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  1. That bad? Sounds like i will just stay with my H39, boost em up to 4 stars during fleet wars
  2. Subs never been an issue in my cases, my lv 50 DD has hedgehogs for sub, and tier 3 guns for surfaces
  3. After days of leveling... Yeah, it packs hell lot of fun, i have better chances to win GB in DD50 than hipper
  4. Wow, now it sounds like a pcl, cant wait to try that out.
  5. Hmm, considering great improvement over the HA, i shall able to buy and messing with Gneisenau while continue farming for steel with my CA+DDs, when level 55, i will then fill the last slot in HA with a CV, then sub. These 3 new babies should make me less bored when leveling to Bismarck, my dreamboat
  6. Very insightful, boss. I am playing KM. Guess I will skip that BB1 then. And that leads to next question: Opro or Bismarck? Okay, 2 votes for DD50, i shall try it out soon
  7. What would you do next, buy lv50 super DD? build the 1st battle ship? Upgrade the existing ships/ infrastructure? Or, keep grinding until you reach Yamato, Bismarck, CV, sub, etc?