balanced one. Graphics were not my priority, at least less than the opportunity to play for fun alongside friendly players on a subject some know i like : submarines. that’s why i chose your game. The fact it was a freemium did not discourage me to play, it was on contrary a challenge to compete with those who buy, as developers need something to live for. The (easy?) missions finished, i turned to multiplayer battles. Even against those who used several smokes, repairkits, mastered crew, some of them remain fair and that made the game fun. I built the first ss, a poor kriegsmarine 50 level, started to learn tactics and develop mine against higher levels, but the 92 level XXI was my purpose and when i acquired it, i was more able to withstand some of the hard players, because the experience may improve from online playing. I recommended the game. The first time i wrote some words on the west chat, i received a recruit banner from Bosses team, but i was surprised and i didnt think at the moment i was strong enough to be in, so i humbly didnt accept it, not knowing the real functioning of the WOF. So when i received a second one from the neptune infernos team, i tried my luck. Even we lost some wars of fleets, there was cooperative play, with fun inside. I also discovered the cons, some inevitable history backgrounds between players, but also the spying thing, the wofs between same guys to be assured to have a good place at the end of the 2 week rankings. Well, experience should improve from the online gaming ! I started though to think to stop to play. The wofs were (and are) less recurrent, because of the timing zone, because of the lack of interest, and because of the difficulty to build team tactics. So the raids were welcome and became funnier. there was also a one-year rumor of new nations, with obviously great hopes of everyone’s needs of renew, allthemore the french ships seemed strong. We started to explore maps to be more efficient, and only a few were able to fight in these competitive maps, where experience and skill are highly recommended, while fun is vital. The issues remained, but discontent was eventually stable, because we have faith in our moderators relaying infos between players and developers. Then was released this update with 200 new ships. Of course, it firstly looked tasty even when we were some to have prefered new nations, but why not experience something new. I would have finally been able to hold french ships ! Alas hell was surely paved with the best intentions, especially when you discover the percentage and cost of the lottery to hope to get a good ship, while premium ships are now weakened and normal ships blatantly degraded. This only could lead to a higher dissatisfaction, amplified by the arbitrary and automated exclusion of players from their teams instead of what could have been a lot more conciliatory (like a choice or a deepened profile to see spies, etc). Just for the record, I spared 5k since the beginning to get the kaiser. I spent 800 to get the bayern, and i almost never use smokes or repairkits. After 5k spent to the kaiser, i got back more than 3k before the update. So you see, over approximately 9k of gold (fully obtained by playing) spared in 11 months, I spent 2k of gold in 1 week in a lottery to get ships i ll never build (despites a lower ss than my XXI) when random players can get overpowered ships, where experience -and together the fun- have become accessory. If it was wanted to disrupt the precarious but stable balance between the strongest and the newest, then it’s a success, but you may lost the strongest during the transition, the ones who were maybe the less reluctant to buy gold, so just imagine what can be in mind of players who will not buy gold but will encounter unbalanced greatbattles, unbalance lotteries, unbalanced wofs, unbalanced ships ? Of course, those who are new and/or willing to spend kilos of (paid)gold may be satisfied when they get a powerful and random ship, but experience will be too random, community will be also random, not stable and last but not least, restrained. Anyway, because I am stubborn, i ll wait for the next update, but I modestly dont think 1k gold will resolve these issues, it just buy time, not fun. If it’s no more fun, then i’m done sincerely, Helmut
  12. There is a similar minefield north, but i dont know if there is a 2nd free way between the one we discovered and the north passage. I also think the south and north passages remain the fastest ways to the end zone since we start raids with bb or cv to endure that kind of minefields, but also it’s also the trickiest. Either your bb/cv is mastered and you can survive, either yours is veteren and you may follow another ship or will be in flames (but you can hope to reach the end). This free way may be convenient for a non veteran bb/cv or a cl/ca/ss when there is no more than a few enemies not in the zone. It will be complicated for a ca/cl without aaw/air/bb support and it’s reckless if it’s not at least partially mastered. A ss cannot hold enough his breath from the start until the end. I have not explored the middle of the map to see the minefields so i still dont know a direct and clear passage without firstly taking the south or north passage, but there is progress
  13. edit to the "easy map" 2 : the exit passage through the end minefield, just above the 3 canons middle zone. you have to go by a south-south west / north east axis
  14. Edit to the "easy" map : the mini minefield at the south of the map, before the end minefield
  15. hi there If I might humbly add something on the icy map, there are mine fields behind the 3 canons, but yes, there is a passage to the 3rd islands wall (i wonder if there is north passage between 1st and 2nd islands walls?). If you come from the south after the 1st wall, you ve got to take north to the 3 canons and sail along the small rocks south east of the canons. When you bypass the last rock, you go straight right. You can go back south to the entry point of the channel, but there is a mine field at the entry of the channel through that 3rd islands wall, i dont know its complete extent because i still never have been beyond^^ I also wonder if there is a south passage after the 2nd wall, but i remember there is still a massive mine field and generally some bbs to warmly welcome you On the jungle map, there is also a north passage. if you start at the south sector, you have to go north west, until the horizontal barrier. there are like 2 wrecks between 2 squares of mines. You'll have to go near these wrecks by a south east / north west axis. Then you go into the north sector. There is another massive mine field north east before some angry canons. There is at least a left passage through it and i'm sure there is another way more to the right, but more exposed. thats why you cant go in there without a bb/cv efficient support ^^'. Anyway this should be the way to go to the exit zone. The south one takes too much time to go up. Either way, a successful Raid of the lost explorers requires 1 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a solid but not foolhardy cl. This is the best combinaison because there are 'only' 10 enemies to destroy in a relative comfortable timing. If you're 4 or 5, against 15 or 20 enemies, it's necessary to have more cvs, 3 strong cv, 1 strong bb and a floating-rock cl.