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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone, personally I have now given up trying to understand the logic of our beloved developers; I do not even hazard a judgment on the latest patches, I have only two considerations: the first on the prevention of espionage in the fleets, in one night, arbitrarily, they allowed to cancel months of friendly relations between seasoned players and all this for what ?? !!, in the current times, with all the possible facilities in leveling up, to get around this "defense of security" just a free weekend is enough, that is, just open another account using any other identity (another access with google with a different email) not connected to the main, just a weekend to bring the new account to a decent level (about 50) and you can join any Fleet (always looking for active players) by doing the "spy" for your main account; with this ease of circumventing the rules I wonder why brutally penalize the regular players who did not hide their belonging to different Fleets. Second consideration: I believe that paying players (who ultimately keep the game alive) have not had the respect they deserve. I do not want to talk about all the premium ships become obsolete on the usual fateful night, just the case of BB Provence, being a poor person (spoiler, even in the Western world there is poverty 😖🙂) I have envied for months those players who they could buy real money in the (OP) BB Provence directly in the store, now after the patch we all have ships that have the same or better characteristics of the "old" BB Provence practically at 0 cost, with this patch the developers have literally burned in the pockets of many regular players at least 23 Euro / Dollars, perhaps more if a player had bought the BB in more countries, I repeat it is not my personal case, because unfortunately (or maybe fortunately now) I have never been able to buy this ex beautiful ship, although this seems a colossal injustice, I apologize to everyone for the long outburst and my bad English