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  1. WTF?! 2 BB'S!!!
  2. Np vestein
  3. I forgot to say that i requested 1v1 cause i want to play with my friends also and play with my fleetmates 1v1 Oki That's all TY
  4. Hey moderators and devs i would like to suggest that you guys add a 1v1 battle vause im tired of people trashtalking on the global chat and yes im included sometimes, Thats all thank you.
  5. Oh ok i understand thanks vestein
  6. This will make the game even better never thought of that good show.
  7. Hi devs/moderators i would just like to suggest that can you guys put customization on ships, i know its hard to see the actual ship color when playing but can you make that. Also simce im suggesting i would like to suggest that change the campaign into offline cause im kinda tired of playing survival when offline thanks.