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  1. hi everyone maybe all of you guys know me. so I omit my introduce. before let in issuse that chinese manager addressed I want to write this pharparasing first. "A guilty conscience needs no accuser." Nobody in 코리아재2 know that cheating before 9slots ships are deleted by this update and nobody used this. but now I know that many china players lost their cheating ships by developer's censorship. it means that till now when competing with 코리아재2, they use 9 slots cheat more deeply, till now they haven't played "clear game" that you use in your wirting when competing with 코리아재2. more and more deeply, how funny it is that even they used 9slots cheating but they lost in Sendai battle! the ships list that they lost kaga shinano moskva kirshima i400 j44 cagni atago kaiser....etc hehe Have you figured out the intentions of lists order? wow~man~~ how many guys use cheat? it's so many that I can't counting exactly. but one thing can be sure. "they use cheat" it's my answer. shame on you. eeds no accuse accuser.
  2. Hello. I m korean so I can speak little english. Plz to understand Questions 1. If I want to get S teir, I have to get more scraps than B/A teir? or the outcome of teir is in random? 2.When I have S teir, is there any benefit of S teir?(such as improve attackdamage or speed) 3. How much is B-A-C teirs?(exchange for gold) 4. Can I get scraps to use steel or oil?If I can. How need steel or oil to exchange a 1 scrap. Thanks.
  3. Hi everyone I m windeye and I am belong to 코리아재 fleet(korean fleet) Nice to meet you
  4. Hi everyone I m windeye and I am belong to 코리아재 fleet(korean fleet) Nice to meet you