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Found 1 result

  1. Many players have been looking forward to the game to launch a warship or blueprint trading system. I have some ideas about this. I think there can be a market system where players can put blueprints they want to sell. The price is decided by the players themselves. In order to prevent abuse, the system should be set as follows: 1. Like the translation system, only paid players can buy and sell in the market. 2. Blueprints can only be purchased after they have been on the shelves for some time. 3. The system deducts about 20% as tax in the transaction. Developers can sell out of print warship blueprints at special times such as anniversaries.Even if it's just a specially painted warship, and the data is the same as the original, I think some players will love to collect them. I think a healthy and orderly trading system is good for both players and developers.