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  1. has been suggested several times to tie beginner/expert/great battles to ship tiers instead of captain level (which is irrelevant now). however devs don't seem to care
  2. game started with japan, uk, us, germany and soviet. italy and france were added some months ago. unfortunately the lottery is just that, a gamble. numerous calls for its withdrawal have been made but no answer. developers don't even add some degree of control over what should be "researched" or the chances for each tier
  3. pure luck. play the lottery a lot i guess. my pattern is 50 gold, max oil, max steel or (when short of steel) 0 gold, max oil
  4. been playing a B tier Tashkent DD recently. shooting down scores of bombers and effectively protecting allied BBs from CVs and subs while repairing them and keeping enemy scouts away. it can still be one-shot by enemy BBs (if seen and if they manage a good hit at a manoeuvring DD sailing at 40-50kn). CVs especially are relatively easy prey (if unescorted) for a good CA or even CL (some pack good guns) and of course subs Edit: rock-paper-scissors is not so clear as it was before BBs and CVs got launchers and AAW but capital ships still need effective escorts
  5. don't get me wrong. the game is unbalanced, ships could have more (viable) options for upgrading and, yes BBs (at least the higher tiers) can one shoot DDs and some CLs. many more drawbacks along with proposed solutions can be found at the suggestions thread what I'm pointing out is that regardless of the above DDs and CLs are fun to play and with the lottery system B tier ships are common (used to be level 110), A tiers quite common and only S truly rare and game perfectly playable for free. as for the comparison to nf1 (i have not played it) it is unfair to compare a pc game (where you have a full keyboard in front of you and plenty of time to play) to a mobile game (where everything has to be done with 2 thumbs, quick and simple)
  6. not sure what you're angry about. B tier and lower are easy to get without spending any gold, gold is quite easy to obtain ( i get 30-40 gold daily from daily bonus, HA defence fleet, daily quests and boxes by playing 2-3 hours and much more from completing ship collections), enough to fuel a couple of researches every day with 50 gold. that way i have a good selection of A tier ships to play as well. and devs have not seen a cent from me yet (of course my progress is much slower than paying customers but devs have to make a living as well)
  7. since there are predreadnoughts, obsolete and scrapped before WWI that are strong and mighty in game there is not much to expect in realism anymore
  8. i find dds and cls very enjoyable in gb (c tiers at least). hunting down subs, giving aa cover and repairing allies (where available) wins battles, even if damage count is low. rushing into battle is suicidal even for bbs, small ships should keep their distance from the heavies and use their speed and manoeuvrability to escape hazard
  9. Try bothering them often in fb and line (not sure about line channel, I hope someone fills up the info - officially there is a discord channel as well but fell in disuse) I hope for the best
  10. First 2, I fully agree For the third it is either unfair for CVs (ship has to be in the zone) or unfair to others (planes occupy). Since it is a fleet action game I'm inclined to agree with you - even if a sole CV does not stand a chance in zone with any other ship
  11. Only way to "see" them is to be really lucky or spend a gazillion gold in research to get one. (I've spent around 13000 gold in 50 gold, max oli and steel researches and haven't got one yet.)
  12. Got a B tier Somers but: - When I try to get it in DD Operations the game gives me the stock (E tier) Somers instead, I found no way to get in the B Somers, even if the stock was repairing at the time - Crew experience required for levelling seems to be like CA, not DD (400/600/800 xp for first star, image below)
  13. It is absolutely required for WoF to make sense. Beginner and Expert battles as well (I had other nations opened, entering expert with a C tier Zara is usually enough to single handedly destroy the opposing fleet - I guess a bit discouraging for new players)
  14. While the tiny radar is gone, the radar does not have the functionality it used to have. Specifically, Islands and boundaries are no longer visible in radar, so navigating when ship is off screen is harder (as it is needed to focus on ship to see obstacles) and using islands to hide from enemy radar is no longer feasible. I would like to see the original radar back (at the new position)
  15. that, or change the armour to "low", "medium", "heavy" so that belt, deck and bulge protection increase progressively by level
  16. italy and France also have strong ships, available to all nations
  17. RN has most damage but limited range (except prince of wales that has big range but small damage), KM the opposite. IJN has better overspeed. USN and SN are more balanced.
