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Found 1 result

  1. Hi fellow admirals today will be taking a look at ships that are need or some what interesting if it was implemented into the game so first of Battleships Japanese Battleships where among the most well respected ships at there time especially the mysterious A-150 ship AKA Super yamato but what if i told you there where anothe one but it was the A-140 AKA IZUMO battleship it is categories as a Super Yamato class battleship only difference is it has three turrets at the front but it has two plane catapults in the back in order to make it unique it can launch Nakajima A9He1-N Wade Type 2 Floatplane fighter and it can also launch Nakajima A6M2-N (Navy Type 2 Interceptor/Fighter-Bomber) This planes are alternate for fighters of the izumo battleship it can perform Bombardment and it can also take out in coming torpedo planes and or Dive bombers of CV or mogami 1944 (JUST IMAGINE IT NAKAJIMA A6M2-N JUST SUCCESSFULLY CONDUCTED A BOMBMING RUN AND A ENEMY PLANES ARE HEAD TOWARDS YOUR SHIP THIS BAD BOYS WILL AUTOMATICALLY ENGAGE THOSE ENEMY PLANES AND SUCCESSFULLY DEFEND YOUR SHIP FROM A AERIAL ATTACK) apparently I didn't manage to find some good torpedo candidates for this battleship Nakajima A6M2-N seaplane Fighter/bomber interceptor Actual Photograph NAKAJIMA A9He1 TYPE 2 FLOATPLANE FIGHTER Izumo battle ship Super battleship concept (A140) IZUMO BATTLESHIP ACTUAL BLUEPRINTS NEXT IS BB ISE ANOTHER BATTLESHIP BUT IT IS VERY VERY DIFFERENT FROM BB IZUMO SINCE IT CAN LAUNCH 5 FIGHTERS INSTEAD OF 2 FIGHTERS BY THE IZUMO AND 5 DIVE BOMBERS RATHER THAN 4 OF IZUMO AND 5 TORPEDO PLANES BB ISE BATTLECARRIER BB ISE CONCEPT NEXT ON THE LIST ARE AVIATION-CRUISERS THIS INCLUDES ŌYODO HEAVY CRUISER which posses VERY FAST FUILING AND FAST INTERCEPTING PLANES WHICH ARE J7W1 SHINDEN I KNOW SINCE I PLAYED WITH IT IN THE PC VERSION OF NAVYFIELD CHIYODA HEAVY CRUISER HAVE AN EXCELLENT DIVE BOMBERS PERFECT FOR LONG RANGE OPERATIONS AND SIGHT RANGE THIRD IS HEAVY CRUISER TONE that posses TORPEDO planes that can last long on the air but has mediocre damage per warhead CA ŌYODO CA TONE CA CHIYODA NOW WILL DISCUSS SEAPLANE TENDER WHICH BRIDGED BETWEEN Aircraft carriers and LIGHT CRUISERS THIS INCLUDES ST KAMOI, ST Akitushima and ST KIYOKAWA MARU the difference between this class to the carriers are they are very maneuverable and it can launce one floatplane BOMBER BUT IT CARRIES 5 PAYLOAD OF EXPLOSIVES and is very well armoured TO WITHSTAND MULTIPLE AAW FIRE BEFORE BEING DESTROYED IT IS ALSO SLOW MAKING THE BOMBS PRECISE PRECISION TOWARDS ANY HOSTILE SHIPS 4 TORPEDO PLANES AND 4 FIGHTERS PLANE ST KIYOKAWA MARU ST AKITSUSHIMA ST KAMOI And finally A CV THIS CARRIER IS A BIT DIFFERENT SINCE IT IS CLASSIFIED AS ESCORT AIRCRAFT CARRIER HOWEVER IT CAN LAUNCH KA-2 AUTOGYRO which where used on ARTILLERY SPOTTING, ANTI-SUBMARINE OPERATIONS the KA-2 autogyro can also be used on both battle-carriers BB ISE AND BB IZUMO now the carrier is CV AKITSU MARU KA-2 AUTOGYRO actual photograph KA-2 AUTOGYRO ON TRIALS AT Tamagawa Airfield in May 26, 1941 KA-2 TAKING OFF CV AKITSU MARU actual photograph