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  1. [UPDATE] 3.6.4 version data update! Newly updated data will be applied once you reconnect. Update contents -------------------------------------------------- ----------- 1. Aircraft carrier balance - Increased attack damage of torpedo bomber 30% - Increased attack damage of dive bomber 40% 2. Reduce Crew Point requirement for training - Heavy Cruiser a. Novice -> Senior, 10 -> 8 b. Senior -> Expert 20 -> 10 c. Expert -> Veteran 40 -> 20 - 1st battleships, aircraft carriers, and submarines a. Senior -> Expert, 50 -> 30 b. Expert -> Veteran, 100 -> 80 - The ships of the upper tier are 200 ~ 600% of the 1st ship.
  2. Just learned the second star costs 300 like the third one. So worst case each and every training costs 300 points, it will be 5400 points to get the damn ship making fun in online battles. Would be a long ride to grind those points... Going the fast lane instead and buying those crew-points with gold would cost 8100g (special offfer!) with a value of 63,64€ or 79,96$... 🤣
  3. ...the crew of BB120 costs about 1800 to train them from expert to veteran. I don't know exact data yet but assuming the first star is about 1/3 and second 2/3, it would cost 3600 from noob to veteran crew... I've been grinding gold in alt nations for some weeks now, but with this new training system I don't think I will even buy BB Kaiser for 5k gold.... annoying.... 😔
  4. Ahoi, I think it would be nice to get the reward automatically instead of going to collect them in that other window (and the need to open it anew for each and every reward). Just give a tab with [Congrats, you've just finished the quest: "Play in 5 great online battles"] maybe with showing the reward as well. Thanks for considering.
  5. I don't know the exact values yet, but expert to veteran is about 200 points and higher BB may be even more. So if they adopt the values for the master-training it could be fine... ...may be you're right with this idea. Would be the simple path to just undo this change...
  6. Thanks Davmak for opening this topic, and I think community isn't too tired to raise the voices... since the patch got rolled out my smartphone akku lost half it's power, because it just wont srop vibrating.... obviously the new WoF never got mentioned because of that new invented Crew training. The way it is at the moment will not only anger the high level player but for sure the newbies won't be able to train their crews fast enough to have fun in the game. (not even think about HA with nothing but noon crews). How to fix it? I'd say increase the Crew-Points reward for the dailies up to ten times as it is now, and the drama could be averted. ...many well known captains are talking about leaving the game with their whole fleets and start a new game... A fast solution to that problem is required, I'd say. With hope, Neuner
  7. Thanks Ibby, would be interesting to know if it's related to a single ship or the counter would work when changing ships in between.
  8. ...and what about a small gift for every 10th level given by the system? Like 10gold or something like that?! 🤔
  9. Ahoi, I think it would be nice to have a message dropped by the system, whenever a captain gets a new level (only major-level-up like 25-50-100- 110-120). That way community might give congratulations. At the moment it's done only when someone spots a new ship of well known captains. ...that way chiefs would see which captains are active and capable that doesn't have a fleet yet, as well. Somewhat like: "Congratulation! Captain Wedderburn of [Great Big Sea] gained level 100"
  10. I think it's a nice idea to implement some building like an arsenal, where you can purchase smoke and rep-kits. Those doesn't need to be linked to specific ships but be available for every ship. Well... maybe even some kind like that for your fleet was well! Give the gold of fleet ratings in another stock that can be used by leaders officers to buy reps and smoke for the fleet which could be used by all captains but only in WoF. No need to give the gold only twenty gamers but those of the fleet who are active and "work hard" for those rewards.
  11. Just like US CL8 Atlanta!
  12. I use DD50 with manu AAW as well, but they are not that powerful by far! ...of CL the Emerald is very strong as you've already said. Seen some and fear them most, when I try to level my CV. 🤣
  13. of course the amount does matter as well! never thought the ca41 would differ from each other, but KM and UK have three each side, US four and only SN comes along with five!
  14. I've checked the CA41 secondary guns lvl1 with manual AAW enabled. All nations (except IJN) have the same values which is Barrels: 2 Damage: 183 Reload: 440 Range: 1329 The Mogami '44 has it's planes instead of secondaries.
  15. lmao 🤣😂🤣👍🏻 ...but being serious: some kind of fast-selection of the ships-classes should really be considered...
  16. Ahoii... I think it's time to reorganise the quayside. Premiumships should be found at the other ship of their class where they belong. Maybe you could add the same buttons as in shipyard, to pre-select shipclasses?! Thx
  17. Well done Davmak and congrats to finish that one. Well I guess this achievement is much easier to accomplish for this who started to play when there were beginner and expert battles. Davmak, have you done that winning series with one ship, or have you changed between your ships?
  18. I wont say it's not possible to get double exp/xp that way, because I've not tried yet, but there's also a bug that makes you face your own ship now and then, even if you just play one device. So pls don't blame every captain for playing unfair if you see him two times. But of course that's a way to cheat which should be fixed ASAP or even quicker. I thought it was, some month ago, when it appeared more often and captains got banned from the entire game doing so. 🤔
  19. They did it! Bug got fixed (for the moment), I just dismissed several members without the need of re-log. Thanks to the devs-team.
  20. Hm... I don't know many fleets doing that kind of internal WoF, but obviously there are some. But with the point-system as it is now, that secondary fleet needs to get points from elsewhere, or those internal battles won't do any good I think (regarding that you don't get points in a WoF against an enemy thats too low in points). So correct me, but internal Battles won't do alone, I think?
  21. That would surely give those captains a far too big advantage in my opinion. And ships modifications are limited in reality as well: you can't install all equipment and still be as fast for example, and dimensions are a limitation to upgrades.
  22. Would really be nice to know more about it. I'd say for the effect that armour brings, it would be more than just a reduce to damage with that amount of damage. If that deck-armour in your example would only prevent the damage of a single grenade (even with vet crews additional 200%) it would be close to useless... But actually the effect is bigger I think. Would be nice to learn more.
  23. I'd say at least this plea isn't obeyed. Of course that name actually is abusive and the captain should change it or get expelled from the game.
  24. Hi devs team, hello mods, ahoi captains... Now and then there are Captains in the global chat or at sea, with Names or Symbols of Nazi characters. Or someone praising NS Regime in the chat room. That's just offending to everyone who lost some beloved in WW2 or suffers to any other pain related to that period of hate. Since the Rules aren't strictly against it, and mods need some rules of engagement to face those insulting/agressive/offending phrases, symbols and Names, I'd really love to see some rules announced. At the moment the Rules are more or less guidelines and say: "[...] 4.) The devs recently just implemented a filter. Any person caught breaking the filter will be chat banned for 48 hours. No exceptions. 5.) Any person with RED font is a moderator. Not a hacker. Please be respectful towards us and the community. 6.) Please use appropriate captains names or ship names. Spam in either one will result in a report to the GM. Please note that any updates, changes, or any other [...] " But there are rules to be found (marked in the quotations above) that any Nazi symbol, name or phrase would contravene, even if they were brought up against spam... So please block, ban, delete all accounts of captains unwilling to agree on these code of conduct. For the sake of NF, please stop those idiots....
  25. Well done Dav... ...but I'm excited what kind of drama that reject-button will add to the already existing and superfluous bullying, taunting and insulting... 🤔