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Found 4 results

  1. I know it was fixed a patch or two ago but my submarine just caught fire underwater again. 😋
  2. From some DD vs SS duels we tried (all veteran crews) it seems the SS always comes on top. I'd like to see the sub-hunting abilities of the small ships beefed up a bit (stronger torps and hedgehogs and/or faster reload) so that the sub-hunting ability is strengthened. That way DDs and CLs are more useful in a fleet and ultimately the relative strengths are better balanced. Right now it seems that the Submarine is king of the fleet (except for the almost indestructible BB120s). Note: this suggestion comes from a primarily sub player. Any thoughts?
  3. ss

    Hey, i want to tell you something and ask a question. First, why don't you complete remove SS from the game??? After the last update SS warfare is almost impossible... SS has new limitations but BB/CA/CL/DD can use their main guns to target a ultra close range target... In addition those ships can still see SS when subs has less than 10% of oxygen left. I know this is a south Korean game and the only people that Devs take in consideration are Koreans., And it is known that those players spend more money buying BB and hate SS... So doing easy math, their people + income === silly-unbalanced game. So as the evolution of the game seems to be following SK BB players desires i wish you luck and want to know how to completely remove the account....
  4. Hello Everyone Every 2-3 games the button of the torpedo shot. Is anyone (navy field) interested in solving such a critical problem ??? !!! Personally discourages me from further playing.