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  1. Ah great thanks.
  2. Not sure about this... But if they do, I would say at best it should be one crew expert, or maybe just capt experience. Or maybe only giving experience if you beat somebody within a or two level or higher level than you. Winning a battle is only fifteen, in a battle that takes up to ten minutes and requires good team work. HA is done in a minute and you can get ten done against some easy opponents. Getting five would be ridiculous. Even one seems much if a lvl 60 gets a bunch of twenty or thirty level players
  3. Exactly it's more for CVs as with a bb at least you can still fire on auto... With CV your planes just fly around like idiots all confused by the time you do it through the menu your planes are running out if fuel.
  4. Can we have the timers visible for non officers? So we can plan to be on for them?
  5. So at the moment if you use a CV you have to use auto aim. At the same time using auto aim on a bb is a sure fire way of pissing off the fish you keep hitting as you miss those ships. Instead of making it so we have to change between battles, can you please allow for a default setting on each ship? So I can go into my BBs and set them to always default to manual whilst having my CV set to auto.
  6. Can you please allow an option to refuel between ha battles without going to the dock? Or maybe the option to auto refuel? That way whilst I'm doing HA I can use the fuel that I am earning from it. At the moment if I go in with full fuel and fight ten battles my fuel in harbour is full so I don't win any, but then I have to refuel