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  1. Make reballance of battles. For example: 1) balance by grades. If you use c- grade, you will fight with d, c and b grade ships. If their is no people online- botz help. 2) rebalence matchmaking. If your team have 6 dd and 4 cl- you cant fight vs 6cl and 4 ca. Battle mast be like: 1-2 ss, 1-2 cv, 2-3 bb, 3-4 cl and ca, 1-3 dd, grades +\- 1. Ofcorce if there is no people online- botz in help. Everyone happy, everyone spend $ 3) unlock lvl of buidings- to long. Make 8 lvl of buidings 4) make "war boundaris"- 3$ and every day, for 30 days, you get 100 gold. 5) make special packs with "extra ships of s-grade". 6) show real chence to get hight tire grade in casino. 7) dont pay to that man, who made this economic system (bcs new players will not spened $, old players too, bcs they olready have everithing), give him bottle, so he can sit on it. 8) make team match with friend list: the player can make team with friends vs random, other teams etc. 9)make normal aftermatch resalt screen: not only my resalt, but resalt of all tem, by names. first 2 in oposit teams eart 1 gold coin.
  2. Как удалить прогресс игры? Хочу начать сначала. Играю 3 дня, использую IOS. Проблема решена. Просто нужно было обратится в супорт. Заняло это 24 часа.