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Found 1 result

  1. Hi devs team, hello mods, ahoi captains... Now and then there are Captains in the global chat or at sea, with Names or Symbols of Nazi characters. Or someone praising NS Regime in the chat room. That's just offending to everyone who lost some beloved in WW2 or suffers to any other pain related to that period of hate. Since the Rules aren't strictly against it, and mods need some rules of engagement to face those insulting/agressive/offending phrases, symbols and Names, I'd really love to see some rules announced. At the moment the Rules are more or less guidelines and say: "[...] 4.) The devs recently just implemented a filter. Any person caught breaking the filter will be chat banned for 48 hours. No exceptions. 5.) Any person with RED font is a moderator. Not a hacker. Please be respectful towards us and the community. 6.) Please use appropriate captains names or ship names. Spam in either one will result in a report to the GM. Please note that any updates, changes, or any other [...] " But there are rules to be found (marked in the quotations above) that any Nazi symbol, name or phrase would contravene, even if they were brought up against spam... So please block, ban, delete all accounts of captains unwilling to agree on these code of conduct. For the sake of NF, please stop those idiots....