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Found 2 results

  1. wof

    I think it's time to change the war of fleets system to better reflect what fleets actually try to do. Fleets should be able to setup specific battles with options for min/max No of ships, max No of ships of each class and max ship level cap. For example: players 4-7, DD up to 7, CL up to 7, CA up to 5, BB up to 2, CV up to 1, SS up to 2, Max ship level 70. Challenging fleet should be able to further restrict rules to reflect their abilities. For the above example they may reduce players to 5 and ship level cap to 41 excluding all BBs, CVs, SSs and lvl 50 DDs. At that point leader/officer of first fleet should decide which players to drop from his fleet. Option A: In order to keep some variety, putting up one of BB, CV, SS could also put lower limit of other high classes to 1 (not 0) or, Option B: treat BB, CV and SS as a group with a common max No. This way we may again see fleets put up for battle and waiting for battle instead of trying to pick and set a fight in global chat. Before the fight starts (e.g. at 30sec countdown) every participating player (abandoning any other action at the time - see relative thread "wof countdown") should be taken to a war of fleets screen to pick their ship. I would prefer the basic idea, without any of the options (A or B) but anything will be better than the current system.
  2. wof

    Would be nice to have a war of fleets announcement (much like the join online battle tab when out of combat) during online battle/harbor assault/operations etc. with the option to be taken out of current action to join the war of fleets. Also ship confirmation - last minute ship change as most people will use different ships for online and wof. More extremely, there shouldn't even be an option, whenever war of fleets starts every selected player should move there abandoning any other action.