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  1. Instead of limiting us to 6 war of Fleet actions per day change that to a cool down In between each one like say 30 minutes.
  2. Fleet war was better before the patch. If your fleet operates any lengthy of time after the daily reset and your basically locked out of it either because either you or all your potential opponents are locked out. Also the maps seem to have gotten smaller.
  3. During HA battleships are not firing other than using their special attacks.
  4. I've spoken to a few fellow players about this and we agree that all the new CLs look like tug boats. Just addressing the U.S. ships for a moment, not only does the new Texas CL look like a tug boat but a moderator in game even tried to tell me that the new ships were realistic. Not sure what reality he lives in but the Texas was in that time period a BB WITH 5 turrets each with 2 14in guns. Not the 2 turret tug boat depicted. Also of note, the Pensacola CA had 4 turrets with 3x2 and 2x2 10in turrets not the 3x2 turrets depicted in game atm. I havnt had the chance to really look at the other nations just yet. Oh yeah I forgot to mention that the fat tug boats are premium ships. This has got to be some kind of bad joke.
  5. Would like to have the option to change the active roster for war of fleets right up till the final count down for the battle.