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  1. Obviously... 🀣
  2. Ahoi, I'd like to place some suggestions and ask for opinions according to the payment for the fleet rating every 2 weeks. As it is now, the top 10 Fleets get some gold due to the rank they finished the period. That fold is equally decided by their top 20 captains (individual points). I don't think that's the best way to share the win because personal ranking isn't linked to activity in Fleet-War. The most easy way to deal with it would be to share it with all fleet members. But I like it better if there is some way to reward the active ones. Maybe the chief/leader could choose who shall get his share of the gold? Or: Give us some kind of Fleet-bank/ Fleet Arsenal where some gifts like rep-kits, smoke grenades, crewpoints, capt-EXP or gold packages would be stored as a reward instead of gold for top20. All captains should be able to "claim" any of those rewards, but it has to be granted (confirmed) by chief or leader. Love to hear your thoughts, Neuner
  3. That would be a fair solution and easy to implement as well... and much better than the recent system! πŸ‘πŸ» (However I dream of the bank and arsenal solution 😁)
  4. Absolutely right. Just give us a "Fleet-shop" beside the personal shop. So the gold-reward for the fleet goes to some kind of fleet-bank, and the leader team could buy the required things to the fleets arsenal.
  5. I assume you are right. I've finished Master of Mankind with a good winning series with Kaiser last time the rankings got reset.
  6. Sorry for all the typos and my bad English. If I would have known we will share it, I would have tried to do better πŸ™ˆ
  7. Seen that in NF1 long time ago, so maybe you are right 🀘 My own list isn't guesses but wishes I think (and it wouldn't end with 5...) 1. A useful list of Favourite Fleets 2. Officers able to start WoF 3. PM system 4. Being able to change Fleet-info and how-to-join-settings 5. Ship arrangement according to classes and ship-level (may be as it is for WoF-Setup) 6. Refuel-all-button 7. Auto-collect of the reward in daily quests 8. Small info-notice when crew is ready to train 9. Ranking for HA with some sort of reward 10. Worldmap with harbours to be captured and defended by fleets that grant some bonus
  8. It doesn't matter which ship earned the supply box nor which ship is selected when you open it. The extra crew XP are added to your pool. (Like crew points would do as well 🀣) You can check how many "extra crew xp" is in your pool by tabbing that symbol on an untrained crew. YouTube clip: Extra Crew XP
  9. Ahoi, I thought it would be nice to hear about your loot and what you think of it!
  10. And that's the Extra Crew XP.
  11. I'd appreciate that detailed summary of the two-week ranking/rating! Would be a nice feature. Maybe it should be within this community site, to get more captains aboard. Maybe a signature with captains name and level for the forum could be implemented as well. Edit: And for the additional nations, I know devs are working on them for a while now.
  12. Neither nor, crewpoints (as well as extra-crew-xp-points) are just added to your pool. CrewPoints: to master your crew Extra-Crew-XP: add xp with using some gold as well to a ship crew of your choice
  13. Whenever you change some abilities it's like Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock and you would have to change all of them... Well maybe adding the BB120 was a first step of that cycle. Now the CV got better, next might be SS and then DD of course. ...And don't forget that enhancing DD will make CA to be more powerful as well πŸ™ˆ
  14. You might leave out "kleiner" wich means little 🀣
  15. Well, I've played SS one maybe two times, so I might share my thoughts as well ... One on one DD vs SS the DDs chances aren't that bad if the ship is fast and the captain skilled enough. We should differ between online battles and WoF, because of the teamplay. In online battles where everybody just seems the need of some dmg-points (newbies rushing forwards, grinders as well) DD often won't have the endurance / patience to hunt subs. And the SS could avoid getting in trouble too much. In WoF on the other hand, when some captains have nothing else to do than making subs life hard, while they might even not sink them, they could bind them and make them wasting air, so the SS might be useless until they have to submerge and are easy pray. So imho there's no need for buffing DD, even if that means I wouldn't get the daily task done to sink SS in DD/CL.
  16. Thanks to the devs, mods and Captains from all over the world. It's pleasant to see how a wargame could bring so many people having fun together.
  17. ...maybe you could edit your post and change the colour? Writing black on black is like drawing submarine and only painting the blue water πŸ€—
  18. Thanks and congratz. πŸ‘πŸ»
  19. Well Domination is somewhat like the Capture zone but from beginning. Seems to be intresting. Save the transport sounds pretty much like fleet-operations. I like it. Pirate of the Carribean? ROYALRUMBLE πŸ˜πŸ‘πŸ»
  20. ...I think you should be able to load any linked account once you reinstall the game... πŸ€”
  21. Would increase the dramatics of getting hit for sure. Maybe there could be an additional rep-mode once you've taken damage. (Beside the instant rep-kit) So that when damaged you could decide not to fire your guns and even shut down radarsystem to make the crew doing some damage control instead. Disable all guns and lights for 30sec to regain 10% health for example. Or at least stop any further damage that would make your ship to sink slowly once you are in red-health-zone.
  22. Terms of service say: "The Service supports only one Account per game on a supported device."
  23., I wouldn't want to reveal how my fleet starts a battle or spread it's ships to everybody, and I'm pretty sure you wouldn't want it either. And least of all live, for the enemy fleet would only need an observer to tell them the enemies forces, where they are and what they do. Maybe an observer-mode for fleet-members only could do the very same. I don't know all alt-nations of the enemy fleets and would never be sure to not have one of those within my fleet. So, thinking twice, I wont promote the idea for observer-mode any more. Could be a good advantage for newcomers but a nasty way to spy on enemies. πŸ€”
  24. That's my very opinion. On NF1 it is (or better it's been when I've played it) that way. So KitaKami could either shoot their round of Torps once the Battle started or wait to attack single ships. But wouldn't be able to fire ...thousands of Torps... Aircrafts are limited as well, So why not limit the torps and Gunshells?... Maybe that would require too much tactics for an easy-to-play mobile game. πŸ€”
  25. So it's is just the same like as for Guns. The fastest reload will show the weapons are ready and you wouldn't know if it's one turret or all of them. Only adding more coloured rings would make it bad to be seen on small devices I guess. But implement a small counter as you've said would solve it.