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Found 7 results

  1. For the new ships ideas, since the developers add more of non existent ships (not even in blueprints or proposals nor projects) that i never heard of, i suggest that this time if they decide to add more ships especially for UK nation, i suggest they add this. HMS Habakkuk. CV Tier A-S UK's giant aircraft carrier! A Project proposed during world war two by Geoffrey Pyke amidst the threat from U-boats. Not gonna add too long and boring info, so i just jump on how roughly strong its durability and armor is. Her air squdron, her speed and her size. First of, her durability. She was to construct using a pykrete. A mixture of wood pulp and ice. Durability can be compared to a concrete. So that means she can withstand a lot of punishment. So basically her durability (Hit Points) should be a typical Tier S. But adding 20% more durability than any tier S CV. Secondly, her armor. There's no information about her armor apparently. But there's a note that Admiralty wanted her to be torpedo-proof. Which mean that her hull had to be at least 40 ft (12 m) thick. And her aircraft hangars can withstand a blast from 1,000 kg bombs. And the pykrete itself are bulletproof. (and of course her outer layer hull is covered by thin steel to not expose her ice to sea water) So her armor strength is, (both belt and deck) when Tier S BB shell hit her, she only receive mediocre damage while destroyers only minor damage. With her torpedo bulge upgrade, it needs 6 squadron of Tier S torpedo bomber to sunk her. Thirdly, her air squadron. The Fleet Air Arm decide that a heavy bomber can be implemented. So to make her air group different and unique than other conventional CV, her airplane as should follows: Her Fighter plane is Westland Whirlwind. Westland Whirlwind is twin-engine heavy fighter developed by Westland Aircraft. Single seat and cannon-armed fighter. (not to be mistaken for Westland whirlwind Helicopter) Her Torpedo Bombers is Bristol Beaufighter. The Bristol Type 156 Beaufighter was a twin-engine multi-role aircraft developed during world war 2 by Bristol Aeroplane Company. Nickname Torbeu as a torpedo bomber against axis shipping. Her Dive Bombers is de Havilland Mosquito. de Havilland DH. 98 Mosquito is a British twin-engined, shoulder-winged multirole combat aircraft. Originally conceived as an unarmed fast bomber, it evolved during the war into many roles, including low to medium altitude daytime tactical bomber, high altitude night bomber, pathfinder, day or night fighter, maritime strike and photo-reconnaissance aircraft. So basically all of her airplane are twin engine. Slightly bigger than other planes but not exceed a Tier S CV SS Carpet bombers aircraft size. More durable than other CV plane. Fourthly, Her speed. Her speed is proposed/depicted to be 7 knots. Maximum. Okay. In this game, if your ship is 7 knot, you basically dead in water. Even the sinking ship is faster than that. So i proposed that her full speed with vetted crew, full engine upgrade, overheat speed is 40 knots. To add more, about her turning speed. She was initially projected that she would be steered by varying the speed of the motors on either side. But the Royal Navy decided that a rudder was essential. Since she was bigger and bigger ships had more problem to turn. She in other hand, since she had the ability to varying the speed to steer and the adding the essential, her turning speed would be as a normal CV. Not BB. Fifthly, Her size. Her length is 2,000 feet, width is 300 feet. To be honest, this ship is far to big for comfort. She could be an easy target for every ship shells. Torpedo bomber may never miss and dive bombers will bomb anywhere and always get a hit. So i suggest that her size should be a bit longer than Italian tier S Battlecarrier Italia. And wider than most CV in the game. And lastly, her armament. Her armament would have included 40 dual-barrelled 4.5 DP (dual purpose gun) turrets and numerous light anti-aircraft guns. Since we already reduce her size, i think her secondary gun would be better either 10 or 5 on each side. Choosing 10 would mean she had 20 secondary gun. Choosing 5 mean she had 10 secondary guns. And this secondary AAW Mode is enabled and numerous of her light AAW will make her the most heavily protected from incoming aircraft. For me this is feasible since she is quite large and slow. She might not be able to evade from incoming dive or torpedo bombers. So with her armament will at least protect her and reduce the number of attacking planes. That is all. I'm open to any thoughts and ideas that to add or remove. Thank you. The huge ship is the HMS Habakkuk. (Illustration) HMS Habakkuk internal look. (Illustration)
  2. Since the implementation of manual launch, it would be nice that torpedo bomber can be manually dive and fly at low altitude which allow them to launch torpedo manually either there's a enemy ship or not. It will work like this: To make them fly at low altitude, long press the area you assign them to go. When at low altitude, whether you select enemy ships or ally ships or not, the torpedo manual launch will always appear as long the torpedo bomber travel at low altitude. Which will allow you to launch a torpedo at will. This implementation will surely change how the cv can be played. Tactics and creativity will emerge. Thus making cv more fun to be played with. And also allow cv to defend themselves against ss that tail them. Now for dive bombers, since there's this annoying problem that even when enemy ship targeted, even at optimum altitude and close enough to drop bombs, the manual button didn't not show. So i proposed that when Dive bombers is in the air regardless of how their altitude is, upon selecting a target, the manual button will show up regardless how far the enemy ship is. That is all.
