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Found 1 result

  1. Well unless you have been a long-standing captain in navyfield you probably wouldn't even know who Ethor was. He is the self professed "senior" moderator of navyfield. Whenever there is a "happy " Post in the Forum he is the one to post it. Occasionally he will show up in West Chat and ban a few people... Not that often though. Okay so there's my intro but here's my real beef.... Who the fuck is this guy to close a topic that I started... Or you started? This is a forum.... For everyone's opinions and ideas are welcomed.... And I'm pretty sure that others people's opinions and ideas weren't done in that topic. I think it was just a lame attempt at diverting your attention from some realism into a post of promises that will never be kept. If Ethor has any respect for the Integrity of the forum he will reopen that topic. At least just to show us all that censorship in a forum is just maybe it's a little bit uncool. At least not something a 17 year old kid this phone in one hand and his dick in the other would do.