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  1. To return to Navy field make a new google play account and setup a new navy field account and your back in the game 

    Down side is your going to start all over again 


  2. To the devs please remove the speed reduction from the armor now. You have 🎏⛎🍉🎋📧👌 to the game long enough. The previous game updated was almost perfect what you devs should have done was increase the hedgehog damage. Now all you do is make the subs invincible 


  3. The Christmas update to the game is just pitiful your going to penalize me for having armor on my ship with a major drop in speed yet you give a 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ submarine a speed bonus if they add armor.  I don't think you developer's even play your 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ game do you.  So stop 🎏⛎🍉🎋📍🎵❡ up the game 


  4. Since lottery / research ships are level 1 the devs have pretty much made expert WOF unfair since anyone can take a level 1 ship that would normally be prohibited from expert WOF.    All lottery / research ships should have the same level requirements as the original ship that came in each nation 


  5. I see no more need to have moderators in Navy field  it's one of very few games that have mods. Every other game I've played have never had any chat moderators. Especially since the devs don't care about the older captains. The devs only care about the new captains. And they wonder why the older captains are abandoning navy field mobile.  The devs should be focusing on balancing the great battles rather than adding new stuff to the game.  New Captains are welcome but they should earn everything like the older captains did. 


  6. I'm highly considering walking away from Navy field mobile because of these latest  dumb updates to the game. 

    The ship tier system was a very bad idea 

    The lottery system was a very bad idea 

    The new chat system is very dumb idea 

    Shall I continue with the stupid things that are making what was a good game a bad game