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  1. Fair winds and following seas, my friend
  2. Ahoi Joseph, I can see the logic in your idea and would like to see the system changed, if not... ...lots of last men standing (no matter the gender) would prefer to run and survive than fight and die, even in hopeless situations. So battles would take much longer without any other reason but only one guy trying to save his steel. Best wishes, Neuner
  3. I always avoid the ingame link to update the game but always go straight to the Google playstore. (Because I never wait for the server being up after patching but waiting in the playstore). Doing it that way, I never suffered to these connection-issues.
  4. Agree to the idea of giving an information that saving the profile will give some security. 👍🏻 (However, if you've ever spend money for the game your payment-history could prove your legitimization of your lost account and will easily bring your account back with a mail to the devs team)
  5. Since there are lots of "joined-by-mistake" because of battle-tab appearing while you want to switch the chats, why not just give the option to leave again, before the counter comes down to zero? I think that would solve all problems and shouldn't be that hard to implement?!
  6. Fixed in patch 3.9.1 Thanks for reporting.
  7. We released 3.9.1 version for iOS & Android. Patch list ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Gun distance display bug fixed. 2. Daily Quest changed for DD, CL - Sunk SS 3 times (Increase reward Crew Point 3 -> 5, Captain EXP 100 -> 200) - Sunk SS 6 times as default mission (increase reward Crew Point 3 -> 6, Captain EXP 200 ->300) 3. New map added : Great Ocean3 map Thanks.
  8. Yes, as Diddy said, it's really annoying. And once you'll work on it, I think the different tabs shouldn't cover but stack atop each other. And please make them unavailable while they are appearing so they can't be tabbed by mistake.
  9. It's been that way in NFmobile as well, when it's been a new game. If you liked it, never stop to remember the devs team about it!
  10. It's neither in ship nor captains name possible to use space anymore. But we hope they will change it back to as it's been before. 👍🏻
  11. I've got lots of ships with a space between hullnumber and shipsname. If I understood the mail correctly it's meant they had planned to deny any spaces from the beginning. And finally worked out out. But I'd say that's nonsense and they should allow them again. ...we will see...
  12. As it seems there is a problem with renaming anything when there is a space included since last patch. Don't worry it'll be fixed soon! Thanks for reporting.
  13. OK. Got it now... I'm on it and forwarded your problems.
  14. Do I understand correctly that you tried to rename your Captain with it's own existing name? That can't work even if the note should be another one: Duplicate name. Please select a new Captain name.
  15. Patch list 1. Add new raid map. (Raid map will be 5 total) 2. Modification accurary for CL, CA, BB - Short distance (700 standard) improved by about 8% - Medium distance (1600 standard) improved by about 14% - Long distance (3000 standard) improvement of about 11% 3. End of 1st anniversary event - Online battle (including raid) Win 100% supply box -> 50% changed Thanks.