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Found 12 results

  1. Yesterday (Admiral Joseph i think) suggested in global chat that active fleets should get some points just for that (being active). I am in support of this as it will allow for more War of fleets (wof). Suggestion 1: give points hourly to active fleets (eg. 1,2,3 points/hour to beginner,expert,master respectively) - as these are A LOT of points 24-72 daily, 336/1008 in 2 weeks, wof point win/loss per battle should be at least doubled (expecting more wofs) Suggestion 2: Players/Leader should be able to change ship until the last moment before the battle starts. At. e.g. the 30sec countdown every participating player should be taken to a war of fleets screen to pick their ship. Suggestion 3: Attacking fleet should not bring more ships than defending in battle (with lower limits 3,4,6 for beginner, expert, master)
  2. Greetings to all, of course I address the group of Developers, while being aware that you are under pressure for the new patch of March 7 I kindly ask you to intervene urgently on the WoF system, I explain: after the release of the "Research patch" the old system of level limits for the three types of WoF does not work very well, without prejudice to the 3 types (Beginners, Experts, Masters), my proposal would be to allow the WoF to all ships but activating the limits of "grade / tier ", ie Beginners all types of ship but maximum" C "; Experts still all types of ship but maximum "B", Masters still all types of ship without any grade limit, in my humble opinion this change would revitalize the whole system, last thing, I would leave the number limits unaltered, ie 3vs3, 5vs5, 10vs10.naturally I invite everyone to make alternative proposals, but always in my simple opinion it is quite clear that the system should be urgently reformed. bye all
  3. Ahoi, I'd like to place some suggestions and ask for opinions according to the payment for the fleet rating every 2 weeks. As it is now, the top 10 Fleets get some gold due to the rank they finished the period. That fold is equally decided by their top 20 captains (individual points). I don't think that's the best way to share the win because personal ranking isn't linked to activity in Fleet-War. The most easy way to deal with it would be to share it with all fleet members. But I like it better if there is some way to reward the active ones. Maybe the chief/leader could choose who shall get his share of the gold? Or: Give us some kind of Fleet-bank/ Fleet Arsenal where some gifts like rep-kits, smoke grenades, crewpoints, capt-EXP or gold packages would be stored as a reward instead of gold for top20. All captains should be able to "claim" any of those rewards, but it has to be granted (confirmed) by chief or leader. Love to hear your thoughts, Neuner
  4. wof

    I think it's time to change the war of fleets system to better reflect what fleets actually try to do. Fleets should be able to setup specific battles with options for min/max No of ships, max No of ships of each class and max ship level cap. For example: players 4-7, DD up to 7, CL up to 7, CA up to 5, BB up to 2, CV up to 1, SS up to 2, Max ship level 70. Challenging fleet should be able to further restrict rules to reflect their abilities. For the above example they may reduce players to 5 and ship level cap to 41 excluding all BBs, CVs, SSs and lvl 50 DDs. At that point leader/officer of first fleet should decide which players to drop from his fleet. Option A: In order to keep some variety, putting up one of BB, CV, SS could also put lower limit of other high classes to 1 (not 0) or, Option B: treat BB, CV and SS as a group with a common max No. This way we may again see fleets put up for battle and waiting for battle instead of trying to pick and set a fight in global chat. Before the fight starts (e.g. at 30sec countdown) every participating player (abandoning any other action at the time - see relative thread "wof countdown") should be taken to a war of fleets screen to pick their ship. I would prefer the basic idea, without any of the options (A or B) but anything will be better than the current system.
  5. Hey devs team, I'd like to suggest that every captain would only be able to participate in WoF for the fleet if he is in that fleet when the ranking is reset. Otherwise a captain is able to have five different fleets with four low level captain and one high-level captain all in top ten. Only playing that high one jumping hrough his fleets. It's just unfair and would not seem proper to me.
  6. wof

    Would be nice to have a war of fleets announcement (much like the join online battle tab when out of combat) during online battle/harbor assault/operations etc. with the option to be taken out of current action to join the war of fleets. Also ship confirmation - last minute ship change as most people will use different ships for online and wof. More extremely, there shouldn't even be an option, whenever war of fleets starts every selected player should move there abandoning any other action.
  7. wof

    Hey devs, nice work!!!. I would like to see friendly WOF withing fleets members. It would be nice to have this feature in order to practice as a fleet and not to practice during real wof. The friendly WOF should be set by a leader/officer just for fun/training and NO REWARDS for it (no steel, no exp, etc...).
  8. Ahoi, since most captains were disappointed about getting attacked when any fleetmember is online, you changed the entire WoF-System. With the best intentions for sure, but most captains don't like the "new" system, for the game lost a lot of fun... 1. Decrease the Announcement of a Battle from 60min to 10min: Top, thanks for that! 2. Showing which captains are online and available: Good solution as well. 3. Reduce the amount of WoF to six a day: Why? I don't know any captain, who likes that. As long as there's no compensation at all, the fleetwar is for fun only, and there's no real profit in attacking a fake fleet over and over just for the lust for points. (You could better reduce the exact matching to once a day.) 4. Only fleets who want to fight are available: Well... Most of the time there is none. And when finally a Fleet wants to battle, it will only come with the full set of maximum captains. What about getting some points for a fleet being available, or call it "Points for not hiding"? Or "pushing" every fleet with at least 5 (or more) captains online to be available for WoF!? ...just what I think of "Make WoF great again!"... Thanks for taking it into consideration.
  9. Hi there, I Think it would be nice to have the possibility to observe the WoF of your Fleet when you are actually not set on war. This way new members of the fleet could see and learn about tactics and the specific use of different ship classes... Thx, 9er
  10. I've got a question that wasn't answered in chat for two times when server maintenance were announced. What about the timer of a running War of Fleets? Will it start where it stopped, when the server is available again? Or is the battle counted as a no-show of both sides? Or are all Wars of Fleet just cancelled? Thx, Neuner
  11. When you search for a competitor in WoF it would be great if the list of fleet would be sorted by their points. Just to find an actice fleet faster. Some kind of "Favourites" would be great as well. Because we all love to hit our Favourites! ^^
  12. I think it would be nice to change the set up of your defence taskforce until 15min to battle, even when the war is announced.