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  1. what i can say man is that the ships are really similiar with their NF1 counterpart , i can remember the little premium texas and the 2 turret pensacola very well from the PC version. remember that Texas CL and Texas BB are different ships
  2. mmm i dont get u... i still dont have any CV. im talking about the scout that almost every ship have ... u can send it to scout the water where u want but u can also target enemy ships to make it follow them, i was thinking about gaining some sort of bonus against a scout targeted ship using the auto-aim. obviusly if u have no more scout or if ur plane is far away u cant get this bonus, so CVs should aim to destroy also scouts instead of solo bombing like at the moment
  3. what do u guys think about an accuracy bonus versus the ship targeted by our scout? seems a nice way to make scout more usefull and thus make use of fighters more
  4. so my question is: is it worth to not get max level of ability(4 instead of 5) to get instead belt armor to have more defences in Harbour Assault? armor is calculated also in Harbour Assault (where shots always hit the belt)?
  5. like G button on NF1 ?
  6. yes, sorry i mean fleet wars, thx
  7. right! but how do we achieve veteran on ships if we have no more offline mission ? online rewards espacially if u lose are so low... other ways?
  8. would be nice if our Phone "ring" with a notification from the game when we are involved in an Fleet Battle that is going to happen in few mins. many more ppl will join in this way. would be also good if the FW check online ppl and simply choose them and add to the "10 list", and would be nice to be able to modifiy this list maybe up to 15 min before start
  9. like title says , i would like to have an option like that in the game cause it would be very usefull when u are waiting for an upgrade to end or a battle (both online and fleet war) to start. i know i can set this from android settings but i dont want to make my screen always on everytime but only when i play NF, dunno if that can be implement but would be a nice addition ! keep up the great work devs !
  10. good job captain! this is the optimal setup every where? or only harbour assault or online battles? cause i see u dont max ur ship ability of critical strike and u prefer add some belt armor
  11. in online battles using auto-aim mode ur ship target correctly the enemy ship? what is ur ping?. cause with my 200+ ping i see my ship fire behind the enemy and i want to know if i am the problem or every1 experience this. maybe with low ping ur auto aim is good like in offline mission but i dont know.
  12. First of all i want to say hello to everyone on the forum and say thx to all developers and moderators of this beautiful game; i used to play NF1 10 years ago on my pc and then NF2 and now im glad to play on my mobile my question is about lag and connection in general: i am in italy and i use to have 200-300 ping during online battles, if i use auto firing mode all my shots miss just behind the moving enemy ship i target, while in PvE offline mission all shot hit the target in auto mode; is this a feature? am i forced to use manual firing (very hard on phone) to hit something? or with less ping my shots hit like versus AI? do u plan to open a server also in europe? thx for reading , have a great day captains!