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  1. suggestion

    Wow, cool. This idea has come true
  2. It sounds good. I hope developers can consider it
  3. c'mon. How old are you? Typing so much just for sophistry and diversion. It's really childish. If you find bugs, you should report them, not abuse them. And it's clear that after the bug was fixed, you chose other ways to get protection. For example, let Tribu attack "on time" and deliberately lose to you. If you want respect, don't use these tricks. Let the Korean, Chinese and other fleets attack you. This is really funny. You really treat everyone else as children. Tribu launched the attack "on time" at 7:00 a.m., and 15 minutes later they automatically failed because they didn't have five online members. LOL Don't play tricks. If you want, please find some better actors. LOL