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  1. Hi there, I really like the new forum (surprise, surprise...) and I would love to have a "Mark as read" button in the overview of unread posts. Thx for improving our game-xperiences
  2. It's not the farming topic I wanted to report, but the link to his earlier founded fleet. The chat thinks he is still chief of that clan, so we get those announcements that doesn't belong to our fleet...
  3. Yes, there is one in every section, but there is none in the "unread Content" Overview. I use that Overview every time I visit the forum and often there is only new content in subsections I am not interested in (because of the language). I am bored going in all that subsections, just to mark those as read...
  4. Hi there, as a chief of Fleet, I'd wish to have an overview, showing me when my comrades logged-in for the last time. It would be much easier to find out which of my captains are inactive...
  5. If I may add something, because it is a really frequently asked question: No, upgrading FCS doesn't improve your accuracy. Just your range of sight, radar and sonar...
  6. Would be much easier, if you can refuel all your ships at once after HA
  7. I don't know if it's a bug or a feature... but I don't like the fact, that you can attack your own comrades in HA if you aren't careful. What do you think on that?
  8. I thought the skill level only effects the damage. And cool down is only effected by its crew level?!
  9. Seen that several times at the enemies. Thought it a feature for higher levels?! 🤔
  10. Yes I missed that function as well.
  11. When you search for a competitor in WoF it would be great if the list of fleet would be sorted by their points. Just to find an actice fleet faster. Some kind of "Favourites" would be great as well. Because we all love to hit our Favourites! ^^
  12. Would be nice, if we would be able to change the setting of our fleet after they are created. The description might change while the fleet is growing strong...
  13. Thx for that. Would be a great advantage!
  14. Give us a way to talk "private" with other captains. Some kind of personal message...
  15. When the round is done, give us some gold, for the best players and best clans in War of Fleets... Otherwise we do not what we are fighting for (except the sport of having that challenge)...
  16. It is so hard to read the global chat or search something written there, because with every new entry it skips down. Would be nice to disable that function.
  17. ...or one day premium would be nice as well...
  18. I think it would be nice to change the set up of your defence taskforce until 15min to battle, even when the war is announced.
  19. What would you think about a third chat-channel only for the chiefs of their fleet? So they could make dates for fleetwar. (It should not empty with logout/login like the fleet chat, not like the global...)