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  1. Hello everyone. I have a slight suggestion for nukes. As we all know there is a nuke is one of the skills of class S ships and in the field of bombardment, planes fall and ships lose HP and stand for a certain period of time, but why the nuke can not also remove the installed mines from the battlefield? I think it would be more interesting in GB and the battles for cities. think about it for the future.
  2. Hello. I have a proposal to analyze paying for ships that have nothing special and cost too much. I have one example of Nebraska A class costs 5k gold and there is nothing special in this ship. I prefer to buy some S-class in this amount. think about it, please. greetings simon
  3. I have a question. Why creators didn't make any changes in HA fights. We can get gold, steel and fuel for attacks in HA, but what about scrap metal. Make any changes in this aspect. Although 3 scrap units as in the case of gold, when the invader does not pass the first stage, the defender gets 3 units, in the case of passing the first stage but in the second the defender gets 1 unit. This is a logical thought because only this is missing in attacks on the port.