  3. The torpedo bombers act more weird and weirder as time pass. But this time i can't tolerate no more! I don't know this affect other nation or not since i only had CV on UK nation. Sometimes when i select enemy ships to attack, the torpedo bomber, either they launch torpedo, or none at all then attempt to return home. When i reselect the enemy ships, they refuse to attack and return home! With the torpedo still on their plane! I select many time they just won't do it. If you said its because the line of sight, weather, too close, running out of fuel, enemy ship disappear in fog of war, DEAD WRONG! Even before the weather is added, its been persist for YEARS! And i know how far my plane can go and when they run out of fuel. And moreover that enemy ship is closer with half of the fuel still on the plane when retrieved! And if they did run out of fuel, they just return back home even how many times you order them to linger around. But this! If i select to a random area, they can still lingering around. That is enough to tell me they got enough fuel. And yes, when the torpedo bomber approach the target and start to lower altitude, then suddenly weather change, making the torpedo bombers lost its target in fog of war, they attempt to return with their torpedo still intact. But here's the issue, when you reselect once more either in bad weather or good as long that plane can see the target, they won't launch anymore. THIS IS RECENT BY THE WAY. Yes this has been persist for years but its hard for me to report since this thing happened randomly. Something they show the problem, sometimes they don't. Another reason why i don't have screenshots. It strikes when you least expect it. But I've been struck by this many times even since last years! It's starting to annoy me. Its NOT OKAY when you got a chance to sink enemy ships, especially ITS YOUR LAST CHANCE TO WIN, only to be crushed and destroyed by a squadron of torpedo plane refuse to launch a torpedo attack. Even when torpedo still intact! Another problem with torpedo bomber is when you select to attack a ship that is close enough they unable to launch it, surely they will climb back to readjust. But here's the problem, when they reach high enough to readjust and realign, they just did not resume attack. Only lingering around the area they supposed to realign. When you reselect the same ship they supposed to attack, they refuse to attack! Even the targeted ship is far enough to resume their attack! They keep linger the area. They only start attacking the same ship if you select random area (or any ships that far. Selecting other very close ship will only repeat the problem) then select the same ship again. But this will repeat the problem if the same ship is very close to them that they can't launch torpedo. Thus repeating the process. Which is annoying, losing them to fighter/AAW, wasting time and squadron slot and wasting attack strike. And lastly, this also for me problematic but i encountered it less and less lately. But i better report this anyway so it wont haunt me later. Like i said, i only use UK carrier so i did not know whether it works or not. A torpedo plane, launching their torpedoes, INSIDE MY SHIP!!! Other nation torpedo bomber carrier can attack at extremely illogical distance while my UK carrier can never do such thing. It happens everytime they attack my carrier's rear. Even BB! If i attempt to do it, my torpedo bombers will immediately pull up and readjust. Why other can while UK can't? Only happens when being attack at rear. Rendering me to be absolutely ZERO percent chance to evade! Not even speed will save me if they already inside my ships rear. IT'S NOT FAIR! THERE YOU GO! FIX IT!
  4. The CV dive bomber's manual release button failed to show up after close enough to enemy ships. First test it work for one time. Then after 50 battles with carrier, no more manual button show up. The plane altitude is reasonably high. But still no manual show up. fix it.
  5. Hey guys, I started the game recently again and i can't decide which Nation i am playing. I like CV's and mostly BB. But i don't know which Nation has which pro's and con's. I would like to Play a BB Nation with decent Range and hard damage Output. Could anyone recommend me a Nation? I like US, RN and KM so far. Thank you
  6. I think that as it is now its too hard to defend against bombers of higer level CV. It would be great if we could use our secondaries against air targets manualy. it could be point and click and angle of shooting would be set depending how far you would target. Alternatively only DD and CLS would get it as another utility in battle. That would force CV to be more careful and planing in their attacks (bombing distracted dueling BB , manouvering around AA ships, or changing height of aircrafts to avoid fire)