  18. I fully agree. I guess the game has moved beyond any sense. Now what matters is the tier and class of a ship. If a B tier Umberto (an ironclad, obsolete by WWI) is fighting a D tier Bismark (a very competent WWII design) I know the result - even if it does not make any historic sense. Before the lottery update the goal was to build a BB120 - so you can play with the big boys. Now you have to build an S tier battleship (if you find one). What changes is that you don't know which one you will find, when and at what cost (and this is why the lottery has to go). Of course even before the lottery update there where WWI ships (Gangut, Queen Elizabeth, Fuso) competing with much more modern ones - just now it is much worse
  19. Solution has been suggested in "What do you want for 2019?" thread: Of course the tier suggestions are just mine, please feel free to propose your own, if different. Assigning levels to blueprint ships cannot be done now that many low level players have got and built powerful ships. Edit: let's hope a developer will notice
  20. Table updated with A tier Vittorio Veneto and C tier Krasnyi Kavkaz. If anyone finds the table remotely useful, please take 5 minutes and send me (or Flint, or both) ship data you have built for inclusion. Thanks
  21. Best qualities for sub: - small size, tight turns (best for duelling other subs) - Many torp tubes (firepower. you want more bow than stern - stern is mostly useful when fighting other subs) - fast (catch up with targets) - a lot of oxygen (stay hidden longer) - strong hull (ability to take damage) German subs have most oxygen.Type XXI is the smallest with 10 tubes (6/4 bow stern basic, 6/6 tier B - don't know higher tiers) and good hull. Italian subs are all small, fast with plenty of tubes and good hulls. All of them. From the French, Aurore is good (Minerve, Requin & Sirene have fewer tubes, Sirene has weak hull, Surcouf is huge - I don't know anything about Redoutable). USN: Balao (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish), IJN: I-400 gets bombers from B tier and higher (but is huge) - also IJN has fastest ships, RN A type (premium, good hull, plenty tubes, small), SN K class (good hull, plenty tubes, smallish) Of course the higher tier the better - if you get any S or A tier sub just build it. Overall best sub of the game should be type XXI (KM) or one of the Italians (most likely Liuzzi - I can only compare B tiers that I have reseached, I presume A & S develop well)
  22. Dear developers, Used to press enter instead of the "send" button to chat I am forced to rewrite my message as the enter no longer works (and I keep forgetting that every. single. message.). Please deal with this bug after you have fixed the ship balance, killed the lottery scheme, allowed our alt nation captains to join fleets and in general made the game playable and enjoyable again. Otherwise you will only be chatting to yourselves. Thanks, Baldrick
  23. Table updated with C tier Zara and C tier Mogador. Anyone that finds the table useful and wants to help, please message Flint or me (or both) any ship's data that is not included. Thanks
  24. İngilizce'den Türkçe'ye Google çeviri (üzgünüm sadece Yunanca ve İngilizce konuşuyoruz): Her milletten en iyi destroyer seviye 50, maliyet 1000000 çelik En iyi CL, ne istediğinize bağlıdır, bazı iyi silahlar, bazı torplar, bazı AAW var. IJN (Japon Donanması) Kitakami, 10 torpido rampası ile öne çıkıyor Her milletin en ağır kruvazörü seviye 41, 1000000 çeliğe mal oluyor (hepsini inşa ettiğimden emin değilim) En İyi Savaş gemisi seviye 130, maliyet 3000000 çelik En iyi SS seviyesi 92/93, maliyeti 1500000, RN (İngiliz) hariç en iyi lvl 79, maliyeti 1200 altın En iyi CV seviyesi 120, 3000000 maliyeti Araştırmaya göre, daha iyi gemilerin mevcut olduğunu, ki bunlar zayıftan güçlüe "sıra" ile sıralanır: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Yapabileceğiniz en iyi DD, CL, CA, katmanı D, araştırma C alabilirsiniz Yapabileceğiniz en iyi SS, C, S Yapabileceğin en iyi özgeçmiş, BB, A, S'yi bulabilirsin. Original in English: Best Destroyer of each Nation is level 50, cost 1000000 steel Best CL, depends on what you want, some have good guns, some torps, some AAW. IJN (Japanese navy) Kitakami stands out with 10 torpedo launchers Best Heavy cruiser of each nation is level 41, cost around 1000000 steel (not sure I built them all) Best Battleship is level 130, cost 3000000 steel Best SS level 92/93, cost 1500000, except RN (British) that best is lvl 79 that costs 1200 gold Best CV level 120, cost 3000000 Note that by research better ships are available, that are ranked by "tier" from weak to strong: F, E, D, C, B, A, S Best DD, CL, CA you can build is tier D, by research can get C Best SS you can build is C, by research you can get S Best CV, BB you can build is A, by research you can get S
  25. Also you can message them at the facebook page of the game (if you use facebook)