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  1. Since last update the defending Player can't use his HA-Skillz anymore. I don't know whether bug or feature, but I like it most! Even if I had a strong veterans defense-line myself, it always bored me that's there's nothing you can do about high-level-defender. HA defender buildings became far more important with that upgrade, for sure!
  2. Ahoi zusammen, immer mal wieder liest man im global Chat die Frage, ob es auch deutsche Flotten gäbe. Vielleicht kann sich hier jede Flotte kurz vorstellen, damit gerade neue Spieler wissen, an wen sie sich bei Fragen wenden können (Die Chat-sprache im global ist ja meist englisch...) Ich mache einfach den Anfang und stelle die NF Kriegsmarine vor: Uns gibt es nahezu seit Beginn an und man kann uns wohl als bekannt und erfolgreich bezeichnen. Bewerben kann sich jeder, wir sind eine internationale Gruppe mit einem hohen Anteil deutscher Spieler. Die Voraussetzungen sind schnell aufgezählt: Der Spieler muss aktiv sein, deutsch und/oder englisch sprechen und sich am Flottenchat beteiligen. (Beteiligung geht vor Spieler-Level, aber ganz kleine Fische lassen wir eine Weile zappeln, um zu sehen, ob sie tatsächlich aktiv sind/bleiben.) Toleranz, gegenseitiger Respekt und Hilfsbereitschaft werden bei uns groß geschrieben. Wir führen regelmäßig Flottenkriege und gehen gemeinsam in Online-Schlachten an den Start. Dazu koordinieren wir uns auch außerhalb des Spiels (Chatprogramm Line). Ich hoffe auf regen Austausch mit den anderen deutschen Marinen und bin gespannt, wer sich hier zuerst meldet! Gute Fahrt und fette Beute, euer Neuner
  3. Ahoi zusammen, gerade wurde das Gold-Event ausgerufen. Wenn bis zum 30.06. die Bewertung im Google Play Store auf 4.3 steigt (derzeit 4.1) bekommen alle Spieler 300 Gold. Da das nur in der Gemeinschaft funktionieren kann, sagt es bitte weiter!
  4. Aber das liegt an uns, und wir könnten es ja ändern! 😉 ...und gerade wenn es um deutsche Übersetzimungen zu Patches und Updates geht, können die einfach "eingefordert" (vielleicht doch besser: erbeten) werden. Findet sich bestimmt immer jemand, der bereit ist auszuhelfen!
  5. Hi there, my steel depot got "nearly empty" last night. When I woke up it was only 1.000.000 but when I quit playing yesterday it was around 2.400.000. And I had no package ending or something like that? Best wishes, Neuner
  6. Thanks for fixing it! ;D
  7. Ahoi, since most captains were disappointed about getting attacked when any fleetmember is online, you changed the entire WoF-System. With the best intentions for sure, but most captains don't like the "new" system, for the game lost a lot of fun... 1. Decrease the Announcement of a Battle from 60min to 10min: Top, thanks for that! 2. Showing which captains are online and available: Good solution as well. 3. Reduce the amount of WoF to six a day: Why? I don't know any captain, who likes that. As long as there's no compensation at all, the fleetwar is for fun only, and there's no real profit in attacking a fake fleet over and over just for the lust for points. (You could better reduce the exact matching to once a day.) 4. Only fleets who want to fight are available: Well... Most of the time there is none. And when finally a Fleet wants to battle, it will only come with the full set of maximum captains. What about getting some points for a fleet being available, or call it "Points for not hiding"? Or "pushing" every fleet with at least 5 (or more) captains online to be available for WoF!? ...just what I think of "Make WoF great again!"... Thanks for taking it into consideration.
  8. Did the same with CA and it worked well. For BB I would recommend to have it set up for Online Battles for it won't be fun to level your crew with only second best ship-setup.
  9. I think we can't suggest this feature too often, for it will improve the gameplay very much!
  10. I'd agree on paying only once with steel to build the upgrades, but to mount and unmount it's only realistic to pay the shipyards workers some gold each time you switch the setup.
  11. Play your ships with its best setup in online battles until their crew gets veteran status, then do the refit for HA and never play them again in online...
  12. ethor replied to the very similar request on 10th of may, that they will consider it... #for-whatever-that-means Many of us really hope for that button, there are more than two threads "demanding" for that one right now...
  13. They'll release the French fleet, when GRR Martin will finish his Winds of Winter... 🙈
  14. until

    As far as I understood, the preliminary battles will be best-of-three-mode. Will all three battles be on the first match announced today?
  15. until

    Thank you for your answer. So the "normal" Fleet-Ranking (WoF) is untouched by this event?
  16. Since my Oil refinery was upgraded to level 7 I never had any problems either. But I'm doing only HA when it's really worth the oil-effort.
  17. Before they changed the captain levels there were big advantages in Premium SS and CV at least. I think you don't really need Prem now. (Except Premium-mini-CL, those are just incredibly)
  18. I thought I read something concerning exp for HA within the latest patch-info. But still there is no compensation except the loot of steel and oil (if there is some)
  19. Yeah... please give some info on that Star!?
  20. until

    Sounds fun, so let's roll the dice and get the party started... ...but there are some questions still: What kind of competition is it? Is it War of Fleets? Or some kind of other pointing-system? How will the matching and the times for battles be set? Will the limit of 6 WoF per day lifted?
  21. until

    Sounds fun, so let's roll the dice and get the party started!
  22. In Facebook it is announced, that the additional exp is for new captains only. I think it would be very fair, if we could redo the missions/operations to earn the extra exp...
  23. I've got the same problem, and heard of it from other leaders/chiefs as well... very disappointing...
  24. But still: A Chief should be able to hand over his position. (It should be done automatically, when he leaves his fleet anyhow) I guess there is many a fleet without Officers and without the ability to promote some.
  25. Hi, since our last chief left his own fleet with us to create a smaller one, there had been WoF-Announcments of our former Fleet in our new Fleet-chat. (This way we can always see, which fleet is farming points by attacking inactive fleets 😉) And: A Chief should be able to hand over his position. (It should be done automatically, when he leaves his fleet anyhow) I guess there is many a fleet without Officers and without the ability to promote some.